Garmin Forerunner 235 REVIEW - Best GPS Running Watch !?

what's up guys I'm Jeff Rizzo and this

is my review of the Garmin Forerunner

235 and the 230 because they're pretty

much verbatim the same watch other than

the fact that the 235 year has a

built-in optical heart rate sensor in

the 230 does not so if you're interested

in the 230 this entire video is still

going to be relevant to you even though

I'm only going to mention the 235 I also

mean the 230 and spoiler alert

I think these devices are real winners I

absolutely love the 235 and I think the

230 is going to be a really great

product as well but I'm getting a little

bit ahead of myself

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the 230 is 250 right now at retail and

the 235 is 330 dollars out retail got it

all all right now let's get into the


right so when I first saw the new

foreigners my initial thought was Garmin

had to update the 220 it was getting

pretty old but I thought the new 230

would still only appeal to runners and

therefore I wouldn't be able to

recommend it broadly speaking same thing

with the new 235 luckily though for you

me and everyone else in the market for a

new GPS watch the two 30 and the 235 do

more than running and I think that

you're really going to like them but I

don't want to overlook the fact that

they're great runners watches as well so

we will talk about pretty much

everything that you can do with them

but first let's chat about the design of

these new watches the 235 is super

lightweight like you'd hardly even

notice it's on your wrist I really like

the watch overall it's really

comfortable the straps are very soft on

your skin it has the same overall

footprint as prior for runners the

Garmin massively increased the size of

the screen and it is now a super

high-resolution display that is just

brilliant its crisp clear full color has

a backlight as great viewing angles in

all conditions it's just the business

really like that the watch also just

looks really good I think Garmin did a

great job of making the 235 look cool

and presentable and like we saw with the

prior 4runner models it's the perfect

size for male and female wrists you've

got three buttons on the left and two on

the right and the software aboard the

235 is really good it's easy to use it's

intuitive to work with I think the whole

system of interacting with the device is

good on the underside of the watch is

the elevate heart rate sensor which is

proprietary to Garmin as we saw with the

vivosmart HR it's reliable for running

walking hiking cycling that sort of

stuff day to day use if you have

anything that involves a lot of flexion

in your arm like weightlifting and

cross-training that optical sensor is

not all that accurate you will want to

pair an external chess based heart rate

sensor to your forerunner luckily Gorman

allows you to do this so you just need

any ANT+ heart rate monitor and you

compare it to that watch no big deal at

all now that optical sensor is running

24/7 so it will track your heart rate

obviously during your workouts but it's

going to cattle

your heart rate throughout your day and

put that information within Garmin

Connect which I really do like and it

seems like a lot of consumers are

excited about moving on the watch is

water-resistant down to 50 meters and

you can certainly swim with it but it

won't track any of your swimming metrics

and it does not support triathlons it is

supposedly shock resistant and I

encountered zero issues like at all with

its durability but it is plastic so it's

not quite as Hardy as my Phoenix 3 it

has Bluetooth smart for syncing with

your Android or iOS device and it also

syncs via USB for all of you smartphone

haters out there like that guy Carl that

keeps emailing me anyways if you want to

learn more about garmin connect you know

the mobile app where all of your

information is stored i have a separate

video on that and i'll have the link to

that video in the description below now

I know the next big thing you'll be

asking me about is battery life so

here's the deal with the 235 battery

life is not nearly as good as Garmin

says it will be mostly because that

heart rate sensor is running 24/7

depending on how much I worked out the

battery life was between three and four

days which is disappointing luckily

though I've been told Garmin is

releasing a firmware upgrade that should

help with the battery life so I don't

think that it will be nearly as bad for

you guys with the 230 I've been told the

battery life is pretty awesome like

lasting upwards of a week on a single

charge alright so I think that's most of

the design stuff you'll need them all

over in terms of what the 235 can do

well it's actually really cool so it

does three things mostly number one it

is your activity and sleep tracker it

logs your all-day steps calories burned

distance traveled and your sleep and

your heart rate in the case of the 235

it has Auto goal which we all know and

love from Garmin has move alerts and a

move bar and yes you have multiple

alarms that you can set up on the watch

both vibration and audible ones Garmin

is getting really good with the activity

tracker stuff and it's putting a big

emphasis on it and the 235 230 is pretty

awesome in terms of being an activity

tracker number two it is your sport

watch it tracks all of your running

workouts both indoors and out and it

will therefore of course map your route

and give you all of your running metrics


pace speed distance heart rate etc it

also estimates you're running cadence

because it has a built-in accelerometer

it gives you a vo2 Max estimate and your

distance in pace while you're running

indoors or without a GPS signal and that

stuff it's pretty awesome I know a lot

of runners will be excited to hear about

all of that there are a bunch of other

little features that you should know and

I'm gonna post all of those in the

description below so I can make this

video quicker you'll be thankful to

learn though that the new four runners

have GLONASS in addition to GPS so

you're double covered in the mapping

arena it doesn't have ultra track like

the 630 does but I'm not sure a lot of

people are using that anyways the

addition of GLONASS is really nice

though now alongside all of that stuff

the 235 has the ability to track your

cycling workouts as well when I first

got that if I said also had the ability

to track your indoor cycling workouts

but that has since been taken away but

still I love that it has a dedicated app

for cycling and yes you can pair with it

a speed and cadence sensor it also has

another sport profile called other and

that's basically for anything under the

Sun so you can do weightlifting yoga

plyometrics whatever you want with the

watch and it will track that as well

now you can't create your own sport

profiles but I do love having that other

option to me that was like the mega

kicker with these devices it was like

getting double chicken at Chipotle but

only paying the normal price it just

made them more appealing to more people

and it brought a smile to my face but it

was short-lived because I have to talk

about the last thing these watches are

and that is smartwatches which is pretty

darn awesome they relay all of your

phone notifications so you don't need to

consult your phone to see who's calling

or to see what that last message was

about it all shows up right on your

wrist you get a notifications hub and a

weather app and a bunch of other cool

smart features you also have access to

Garmin Connect IQ for custom apps

widgets and watch faces the whole

SmartWatch stuff started off pretty

limited with Garmin but now the company

has made it all super useful and helpful

and I love that we're getting it on all

of their latest devices

so that is the Garmin Forerunner - 30

and the 235 definitely really cool GPS

watches here you know I don't think

they're perfect but they're really

really good and if you're in the market

for a new GPS watch or activity tracker

you should definitely give them a look

and like I said before I'll have links

in the description so you can check

updated pricing if you want to and

that's it for the review I really hope

you enjoyed the video and found it

helpful if you did go crazy on that like

button and make sure to subscribe thank

you so much guys have a great day