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I'm Anna and today I'm joined by Mike he

might recognize from our beer mile video

I'm not gonna make you drink and run

today though so Mike is from wearable so

it's an online site which specializes in

reviews and advice all about wearable

tech fitness trackers basically anything

wearable tech you can think of no hence

the name and today he is kindly bought a

selection of watches that we're gonna

run through just to talk about you know

the kind of stuff that's out there on

the market whether you're looking for a

running watch with music whether you

want to go and head out on the trails

someone that's got great battery life or

you know can direct you and stuff so I'm

gonna talk through all of these and

hopefully give me some tips to find the

perfect watch for you first of all

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we do okay so first off we're gonna

start with some good watches for

beginner runners yep so maybe something

that you know if you've been recording

your runs on your phone like Strabo or

matt my run or whatever it is yeah you

want to actually put watch on um and

yeah the first one is actually on my


good good one to start with hey what's

this one like so this is the forerunner

235 it's actually a few years old but I

mean I don't I wouldn't hold that

against it and it kind of still stands

the test of time really it's well-priced

I think it's a really nice looking watch

first and foremost which i think is

gonna be a big deal for a lot of people

and it's gonna give you more than those

kind of basic metrics that you expect

for most of these running watches

they're here so you might start looking

at things like vo2 max which kind of

give you that kind of recovery and an

assessment of your fitness levels and

you're also getting the compatibility

with something called connect IQ yeah

which is essentially giving you the

ability to add additional features to

your watch so extra apps extra kind of

widgets that you can come and flick

through when you're running

and kind of data fields this you know

you think you want some more metrics so

it's a really solid watch very well

priced and very good battery life as

well so yeah I think that's a really

good one for people to start with yeah

if you kind of get into running and you

want to ditch that phone really yeah

yeah this was my first watch I love the

fact that you can like go in the pool

like it being waterproof and you're

saying about the widget so you can like

change their face to make it look like a

different picture you can tell my

pictures and stuff go through the

weather and all the rest of it so yeah

there's a lot of stuff I think I

probably don't get enough out of it yeah

I know that there's more that I could

say and that's the thing you can kind of

get as much as you want from it you can

kind of keep that kind of experience

really basic but if you want those extra

things they're there yeah mine just

doesn't come off yeah I'm sure you're

not the only one and so moving on from

that one then we think this Garmin which

is the 45 yeah so this is a forerunner

45 so this is one in a garbage newer

watches but it's definitely one of their

kind of more entry-level

what sure so if you're a beginner if

you're just getting into running this is

a really good option so you've got 45

and the 45 s so the main difference is

with those two are generally the size

it's a little bit of difference in the

battery life but ultimately you're gonna

get a week you know out you know

tracking your runs through it yeah it's

going to give you the basic metrics so

you know you distance your pace those

kind of things you won't have the

connect IQ support in the same way that

you do in the two three five but you

still have it for watch faces so if you

want to change the watch faces yeah you

do have that potential to do it and you

do still have a heart rate monitor as

well so you still you know if you want

to kind of train with heart rate and

heart rate zones you still have that

possibility to do it and yes you know

it's a lot cheaper than the t35 yeah

it's still a very good

it was when I first started my very

first was a forerunner 25 yeah I don't

even know if it was a forerunner but

there was no heart rate or anything like

that so I know when I got my 2 3 5 I'll

say it great I've got heart rate data so

that's great that they're now

introducing that as sort of like a

minimum standard I think is I think now

that they're realizing that people are

paying more attention to their heart

rate and it's not just for the fitness

side of things as well there's you know

and all of the gun which are getting

activity tracking as well so counting

your steps but also monitoring your

heart rate during the day as well to

give you a better sense of your general

fitness levels as well so it's an

important feature to have and they're

getting better in terms of what they can

do so okay so next up we've got three

watches that were going to run through

for people who may be getting a little

bit more serious than into running so we

start with this polar one this lovely

yellow watch yep nice eyes on that one

as well my sakes I've got quite small

wrists oh yeah and so what is so special

about this Tyler okay so this is the

polar ignites so this is it's actually

not their premium running watch but it

doesn't mean it's not short the features

say you get the pretty standard kind of

metric so running and tracking it also

does other sports like swimming and

cycling but I think it's the interesting

stuff that they've got here is they're

doing more around sleep and kind of

analyzing you know what happens when

you're sleeping the recovery elements so

you know you go out and you do an

amazing run but you need to have that

ultimate kind of recovery time so it's

about giving you those insights and

recovery based on the data that you

track and you log with your watch

there's also a really nice feature

called Fitz Park which is kind of

creating recommendations based on your

data so if you go and do a really

intensive run it might ask you to maybe

do some kind of stretches or somewhat

something that's away from running to

kind of supplement what you're doing you


put your miles in so that's a really

nice that's really some really nice

features there on top of the kind usual

stuff you'd expect that from your

running watch that's nice that's smart I

like that I like it when it's sort of

like suggest things to you and you don't

have to then use your brain you've

obviously absolutely using that I mean

what I would say is what I found with my

235 going back to this one was you know

when it tells you if your recovery

afterwards yeah sometimes then you've

done like a really hard run and it says

you need three days to recover how did

you find like when you were testing the

polar how did you find you know was it

telling you crazy thing yeah I think

that's always a thing it's light you

know surely I did sleep you know much

better than that I would say now you've

slept really poorly and probably

tomorrow you should probably get a

better night's sleep but you know you

know part of that being a good runner is

to kind of taking all those other

aspects of it and it's trying to offer

that side of things as well which is

kind of nice thing you don't get a

little run at watching so yeah it's a

it's a nice one and it's a nice got a

nice summary yeah yeah so then the next

one along this one looks lovely I really

like the look of this and it's not one

that I've come across before so this is

the so this is the chorus apex yep

that's what it looks like and yeah it

looks like snazzy that would look better

for me to wear it like black-tie events

that's really nice so Johnny tell us a

bit about the yeah so I think it's

interesting to say I mean you know

probably a lot of people haven't heard

about this company I mean they kind of

made their name doing cycling helmets

and then they decided to do running

watches and actually it's are really

easy to use what first and foremost like

when you start running and this is one

button you click you track your runs and

the data is very easy to kind of you

know look through syncs your data very

quickly once you've done your run it

works with Strava which is will be

important for a lot of people it's not

on strong it didn't count and I think I

think so I found really interesting

using it is the battery life I mean the

battery life and all of these watches

are very good but I've had it when I've

had this in my bag for maybe a couple of

weeks and it's the battery life is still

going even when you're in between

tracking runs so it's a really strong

feature you've got the heart rate and

wanted to there as well if you want to

try and heart rate but it's just a real

for me

really easy watch to use you get that

kind of advanced metrics that you

wouldn't get on the kind of cheaper

devices and yeah I think it's a really

nice-looking what well so definitely one

to be able to consider as well yeah it's

definitely not one that I'd heard of for

sure really interesting to to find out

about the chorus apex and then we've got

another Garmin obviously got really

dominant in the field of running watches

but this one is a special one so v2 4/5

music yes yeah which is something that

it was a consideration I had a thing was

like oh I'd like to be able to help my

music and not take my phone out with me

and that solves that problem right yeah

absolutely so so yeah this is two for

five music it also comes without a model

without the music but if you do want to

kind of you know leave your phone behind

and just go run out running out with

your watch essentially you can put your

music transfer your music over to the

device yeah it also works with streaming

services like Spotify which I imagine a

lot of people use then it's a case of

getting a pair of Bluetooth wireless

headphones you pair to the watch and

kind of really good to go and you start

tracking you can still kind of skip

through the tracks why are you running

yeah yeah and it's just a really yeah

and it's just a really kind of nice slim

again another easy to use watch from

Garmin and you're gonna get all the

metrics that you probably want and

additional ones if you want it so it's

yet it's one that I've really lights you

know enjoyed using and it's just a very

good watch to run with so when you put

your music on there it's got some kind

of storage ability to store the the

files or is it better to stream or it

yeah it's up to you you've got like

enough for probably like 500 mm tracks

on there and yeah so you know it should

cover most most distances and crucially

with you know you still got that good

battery life you know you've got you

know at least a week's worth of battery

life there to get you through those

along with the music as well yeah which

will be important you know it's no point

having that music there if you can't

still go out and run and get your

sessions in for the week so yeah

it's a feature pack watch and very good

running watch yeah brilliant and then

and obviously comes with the standard

sort of Garmin it's like within the

Garmin Connect yeah so it's yeah yeah

and I think a really important one too

there's some really nice apps to the t45

and if you're a big park run fan is a

really good widget that I would

definitely recommend for this shows your

time so that's a good one to kind of

look out for so yeah yeah right so we've

got the next set of watches for super

serious runners those guys who love to

go out for hours and then get lost in

the trails but these ones actually you

mean they don't need to get lost because

you can download your navigation stuff

today yep so these are mega battery life

mega extra sensors with data so we're

gonna kick off with a Garmin and it's

this one this is I don't understand your


so which Garmin is this and why is it so

good so this is the forerunner 945 so

this is actually so t Garmin triathlon

kind of friendly watch but it's it's a

pretty decent running watch everything

you kind of it's the best of Garmin's

running features and it kind of really

slim kind of compact design so you're

gonna get all those advanced running

metrics you're also going to get

navigation features you know so you when

you're out on the trails and you don't

get lost there's also some interesting

new sensors that we're starting to see

some of these watches that you do see in

the nine four five so and this we've got

something called a pulse oximeter sensor

now pulse oximeter is something that's

you know it's kind of in the kind of

medical space but it's now find itself

into into watches yeah and it's

essential about measuring kind of oxygen

levels in your blood and the importance

of that particularly when you're kind of

out in kind of elevated areas is to kind

of get a better idea of how you can cope

in those conditions so you might get

headaches if you're in high altitude and

it's about giving you a bit of data an

extra bit of data when you're outdoors

to kind of to make sure ensure that

you're safe ultimately yeah but you also

got this kind of cool features that

makes a great running watch so you've

got really great battery life it works

with all those kind of sensors that if

you want to have that you know

additional kind of information and you

get the connect to IQ support as well so

there's plenty of apps and kind of data

for some widgets that you can kind

throw on there as well so you want it to

be everything you wanted to be and yeah

you've got to pay a lot for it but it's

it's worth it's definitely worth it yeah

amazing and also I mean you were saying

that it's like a triathlon watch but I

guess when you are running quite

seriously and doing a lot of miles you

are probably gonna be out on a bike and

doing some swimming as well so it's nice

to track all those those activities -

that's good and you've got all that data

in your Garmin Connect app so yeah it's

perfect perfect and then the next one

that we've got I mean this one is you

know pretty beasty so this is sente and

say what what is so special about the

center ok so this is a sin so you know

as you kind of mentioned it's it's it's

a bigger than a lot of these watches and

you know they go for this kind of very

robust kind of tough durable design

because you know a lot it's kind of

designed for people who are out kind of

out try running out hiking out trekking

yeah I think it's got to be tough so

you've got that you know that protection

around the screen you get a lot of the

features that you get on something on

these kind of other watches so you're

all the metrics you'd wants all the

phone avocations features you wanted

with this as well you also get some

interesting battery kind of mode so with

sinto they're exploring this idea of

giving enough battery or letting you

learn learning how you have enough

battery for the run that you're going to

do yeah so you put it on if you kind of

planning to do I don't know 20 30 K run

it will kind of make sure you're in the

optimal mode to ensure you can trap that

entire run that's a really nice feature

to have and you know nobody wants to go

out tracking and realize that their

batteries died and you've lost half of

your run or you know all of your runs so

that's a really nice feature to have and

again you've got you know really great

battery life and hot romantic and

everything else so the big watch but

there's a lot in there

that's a punch yes yeah you know if

you're going to have that battery sort

of support as it were guess it needs a

decent battery in it brilliant and then

finally within this section for the most

serious runners we have this one which

is right me what this one is so this is

the Polo Vantage it's the polar so what

special features does the polar have so

I think interesting things to say about

the Vantage V is it's kind of a follow

up to the V 800 now the V 800 if you

look at a lot of elite athletes it's a

kind of watch that they use so this is

kind of a follow up to that again you're

getting all those kind of advanced

running metrics you can do your swimming

and cycling and all the other kind of

sports that you'd probably track with it

as well

there's a lot of kind of training and

analysis you can kind of tap into after

your workouts and the I did you can pay

a bit more attention to those recovery

periods and having you know being an

optimal shape to take on a next training

session yeah also I think one of most

interesting things about it it's the

first watch to offer running power from

the wrists now running pads so power is

a metric that kind of come from cycling

and starting to filter its way into

running as well a bit like heart rate

it's about kind of measuring and

monitoring your races and your running

to help you be more consistent keep your

pace and ultimately have a better

quicker quicker run at the end of it

yeah and this is the only watch that

will let you do that from the wrists

right at currently so that's a really

nice feature if you're kind of looking

into those kind of more advanced metrics

like running powers yeah and there are

people who absolutely love a stat like

I'm terrible at math but I do love us

tax I have so many things on my data

screens on my watch because I want to

know all of it so it's interesting that

that's now going to be an extra metric

that you can take into consideration

what's them so when it comes to running

power yeah what's that like a scale of C

so your heart rate would be like a1

scale in your pace and the different

thing like yeah so it's it's kind of its

kind of looking at the same similar kind

of metrics that you would get from your

feet basically and the you know inside

cadence but it's first correlation those

things that you would have to get an

additional sense


on your trainer pair one of these

watches to get out information yeah and

it's about rest yeah

and it's doing from your wrists and

essentially the idea is it can give you

a bit more consistent kind of gauge of

your performance than heart rate maybe

would it takes a bit of time to going to

get to grips of power but if you wanted

to kind of do that this is a kind of a

good watch to kind of do that live so

okay so last category we've got the two

on the end here and this is something

that I've spoken to you about before

it's about new runners who they out you

know they asked me oh should I be

wearing a watch can I wear an Apple

watch can I wear a Fitbit watch what's

the difference do I need to get specific

watch so we've added these ones in as

well to talk about the merits of those

for running so we'll start off with the

Apple watch yeah so I imagine this is

the one that most people familiar with

and I imagine what people have thought

I'm gonna start getting to running maybe

I should get an Apple watch yeah Oh see

it's a smart watch first but it's a very

good running watch as well yeah get

everything you'd want from a kind of

running watch yeah the GPS is great on

it it's very very quick you also have

that option to kind of put additional

apps on there so you've got stuff like

this run keeper and Strava those can all

be kind of loaded on there you've got

the heart rate monitor stuff as well so

you know it's it's a solid solid

SmartWatch eats it and it's a really

good running experience if you I would

say if you're training you know

regularly throughout a week you have to

be aware of the fact that you've

probably got a day's worth of battery

life but if you're willing to charge it

every night it's it's a really good

running watch and it's one that I see

more and more at races and I'm not

surprised really because it is a very

good watch yeah I guess because it's

sort of that like everyday kind of adds

to your life in different ways other

than just running and I guess for like

we were saying new runners as well yeah

you know maybe going and doing a park

from one suite and that's there they're

running for the week then that's that's

great for them because they can use it

during the week for their life stuff

yeah and it's still there ready to run

another thing a lot of the features that

you get in here you'll get on these

watches as well but I think it's a nice

kind of experience like things like

notifications when they come up it's a

little bit nice of a nice experience on

the Apple watch and you plus you get all

those running features and sports


as well which is really nice so that yep

still a very good running watch just

obviously be wary of you know how you're

charging here and how much you use it

one of my friends uses it for running

and says that you can record voice notes

on it while you're running so when you

get all your amazing brainwaves when

you're out on a run you're just talking

to your watch and record it you don't

yeah so yeah that's that's a cool sort

of one for for if you like your tech

yeah absolutely yeah and then the last

one that we've got on the end there

we've got the Fitbit like yes yeah so

obviously the Apple watch it's not cheap

mm-hmm it's it's very expensive you know

any phone yeah absolutely so if you're

looking for something similar in terms

of a SmartWatch but you don't want to

spend as much money you can look at

something like Fitbit in the Versa light

is kind of one of those watches that

kind of you know it's down that in that

smaller price bracket yeah the

difference is really you know you can

track your running you can track your

running with the motion sensors inside

of it

yeah by doing that you're probably not

going to get the same kind of accuracy

as GPS but if you're willing to take

your phone with you you can kind of

piggyback off your phone's GPS yeah and

still get that kind of mapping and get

that accuracy you've got that you've

also you know you've got that really

nice kind of touchscreen display another

big difference between this and this is

the battery life obviously you've got

maybe a day a couple of days max with

this you've got five days four to five

days even when you're tracking which

will affect it you can still get you

know you're keeping yourself away from

that charger for a long period of time

and it's kind of nice really comfortable

watch to wear and if you're willing to

run with your phone still it's you know

it's a good option so yep for say a lot

of us do still run with phones as our

daily for like a safety aspect being out

to call people but I guess with the

Apple watch you can call people from

that yeah but with you know with people

carrying their phone anyway I guess it

doesn't really make too much of a

difference with the Fitbit and I think

the thing about Fitbit as well for me as

a brand

Fitbit was always the wristbands that

granted your steps and you had to hit

your 10,000 steps but it's come on so

much in the development of their watches

that they really are like a

consideration now right yeah and it's I

think it's a good one for beginners

works it's very easy to use very the app

is very easy used and the watch rates to

you so you don't if you know you're

overwhelmed by you know I was talking

about all this data and you really want

that kind of basic experience but still

getting those insights it's a really

kind of good option to look at yeah well

well thank you so much for bringing all

of the watches today it's been really

great to chat through them or look at

the color that looks great um hopefully

you found a watch there that maybe meets

what you want and what you're looking

for in a watch if you've got any

questions or comments that you want to

leave please drop them in the in the

comments below and also anything that

you want us to ask the wearable guys as

well hopefully there's a party that's

going off so leave any questions the

wearable guys below as well or any

suggestions or videos you'd like us to

do with them next - and we'll see you

next time

on the running channel