Best Garmin Watch - GPS, Running, Triathlon, Cycling & More

what's up guys I'm Jeff Rizzo from

business comm today we're doing a video

about the best Garmin watch now I know

I've been covering Garmin watches for

years but this is a video that I've been

wanting to do for a long time because

there are a lot of people out there that

just say Jeff which one should I get

what is the best Garmin watch you've

covered so many of them just tell me

which one is the best me and so that's

what I want to do in today's video I

want to talk about which one is the best

and for whom they are the best I'm not

talking about which one is the most

expensive or which one has every single

feature on the Sun if you could only

choose one in each category which one

would you get so if you enjoy the video

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doing it for years and we're going to

continue to do it let's get to it ok so

at the end we'll talk about which one I

think is the best overall but for now

let's lead off with the best watch for

triathletes and if you could only get

one it would be the forerunner 935 if

you just want a solid triathlon watch

and really that's all you're using it

for you don't want all the other bells

and whistles the 935 is the way to go

sure you can save money with the 920 XT

or the 735 XT but if you want the best

combination of fit size features and

battery life that is the 935 I'll link

our full review down below in the

description because I spend a lot of

time on that video and the written post

so you can check that out for all of the

details here's just a general overview

of the watch it tracks naturally

triathlons running indoor and out

cycling indoor and out swimming both

pool swimming and open water swimming

and that is in addition to a host of

other sports like water sports snow

sports cardio golf

etc so it really does it all it also has

a wrist heartrate monitor and pairs with

other heart rate monitors and sensors

you can even get your advanced running

dynamic stats which is even more


than me like I don't even tend to use

these that much I mostly focus on like

pace heart rate and cadence but you can

get things like ground contact time

which is how long your feet are on the

ground which is pretty cool

ground contact time balance which shows

you the basically the proportion of

right to left foot basically which side

you favor you can get stride length and

a bunch of other measures that hardcore

runners will care about and then there

are physiological measurements and

training features most of which are

provided by first beat technologies

they're pretty complicated but they are

really freaking cool and if you're

really trying to train for something I

think you will get something out of

those physiological measurements like

lactate threshold training load training

effect which basically tells you what

did that workout do for you did it help

improve your overall fitness are you

maintaining was it actually detrimental

to your fitness systems so there are

some really neat things that you can

glean from those physiological

measurements and then Garmin of course

has this entire rolodex of training

features like if you want to train for a

triathlon or if you want to train for a

marathon you can download preset courses

and then those kind of sync with the

watch and you can do that all with the

9:35 and plenty of other watches by the

way and then it has darn good battery

life and this is really something that

triathlons will care about with some

other watches in the past

Garmin had pretty good battery life but

if you're doing some longer triathlons

like ironman length triathlons you want

really good battery life and this one

has about 24 hours on a single charge

now in the past it's been 11 hours 14

hours this one goes all the way up to

about 24 hours so if you really care

about battery life the 9:35 is really a

good pick up and like I said before if

you can only get one that 935 is the way

to go now on to the best running watch

and I'm mostly talking here to half

marathon or as marathoners ultra

marathoners if you can only get one you

got to go with the forerunner 735 XT now

I know this has been out for a while I

did do a full review and I'll link it in

the description so check that out it's

been out for I think two years now but

it's a beast of a watch and it still has

a heck of a lot to offer first it has a

tiny footprint and its really

comfortable on your wrist when you go

running right you don't want a big and

bulky watch you want something you don't

even notice especially if you're going

ten miles 15 miles 26.2 miles you want a

smaller watch that you don't notice on

your wrist

that's super lightweight but you still

won't make any compromises with the

features and that's the 735 XT it also

has a wrist heartrate monitor so it's

going to measure your heart rate through

your wrist during activities and all day

long and it pairs with those external

sensors as well like the HRM run that

sort of stuff so you can get those

advanced running dynamic stats and it

has pretty good battery life it's about

14 hours on a single charge now one word

of warning with battery life whenever

you see a number quoted you got to

discount it a little bit just because

you're not gonna run right out there and

you know go to your marathon you're

gonna probably take a an hour or two to

drive there you're gonna go somewhere

else and you're gonna eat up battery

life in the way you're gonna get

notifications on your wrist and so there

are things that chop it in that battery

life but 14 hours is pretty good for a

watch of this size and again if you just

care about running and you're not doing

cycling and all this other stuff it's a

heck of a watch now it will track

cycling swimming and a whole host of

other sports but I think for runners it

really checked every single major

important box now I know that's just a

quick overview of the 735 again our full

review is down below in the description

I personally spend a lot of time on that

one and then one of my favorite things

about the 735 xt is because it is now a

couple of years old it is a lot more

affordable than it used to be it's now

about you know like 300 to 350 dollars

it just kind of depends where you get it

at in the time of year you get it at

I'll link it in the description for all

of these and this one so you can check

the current pricing when I'm posting

this video or when I'm recording this

video it was 315 dollars so for a

serious runners watch

that's actually pretty affordable

especially considering the fact that the

forerunner 645 is like I think it's 5

400 or $500 the 235 is still expensive

and even some in the lower end Garmin

watches creep up there so I think 315

about there that's a pretty good price

for a watch and speaking of a good price

for a watch subscribers you will know

this and you're probably sick to death

of hearing this

but the fact that matter is we look for

deals every single day there are

thousands of people that use our free

mobile app and our website and they find

the best 100 deals of the day every

single day we don't sell anything

we just source those deals some of them

are exclusive some of them aren't and we

save people a heck of a lot of money one

thing that's pretty cool and I think I

have said this before is that our mobile

app hit 100,000 downloads which is

awesome so a lot of people are using it

and I think that you will find it

helpful as well now let's get to the

best budget watch and this one sort of

combines itself with the best average

person runners watch that's kind of like

me right

I run typically under 10 miles every

single time I do know all of the stats

but I'm not hardcore into this stuff

sometimes I get about 15 miles but it's

usually pretty rare and so I think for

the average person that runs typically

between 2 and 5 miles you can't really

do any better than the forerunner 25 now

the reason I like this one is that is a

good combination of standard features

that you want and price so the MSRP for

this one is about 100 dollars I'll link

it down below in the description but it

will give you it still has GPS built in

so it will give you your pace your

distance it can pair with a heart rate

sensor so you can get your heart rate

data calories information and then a few

other tidbits as well on top it's a

pretty durable watch it's you know

pretty unassuming I mean it's it looks

plastic and it looks more affordable but

I think there's a lot of people out

there that say I want to leave my phone

behind and I just want to use a watch

and that is the 425 plus it will pair

with your Garmin Connect app so you

don't need to plug it into anything to

sync your data it's it's a little

outdated but it's still pretty modern

and I think a lot of people will

appreciate this watch now getting on to

the best overall watch if you don't care

about price the best watch you can get

from Garmin is the Phoenix 5 plus series

now I have personally been using a

Phoenix watch for many years and I'm

sure to subscribers this is not gonna

come as any surprise to you I really

like the Phoenix lineup they are a great

combination of everything out there they

are a runner's watch a triathlon watch

an outdoor watch or smart launch a heart

rate sensor an activity tracker and

or so they really have everything the

biggest downside with the Phoenix 5 plus

series is that they start at $700 which

is where I lost 90% of the people

watching today's video but I will link

it down below in the description at a

place that doesn't charge sales tax so

hopefully you can save a little bit of

money there now what makes this watch so

special is really the combination of

everything I'm actually wearing the

Phoenix 5 plus they also make the

Phoenix 5 X plus and a 5s plus the S is

smaller for smaller wrists and it seems

like you know young ladies and and and

you know active women are sort of going

towards that Phoenix 5s and then the 5 X

is for anybody that's really hardcore

into climbing exploring trekking Dillon

on our team who he's out there somewhere

he actually climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

which is pretty awesome that's the

tallest peak in all of Africa and he

used the 5 X it didn't save his life or

anything but it was it was cool that he

did that and that really adds two things

battery life and then it has a pulse

oximeter widget but I think most people

can get by with either the Phoenix five

plus the Phoenix 5s plus it has GPS

GLONASS Galileo heart rate sensor pairs

with heart rate sensor advanced stats

activity tracking everything you can

pretty much imagine plus as storage for

music so you can use I Heart Radio or

your personal music and stream it

straight from the watch now I did a lot

of other videos and other pieces of

content about Phoenix watch hits and

I'll link those down below in the

description just because I really don't

want to reopen an old wound in today's

video anyways that's my list I'd really

like to know what you think there are

plenty of watches from Garmin that will

make the honorable mention list but let

me know what you think which one do you

have which one will you go with I have

any constructive criticisms put those

down below I'll see you guys next time

have a great day