Natures Bounty Garlic Pills | Soft Gels vs Tablet

hi so I haven't done a vitamins and

supplements review in a while so what I

want to compare here is the gelcaps

garlic with the sort of white hard coded

tablets so you'll notice here if I give

you an up-close look I have here both

the tablets and the gel caps now the gel

caps are 1000 milligrams while the

tablets here are 2,000 milligrams so

there is a difference in the dosage the

white tablets here are twice the dosage

and what I find is I actually like the

tablets from from a personal perspective

because I'd like to you know at least

know that I'm eating a little bit of the

garlic or there's a little hint of the

garlic taste and this here does not

really smell all that bad so I've never

understood really some of the issues

with people saying that there there's a

garlicky aftertaste or something like

that but definitely that the gel caps

themselves do not have you know any odor

whatsoever now let me go ahead and give

you a side-by-side here of these two

bottles so this is both from nature's

bounty and you'll notice one of them is

a thousand milligrams the other one is

two thousand milligrams and once again

the tablet once the white tablets here

are the two thousand milligrams and the

gel caps are half the dosage they're

also a little bit more expensive they're

about 25% more expensive so let me go

ahead and you know go around and give

you a look of you know the up-close

nutritional information so you can see

for yourself and keep in mind that the

white tablets are actually the one on

this side and the gel caps are the one

on the left

so you notice here that it does say you

know it's a thousand milligrams of fresh

garlic on this side and 2,000 milligrams

of fresh garlic and the garlic extract

here is actually four thousand

milligrams or four hundred milligrams

and it says here that the garlic here is

ten milligrams but it doesn't

necessarily compare it exact so just

want to show you you know some of the

nutritional information so you can see

with your own eyes and judge for

yourselves which one is actually better

but that's really what I wanted to show

and I hope this helps because I think I

know people are you know lots of times

they really do want to see you know what

what is the difference between these gel

caps and the solid tablets but there you


that's really it and I hope this helps

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