Pump Sprayer Comparison and Review (A Must Have For Your Homestead Garden!)

welcome back to the homestead everyone

and welcome back to the shop today we're

going to review and look at one of the

most important tools you can have on

your homestead and you can see we have a

lot that is a pump sprayer stick with us

and see the review on all these

different brands


so over the past several years we

acquired quite a number of these pump

sprayers and we've got some that worked

great some that work not so great and

some that are downright terrible that I

do not recommend you buy so pump sprayer

is an important piece of equipment on

your homestead for several reasons I've

got a lot of different things that I

spray on a lot of different vegetables

and like let's say the house so in this

one right here I've currently got some

ant spray some carpenter ant spray and

that goes in around the house a few

times a year this one I've got some soap

and are some Dawn dish soap for control

of wasps and other flying insects this

will knock them down right away it's

great this one I've got some neem oil

and dr. Bronner's Sal suds soaps and

that one is for keeping insects off the

plants in your garden in orchard down

here I believe I had some calcium spray

for my tomatoes over here I've got some

copper sulfate spray to control diseases

on my well usually in the orchard but

sometimes I do use this in the garden

and also I've had some orange oil in in

some straight orange oil spray for those

really nasty bugs that will just not

move with the neem oil and soap

combination so you can see here these

two are let's go over these two first

these two are okay okay so we'll start

at the okay the middle of the road these

are both groundwork sprayers and these

are from Tractor Supply Company they

have performed pretty good they hold

their their pump

you know they've their pump they've hold

their air really really well

and they seem to spray pretty good now

this nozzle is not original to this this

brass piece right here I replace this

because I knew that brass obviously

holds up a lot better than plastic so

that's why this normally comes with a a

plastic nozzle similar to the one on

this small groundwork here now what I

like about these well okay what I don't

like about this large one is it has no

place to attach or connect your wand

here on the actual sprayer and it

doesn't come with any attachment that it

was in the box this is a one and a half

gallon I believe it was thirteen dollars

and so that's that's not a huge deal but

it is really nice as you can see this

one this one this one these are the more

expensive sprayers

they've got areas on there that are

designed to hold that wand even this

little one this little groundwork here

has one although it doesn't work very

well at all I had like I said good

success with these two so for the price

point I think like I said this one was

about thirteen dollars this one was ten

or eleven this is a one gallon they've

held their pressure they have not are

the wands haven't broken now this is

where with these poor ones over here

that's where we've been having problems

the wand on it is alright but you can

tell the difference between this wand

and the the more expensive ones over

here and I'll show you that a minute but

let's jump down to the the poor ones

here and you can see there's parts

missing from this one because it didn't

last very long at all this is the

Greenwood two gallon from Harbor Freight

I know I know

Harbor Freight I should have expected it

as cheap junk yeah I've gotten some

great things there too so it's kind of a

toss-up what you get there do not buy

their pump sprayers there they break

fairly quickly so I had as you can see

even a pump is gone from inside of this

the sprayer or the the hose and the

wander gone because they broke down they

cracked the seals failed and they leaked

and then the actual pump itself worked

overtime now I yes I did keep some some

liquid in here but it should not have

affected the pump that badly I pulled it

out and is actually curved in an angle

it refused to pump anymore obviously

because you need a straight run on the

seal on the inside of the pump to pump

the air in there and it wouldn't do that

anymore is that maybe my fault a little

bit potentially so you can empty out

your pump sprayers all the time of their

of their liquid but I really like

sprayers where you can keep those

liquids in there and it doesn't affect a

sprayer you can keep those liquids in

there for a decent amount of time and it

won't affect them

this one forget it and I think it was I

think it was about the same price as the

ground work about thirteen dollars give

or take it was been a while since I

bought this one so I don't remember

exactly but don't you buy it forget

about it

we're gonna steal a that thing down

because it's terrible all right the next

terrible one is the and you see it's

missing parts also it's the old HDX from

Home Depot I have had how many of these

things I've had a lot of them over time

at our old house in the city you know

out here on our country property it's

it's garbage the the wand breaks it

leaks it's it's not good I do like you

know that's got this really solid holder

for your your wand on the top it's got a

pressure relief valve and that's the

thing these four here these have

pressure relief valves

oddly enough the more expensive ones

don't so you have to release the

pressure in different way with those and

that's the one thing I don't like about

those over there let's continue to talk

about this one here also that the hose

is really thin and

it is affected greatly by what you put

in the sprayer the other ones seem to be

to hold up over time and I've had all of

these for well okay so the last ones I

bought were over a year ago and they're

they're perfectly in great shape this

one didn't last very long at all garbage

junk I don't remember how much it is at

Home Depot

but don't buy it because you'll waste

your money all right

onto these more expensive ones here we

have a DB Smith which is rated for

chemicals and bleaches so it's really

really tough and some of these also you

can tell that the plastic is thicker and

it is more just more solid all right so

we've got two here that look alike and

now you know what I just noticed this

this is the ayran tongue from Northern

Tool Company on Northern Tool Supply

Northern Tool whatever and it is the

exact same as this Chapin over here so

they just rebranded or Chapin rebrands

theirs but Chapin and DB Smith alright

we'll cover this first Chapin to DB

Smith are consistently rated in the top

of the pump sprayer categories they tied

they have really great quality good

parts and they're consistently rated

tops the the ayran tone obviously it

never even gets mentioned because it is

not an independent company it's Northern

Tool but this is a Chapin

so this Chapin over here was $23 on

Amazon and I'll put a link below and

this Iren ttan which essentially is the

exact same thing was I believe 15

dollars at northern - oh so you're gonna

save on that one maybe the Chapin they

they do do a few different things here

on the Miss Chapin that comes with a

strap and it comes with a special filter

on the

of the tube that's inserted into the

bottom of the pump or at the bottom of

the reservoir here and that helps for

anything you know you get junk inside

these things all the time right so that

helps filter it out and that's I really

like that about this this Chapin over

here so the DB Smith the Chapin in the

Ironton I've never had one issue with

not with the the wand not with the the

actual sprayer itself or the the paddle

control here the connections or anything

else they perform great and I got to say

though this DB Smith the wand on it is

top notch this wand is you can tell by

the quality of the way the parts fit

together and its performance the way it

sprays that is heads or tails above

actually any of the other ones here now

this this Chapin here in the intent I

believe these are gallon and a half's no

other to Galus they're two gallon and

this DB Smith here I believe is a one

gallon it is and this DB Smith was

twenty dollars so twenty dollars for a

half size of this they're relatively the

same price was what I say twenty-three

and twenty but this DB Smith the the

quality of even the feel of the pump and

the spray or they pump action the

quality of the the thickness and

everything you know you got going on

here with the actual pump itself it's

it's a heavier duty the one is you have

your duty it's it's much thicker than

all the other ones and the paddle on it

is amazing it's got a lot of control

here on the panel so you've got you can

adjust it here for your flow you get

this you can lock this out which most of

them do but it's just fits in your hand

nice it is a performer and it is

fantastic now this is Chapin in the in

the ayrton I really like because they've

got a quick pump and a short really

short pump here but the way it's

designed inside it really fills up the

the air really quickly and also with

that's the same with those DB Smith so

there you go we've got our terrible ones

our good ones are great ones and this

oddity right here which is one of the

great ones just rebranded anyway we hope

you enjoyed the video let us know if you

have any questions about these in the

comment section below and get yourself a

lot of them because you know honestly we

use these almost on a daily basis I've

got these now stored out in the garden

in the shed that we built if you didn't

see that video you need to go check it


we did some Japanese wood burning to

preserve the wood and we built a sweet

sweet miniature garden shed just to hold

a few tools and these cats because these

cats always live in our garden enough

enough about about that thank you


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