Best Garbage Disposal To Buy In 2020

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in this video we'll show you how easy it

is to remove a typical garbage disposal

and install a waste king easy mount

disposal the first step is prep waste

king garbage disposals operate on 110 to

120 volt 60 Hertz which is standard in

most homes if you have any questions

check with a qualified electrician

before getting started unplug your old

garbage disposal and dishwasher if you

have one if your disposal is hardwired

turn off the power at the electrical

panel and disconnect any hardwired

connections make sure you have the right

tools for the job

you'll need a hammer flathead

screwdriver dowel or steel punch

plumber's putty and safety glasses if

you have a dishwasher and the dishwasher

outlet hose is not seven eighths of an

inch in diameter you'll need to buy a

dishwasher connector kit step two remove

your old garbage disposal disconnect the

drain line and any other connections if

you have a dishwasher remove the

dishwasher drain hose most garbage

disposals are removed by turning the

lower mounting ring to your right

be sure to hold on to the disposal as

you turn so it doesn't fall you can also

insert a screwdriver into a tab to help

turn the mounting ring

remove the mounting assembly by

loosening the mounting screws and

popping off the snap ring remove the

sink flange and your old garbage

disposal is gone now you can install

your waste king ez mount disposal step 3

install the new mounting assembly remove

the mounting assembly from the garbage

disposal by turning the mount ring to

your right raising the mounting assembly

and removing it push down the mount ring

and remove the cushion mount unthread

the support ring

and remove the fiber gasket the rubber

gasket can be used in place of plumbers

putty with stainless steel sinks

plumber's putty or sealant should be

used with any other sink clean the area

around the drain opening position the

sink flange with the rubber gasket in

the center of the drain slide the fiber

gasket onto the sink flange and thread

on the support ring until it's tight


place the mount ring over the sink

flange with tabs pointing up and align

the inside groove on the cushion mount

to the sink flange step 4

attach the discharge elbow if you have a

dishwasher use a wooden dowel or steel

punch to remove the plug in the

dishwasher Inlet do not use a screw

driver or any other sharp instrument

make sure the rubber gasket is on the

discharge elbow slide the metal bracket

over the elbow and insert it into the

discharge outlet tighten the two screws


step 5 connect the garbage disposal to

the mounting assembly guide the mount

tabs into the mounting ring slots and

turn the mounting ring to your right

align the discharge elbow with the drain

piping and connect them

then insert a screwdriver into a

mounting ring year to make sure it's in

the fully locked position if there's a

dishwasher connect the dishwasher drain

hose with a clamp a 7/8 inch inside

diameter hose will fit directly to the

garbage disposal if the hose size is

different use a dishwasher connector kit

make sure all connections are secure

then run water to check for leaks plug

in the power cord turn the power back on

and you're done if you have any

questions about waste king or any of our

products please call Waste King consumer





many people think a disposer works like

a blender with spinning blades chopping

and breaking down the waste in reality

disposers work in a different way and

there are no blades involved instead

impellers or lugs mounted on a spinning

plate use centrifugal force to

continuously force food waste particles

against a stationary grind ring the

grind ring breaks down the food waste

into very fine particles virtually

liquefying them after their ground the

running water flushes the particles

through the grind ring and out of the

disposer and into your wastewater pipe

from there it flows to a wastewater

treatment plant for your septic system