The absolute BEST game console you can buy now

welcome to the best where we find the

best product in its category on this

episode we're looking for the best video

game console Amaya's Akhtar with our

experts Jeff Bakalar we're going to

judge these consoles on five different

factors exclusives and library

ease-of-use feature set value and how

future-proof they are here are four

competitors a Nintendo switch the Xbox

one the ps4 and the PC ok Jeff there's

no need to justify the big three but why

are you putting pcs in this well I think

PC gaming is very much a thing that

needs to be discussed when you're

talking about options for playing games

yes you can just buy a console that you

know work you plug it in and it works it

plays a game no problem but we should

not discount and not consider the entire

sort of gamut of what PC gaming has to


so that is why I felt it important to

include PCs in our discussion of the

best console and I think as consoles are

also becoming much more like pcs as well

yeah it's kind of getting into this

little mixed area they are pcs there's

no two ways about it

even Xbox and we'll get into that

further on in the in the future proofing

category but they're all very much PCs

so for that reason and many more that's

why it's here our first round is

exclusives and library Jeff what are you

looking for here just like sheer volume

quality quantity which then I'm looking

for a little bit of everything I think

primarily most importantly is first

party exclusives games you can only play

on PlayStation on Xbox and a switch and

then after that a close second is the

sort of variety in the library and that

and that kind of thing like okay can i

play you know a whole back vault of

games what does the ecosystem look like

all that it's a pretty big exclusives

the Xbox got what Gears of War

they've got Gears of War they've got

Halo they've got forts that's kind of it

they've got crackdown if you're into

crackdown and that's kind of where it

teeters out a little bit PlayStation has

God of War Uncharted The Last of Us a

pretty hefty list and then of course

Nintendo its gotcha Mario's and your

Zelda's and your carts and your parties

and your you know like a death grip on

Mario it's not getting him anywhere else

no he's he's Nintendo why would he ever

go to another guy a Panasonic a long

time yeah that's a shadow past so in

terms of PC gaming

kind of rarely will you find a game

that's only on PC I mean I think some of

the indie stuff never know and then

you'll see something that you can only

play first maybe on PC but big triple-a

kind of titles don't usually not never

but don't usually just land on that

platform so you know that said PC

library is enormous

essentially endless so definitely gets

points for that

I sell how did our competitors fare okay

so for this category it's tough to look

beyond the fact that PlayStation 4 has

the best console exclusives for this

current generation that were kind of sun

setting right now no two ways about it

you look at that compared to what Xbox

was able to offer and it's just not

there I mean they just they weren't

really able to put together a compelling

list of console exclusives don't get me

wrong there there they just were not

system selling games there's a lot of

indie games you can play on switch their

entire store is filled with affordable

great games that maybe you could only

also play on a PC so for that you know

that's why we're giving some points the

switch as well so what the winner is the

Sony Playstation we're with Nintendo and

the PC kind in the second place the

third place yeah the Xbox way in the

basement just in in the back just didn't

do a great job I think that's gonna

change maybe moving forward but for this


I'm sorry Xbox you're in the back

alright let's explain why Jeff is the

expert when it comes to video game

consoles Jeff Bakalar is an editor at

large for C net he's been here so

that he refuses to tell us how long he's

been here but we found some really old

footage of him jeff has been playing

games for over 30 years

hockey for almost ten and nearly a month

experience with his new jurassic park

pinball machine in another world Jeff

would have been a world-class puck


that was a good 16-bit let's go on

around to ease-of-use

so for this we're looking at the

interface what have you got Jeff okay

what do we got well I think the winner

the clear winner for me is the switch

it's like the easiest thing in the world

to use my four-year-old knows how to use


it's just simple and you know less is

more with the switch interface so tell

me if the one is the least simple hot


oh you're touching the Xbox on garbage

on the Xbox one people give me a lot of

crap for this because they think I'm too

mean about it but the Xbox one interface

is so bad it doesn't make any sense it's

very clear that they had one sort of

vision for it in the beginning and if

you look at what that console debuted at

and where it's at now you're talking

about two very opposite ends of the


and they could never get it right they

could never right the ship I'm sorry

Xbox one every sucks it's so bad it's

just bad it doesn't it's not fun to use

it's 20/20 I still turn this thing on

and I have very little of an idea what

I'm really doing and when I you know I

want to I want to be like hey I want to

look how far along this download is but

I also want to see the games that are

rated it it's it sucks it sucks close

second behind the switch is the

PlayStation 4 okay because the

PlayStation 4 is very logically laid out

I think as it's aged in this console

generation it's gotten a little sort of

convoluted but still at its core the

philosophy and the basic foundation the

user interface is built on is superior

and I still think it's an easier thing

to use and wrap your head

I guess if we're gonna put PC in this

category it's tough because you know you

just have to know a lot more information

going into PC gaming there's a lot of

DIY in that universe there's a lot of

manual driver updating but it's not

talking but it's not hard garbage it's

been a thing for decades whereas I'm

sorry it's a good console I'm not mad at

it it's just that the uhyes juice is bad

the winner here is a Nintendo switch

it's limited but that works to its

advantage on to our third round

other features / / / online / catch off

because we've got to put something all

the features here Jeff what do you want

to start with this because we've got

lots of lots of different features for

all of these boxes yeah I think let's

start with like the best for me you know

this is like oh this is anything that's

not putting the game in or downloading

the game and playing it this is like the

ecosystem all the other features and and

sort of you know supporting elements

that make up this console and I think

for me the Xbox one edges out everyone

else because you know an Xbox one has

something called game paths which is a

really great subscription service that

gives you access to a ton of archival

software and new stuff as well and that

you really can't beat the value that it

provides and I think for what it's worth

right now that other kind of side perk

is the best offer a close second for me

is PlayStation 4 it's online sort of

ecosystem is solid it has a lot more

sort of options it's got something

called PlayStation now which is its

streaming game service but you can also

download those games as well it's maybe

not as substantive as what you're

getting with Xbox game pass

there's also PlayStation Plus which is

what Xbox Live is - Xbox that gives you

some free games built in and it's not

what it once was I think the overall you

know presentation that game paths kind

of has right now

is is the better kind of package if that

makes sense I don't intend Nintendo's

good it's just not there's just not a

lot there it's super cheap it's a twenty

bucks a year for their online you know

package you get some of those NES SNES

games you can play games online there's

just not a lot there but it's so friggin

cheap that you're like whatever it's

fine more like you said 20 bucks a year

you could put that together if doing

that is important to you you're also not

going to miss much without it so don't

sweat it I didn't put PC in this

category because it's like it's a PC

you're playing games on a computer it's

computer it just doesn't count it kind

of gets a buy for this round they both

have Xbox Playstation they both have

media apps they have streaming apps

they're all there you should be buying

your console because one has the Netflix

app and one doesn't

whatever this round is the Xbox

Microsoft picking up a win here let's

look at value the Nintendo switch the

Xbox one and the ps4 all started around

the same price but you can get more

expensive variants if you want then with

PC gaming you're talking about spending

as little or as much money as you want

where do we start Jeff let's start with

the switch like you said it's $300 which

when we just checked before I was like

really it's $300 but yeah you know what

it's because there is a lot of value

there it is a hybrid console it plays

dock it plays on the go that is neat I

think you know investing in and again

we're talking about it right now in 2020

investing in a ps4 and Xbox one at this

moment in time does not make the sense

that it probably makes to go with the

switch because it is very much in the

middle of its lifecycle where these two

guys are just about done and I think

when you look at the games you look at

the games that are already out the games

are coming down the road it just makes

more sense

for for what you're getting for your

money with Nintendo switch if you find a

great deal on one of these guys I'm not

gonna say don't do it but don't forget

this upcoming holiday season we're

getting sequels and when you look at PC

in terms of value I mean it's always a

good time to buy

you're never gonna have to worry about

catching something towards an abuts


sure GPUs go through cycles and and and

refresh is so you might want to keep a

little bit of an eye on something like

that but you know that you're gonna be

okay because you could always one day

down the road refresh that GPU refresh

the hardware so the value for PC should

not be discounted so the winner of this

round is Nintendo it's got a future of

some kind

speaking of futures let's go to the

final round and that is future proofing

both Microsoft and Sony as you've

mentioned announced their plans to

introduce the next generation of their

consoles the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox

one series X is that the name of it

no it's just Xbox series X no that's not

confusing at all no they're dropping the

one you're right is confusing all right

so let's let's talk about which one of

these consoles actually has a future

that it can look forward to so this

might be a controversial take but I

think it's the correct answer in reality

a PC is the most future-proof thing you

can get because essentially you can have

a PC for a decade if you keep refreshing

it and swapping out parts or even longer

so I think if you're just looking at if

you want to get invested in gaming and

you want to make that commitment a PC

will always have that kind of

flexibility in the future with the other

consoles it's a little tougher I gotta

say if you look at what Xbox is doing

with their sort of overall philosophy it

does feel like you might not need to buy

an xbox Series X because all the way

understand is all first party Xbox games

will also be on PC so if you want to

just have a console an Xbox console plug

and play and works and just does its

thing you can get a series X but if you

have a decent gaming PC sounds like

you'll be able to play all those

exclusive Xbox games on your PC it's not

really exclusive to them they're on to

plant they're just their Microsoft

excuses because you're using it on

Windows you're using it on an Xbox

that's really what it comes down to

future-proof with the PlayStation 4 it's

a little dicey er

their mentality is much like hey ps4s

doors closing soon then there's going to

be PS 5 buy new PS 5 games it's safe to

assume you will be able to play ps4

games on PS 5 it's also safe to assume

there will be some sort of legacy

backwards compatibility that they kind

of shoehorn in to you know sweeten the

overall deal but I think that does a

good job of explaining the two kind of

mentalities where Microsoft's going

where Sony's going so where's the

Nintendo Nintendo is going in Nintendo

land I think like look there it's

switches in the middle of its lifecycle

there will be a new one they'll probably

be a step up at one point where it's

like a little faster a little bigger a

little better performing so you know I

think you don't have to worry too much

about the next one of this that you

can't play you know the switch to games

on on on this switch I think it's a

safer sort of like bet for the immediate

future but again if you're looking

long-term this is the way to go look at

that the PC gets the win as the most

future-proof of the competitors after

all five rounds of competition the best

console is the Nintendo switch let's

recap here's what makes the switch the

winner it has some of the best

exclusives like Mario it's got a future

unlike some of the other guys here plus

it's pretty affordable Jeff is the

switch of the console for all people

well you know it's not for everyone it's

I think it's for most people I think the

switch is a perfect complementary

console and that's gonna sound like what

the hell are you talking about you just

recommended a switch but it is like the

perfect you know kind of side console

for whatever your main kind of thing is

I do think everyone should also consider

a PC for gaming so let's say switches my

number one PC is my one a PC will always

have an infinite amount of games to play

you the only caveat being you do need to

be a little savvy to sort of own one and

stay up with what it's like the demands

of gaming on on a PC if you really stay

up on PC gaming it's gonna look better

than anything else out there depending

on how much you will be spent on

hardware so yeah switch number one PC

one a I think the switch is a perfect

complementary console and that's gonna

sound like what the hell are you talking

about you just recommended a switch but

it is like the perfect you know kind of

side console for whatever your main kind

of thing is to that end it's kind of all

you need if you just want to get access

to a ton of indie stuff a ton of great

first party Nintendo titles it's it's

never going to not have anything to play

on it because like I said it's already

halfway through its cycle likely and it

has an insane amount of games to play

the library is very very compelling so I

love the fact that it's a hybrid I love

the fact that you take it with you on

the go playing triple-a Nintendo titles

on the train on my commute has been

totally life-changing switches the best

console right now thank you to Jeff and

you great viewers and let us know what

you think of the results we love hearing

from you from all of us here we wish you

the best