Full Face Snorkel Mask Review - Is it Good or Bad?


I really wanted to hate this thing but

there's a few things that I actually

like about it in this video we're gonna

take a look at a full face snorkel mask

what are the good things about it and

what are the bad things about it


all right before we get into the good

points and the bad points about this

full face of snorkel mask I want to say

that nothing beats the old-school mask

and snorkel I'm kind of old-fashioned

and this is Old Faithful and it always

works and it's always gonna work and I

can always trust on it if you are just

getting started snorkeling or you're not

too comfortable yet with being out in

the ocean I would say stick with this

old-school mask and snorkel you got to

learn this before you start using this

this may be fun and interesting but this

is where it all starts right here okay

first I'm gonna start by summarizing the

good points about this full face of

snorkel mask and the summary of it is

comfort this is a comfortable mask to

wear and I feel like I could snorkel for

a long time wearing this mask the first

good point about this full face of

snorkel mask is no fog the way this mask

is designed whenever you breathe in the

air comes down the snorkel and goes

across the eyes first and then it goes

down to the mouth so that new air coming

in and going across the inside of the

glass here always make sure that this

never fogs and that's really really nice

when you're out there you're not having

to take your mask off and clear out your

fog constantly so it is very comfortable

never having to clear your mask because

of fog the second good point about this

mask is just the comfortable feeling and

being separated from the ocean so you

don't have the salt water on your lips

you just feel like you're separated from

the elements and you're separated from

the ocean so and it kind of feels cozy

and snug on your face so you have this

very insulated feeling so you're out of

the ODE you out in the ocean seeing

everything but you don't really feel

like you're exposed to the elements so

that kind of gives you a sense of

comfort when you're wearing this mask

and the third good point about this mask

is you're actually able to use your

mouth to talk underwater so that's

pretty interesting because if you're

snorkeling with someone next to you you

can kind of keep your face under the

water and you can talk and if someone's

real close to you they can understand

what you're saying

now we're gonna talk about the negative

things about this mask the things that I

did not like and I'm gonna sum it up

with this phrase false sense of security


because this mask makes you feel so

comfortable out in the water it kind of

makes you forget about the inherent

dangers of snorkeling and being out in

the ocean and it kind of looks goofy you

look like some nerdy Space Marine or

something okay so the first thing that I

really did not like about this mask was

you're not really able to dive down deep

with this mask on so I ordered this mask

I believe this was called the deep co2

was the company that makes this mask and

they make this mask with a little rubber

part and the nose here so I could dive

down and I could equalize but the

problem is I could not add pressure

around my eyes so as I go down the mask

starts to crush on my face and it just

crushes right up against my face that

squeezes my eyeballs and everything and

there's nothing that you can do about it

really can't go any deeper than five

feet with this mask or it really starts

to hurt the second thing that I did not

like about this mask was you can't

really take it off too fast so with a

regular mask and snorkel you can come up

if you had water in your mask or water

in your mouth you just spit the snorkel

out pop the mask up all the waters gone

and you're free and you're all good but

this mask here it's got this big hardest

thing on the back of your head and it's

not easy to just rip the mask off and

it's kind of hard to find the release

button you know if it was an emergency

situation it would be tough to get this

mask off if you were panicking or you

weren't thinking clearly that's kind of

why I say false a sense of security

because you feel all comfortable and

everything but if something goes wrong I

don't know that I'd want to be wearing

this mask and the third thing that I do

not like about this mask are all of the

little parts on it that could fail or

that could wear out in the future so

there's a lot of things on this mask

that could fail well that probably will

fail eventually and you know this band

is gonna wear out so you know it's

pretty fancy and everything but that

means more to break more to wear out and

more to fail you when you're out in the

ocean trying to enjoy a reef or

something so that's why I say this mask

gives you a false sense of security it's

nice comfortable and fun but I don't

think that I'd want to have it if

something went wrong or I was in a pinch

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