Why is the 2019 K2 Full Face Snorkel Mask different?

hello guys Christian we're here and this

is the review of the hey j/k b2k one-way

circulation breathing separation

snorkeling mask very long name on a

weekly basis I get asked to review about

two to three snorkelling masks and I'm

reviewing this one because this one

looked totally different than the other

one I have reviewed on my channel link

in the description below to that so at

first glance this mask looks super cool

and it looks very different than the

other full face masks this mask has two

snorkels on the side compared to the one

snorkel on the top of the mask as I've

seen in other masks

it also has separate intake so you

breathe in through the circles and the

air comes out on the middle vent in

front of your face so there's no chance

of getting co2 build-up in the mouth

because you are breathing in through one

hole and then it goes out through

another hole which is very smart if you

ask me as you can see on this other mask

I have here you get the air in here then

it goes through the mask here down to

here and then it goes up on the side and

back out here but the issue on some of

them is that there's not a separation

here on what which separates this

compartment from this compartment which

means you can get a co2 build-up in here

and as you can see that is not possible

at all on this other masking because the

air comes in on the side and it goes out

through the front it's a one way in and

a different way out for the air to wear

this mask on that feels pretty similar

to wearing others north wing masks but

when I put my head in water it is

totally different number one it's

slightly heavier to breathe in this mask

not a lot heavier but a little bit I

don't know why number two and this is a

big issue I don't know why they did this

when you breathe in the air comes in on

the side from the snorkels and when you

breathe out it comes out through the

front of the mask which means all the

air that you breathe out will come up in

front of your face and block the view

also if you attach the camera on the top

of the mask the air bubbles will come in

front of the video camera and that will

block the view so you get a lot of air

bubbles in your video I don't know why

they didn't just make small tubes to let

the air out on the sides instead of

right in front of your face it would be

a very easy fix and it would be a huge

improvement on this mask why didn't you

do this number three the snorkels on

this mask has a locking mechanism that

makes sure water doesn't enter when you

swim down underwater or if you get the

snorkel submerged even though you're not

supposed to dive with this mask I know

some people will do it anyway and the

problem is when I dive down to the

bottom of the pool when I come back up

the locking mechanism is blocked so the

balls that are inside to stop the water

from entering the tube they get stuck at

a locked position which means I cannot

breathe in which also means that it's

really easy to panic if you're not

expecting that this is also a problem I

think they should have solved because I

have not experienced this on my other

full face masks other than that I have

nothing bad to say about this mask it

looks really cool it works very well

only issues I had was the blocking of

the tubes when swimming down and the air

bubbles coming in front of my face I

would probably use this mask over the

other masks because in this mask you are

100 percent sure that you don't get a

co2 build-up inside the mask so I hope

you found this review useful and have a

nice day