Best 2019 full face snorkel mask, now with pressure equaliser

hey YouTube I just want to show you the

insight of how the snorkeling mask world

has changed and what's available in the

market right now this summertime I mean

spring now and summer will be here soon

use your booking tickets to go abroad

you could just bring summer to you so

here's the classic what you normally see

is the snorkeling hose and a diving mask

and this one is the full-face one where

you can actually breathe through your

nose and you don't need to bite onto a

snorkeling hose you just just relies on

this which is click on top of this and

this one also comes with the GoPro

holder as well to record your experience

and the benefit of this is that this

will never fog up this whereas when you

perspire whatever you it will fog up and

you need to put anti fog or which we

call it your classic way of doing this

is to spit into your goggle into your

mask and just rub it around and that

would eliminate the fog here you have

air just going straight you breathe in

it goes through this chamber so it could

clear out all any sort of humidity and

then it goes through this the these two

pads and you breathe in through your

nose and this put this while you're

breathing in this has a blockage it

blocks water from going inside and it

only allows air going out that's it so

when you breathe out it only goes out

from here and this would actually

prevent air from going back out so this

is you see this pad it stops it stops it

from happening and only allows it to go

down when air goes in through this

direction so this is a slight difference

in that this has a curved rather than a

flat this really doesn't make too much

of a difference because they think that

you could have a wider vision with this

curve but you could simply unconsciously

just tilt your face and it's okay it's

not too big a deal this is the best

newest integration is in that it has

squeezable silicon nose and it's to

mimic this so the thing is when you go

below the surface up to a certain level

your ears will hurt because the pressure

of the water is pushing air into your

ear and it's gonna hurt your eardrums so

what you do is you squeeze your nose and

then you let some of that air out and so

that it could equalize so this is what

that allows you use notice that this

doesn't have that so you're limited to

just being at the surface near the

surface of the water you can't go with

deep or any deeper whereas this will

allow you to go deeper and this also

comes with earplugs as well I rarely use

this it's I just equalize and normal and

it's fine this one doesn't have a GoPro

holder although some do as well you

notice that this is also more compact

and this is a one size fits all it's

stay it's not much to workers actually

use a extra large size and it actually

it's fine my face fits in here quite

well and just to note that because I'm

diving deeper for the first time I feel

the face mask is pushing against my face

harder but that's fine it creates a

better seal and it's not too

uncomfortable at least I haven't gone

deep enough to be extremely

uncomfortable yet so you also notice

that this breathing up the snorkel hose

is bigger too so I don't know what's the

benefit of that maybe you could just go

a few inches deeper to prevent water

from popping in I hope you enjoyed the

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