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I have a question for everyone do you

know the song by lady gaga called Shiva

or she'sa it's it's s.h.i.e.l.d


everyone welcome back to my channel my

name is Montana I was an exchange

student in Germany but now I make these

YouTube videos about Germany in the US

and today I've got a special guest here

Ashley Ashley and I have been like best

friends since we were four and five

we've practically grown up together and

everyone always thinks we're sisters

so today I've got Ashley here and we're

gonna do a kind of a challenge I've got

a bunch of German words and I'm gonna

say them and then I'm gonna try to get

Ashley to pronounce them and say them

and then she has to guess what they mean

in English so I've got some that are

really easy and then some that are very

hard like crazy long German words that

everybody thinks of when you think of

German so that's what we have today I've

got to go grab a whiteboard but then

we'll be right back and we'll get

started with the video I apologize if

anybody is offended by Ashley's German

accent I don't mean ok I'm back and I

got our whiteboard it has some zoo

animals on it but it's fine I'm gonna

write each word on the board and then

she can try to pronounce it okay summer

Solman means summer oh good job okay

that was like the easiest one

call me bilingual now actually some of

these beginning ones are really easy

because I just didn't know if you would

be able to get there do toe the talk no

no it's an O Otto

it means car out of a yes out of

blooming blooming yeah that was really


um blue no bloom like to grow yeah yeah

your flower it means okay

auntie Bobbie Berlin why do you say that

I've been Asian I used to my dad's

Filipino accent I'd it's it's I think

it's auntie baby pilling auntie baby

building um birth control yes okay it's

literally no baby pill you'll be

baby pill my baby and if you take a

proactive in them then you have a baby

hund yeah who'd hand mm-hmm means dog

like a hound

yeah like hound dog that's what I always

thinking about okay now now start some

the harder one

those are those are a little easy

Mittwoch meatball meatball meatball


um football myth water um getting use it

in a sentence in a German Center am it

for who see going on walk no oh why did

you go sort of and I said I'm going on a

walk no because it sounds like mitten

talk like middle walk but MIT like

middle gotcha

Wednesday's the middle of the week I

hate this word twice likes nice flesh

flesh supply look at all those flies

around the flesh um how am I supposed to

guess these are literally a different

language like anything I know English is

Germanic okay so flesh flesh like pink

you're kind of getting closer flesh let

me guess let me just flash using a

sentence as if I know German red and

flashes I live somewhere listen flush as

me nice

what does SME mean to eat hungry I want

to it means meat Oh a flash

these me like flesh but it's flesh but

it's just the regular it on my face

that's why I hate that word because

they'd be like do you want to eat meat

and it just sounds like to eat flesh I

like that try using that kind of flesh

do you have on the menu

yeah what are the double dots above the

you mean it's a different bow so it's

like ooh it's not you it's like another

one look like loosely look like it's a

it's an adjective

I'm happy yeah yeah just a random guy

yeah okay okay I can't read this one


it's Drex sorry if I say this wrong

Craig shoots pretty sure rodents cassell

chaton that's one one can you say it one

more time records position is

gesellschaft me can you say it one more

time Rex shoots positions gizelle shaft

and is it about doctors

I heard physician I'm not feeling well

no things out of my butt I'm a dime

tricks shoots positions gizelle schaffen

me and um gesellschaft no gizelle does

that's baby deer there's a deer okay um

for Sisera and you're not gonna get

those yeah it's an insurance company

that provides legal protection that's

like the name that's in the movement no

that's like like the word for an

insurance company that provides legal

protection mm-hmm this is what it's like

let me give you a word a ba ba ba ba ba

what's that mean oh that means the

restaurant is over there look at that


their house to do this next one okay

707 and sip 6700 Sieben one sip see is

that a tongue twister no that's a little

word okay

I say again seven hundred and seven

hundred sips a cones 900 sorry I'd to

the 707 and sip six thousand seven

hundred seven one sip see it just means

one thing yeah Stephen I heard the word

Stephen Ashley listen you'll definitely

get it

jibon 1.7 ounce ipsec thousand seven

hundred seven unzip see how am I

supposed to get that there's two words

in it that are English powder her towel

there's two visited that are English 707

one sip six thousand seven hundred seven

one sip sip sip see see I don't like I

don't hear any English in that you don't

hear any English there's two words that

are literally in all the years in the

business Steven stop see 60,000 Stephen

Stephen hundred seven one six six

thousand seven hundred seven and sip see

maybe hit on Oh Stephen Stephen who

wondered see who tipsy thousand does our

English word wondered is hundred how was

I supposed to know that who wounded

hundreds I heard was wounded wounded in

hundred sound exact same and then

thousand in thousands Oh 100,000 - it's

like it's seven hundred seventy seven

thousand seven hundred my supposed to

guess that that's bringing math into

this picture but not school for too long

okay okay

mango mango back - Kizzy she's back -

dizzy dizzy dizzy yeah

back something Sagan ba - Gazoo um it

means like a face that deserves like a

slap like that or like a backhand yeah

like like a face that looks like it

deserves like a backhand to it okay that

there's like one word for that and the

last one is I can shin bike engine

I cringe in engine um I'm just pulling

guesses out of the whole vocabulary of

my life I hunch in um it's an animal dog

no we already did don't meet the dog cat

Mouse elephant what is it it's squirrel

oh okay now I want you to say all of

these all of them yeah

just seven little summer summer outdoor

bloomin anti Bobby Billy

anti baby pilling not a daily pill been

knocked mooned

mid-walk okay miss buck slapping shop oh

I never did that one schlafen laughing

means over just stuffing around exactly

/ element splash goop lick glueck public

looky-looky wet suits very sick runs

glares often an insurance company that

provides legal protection Sieben wonders

Stephen won't zip

big house without even hunger 7-zip

physically 777 thousand we know 777th no

7707 acute Aurora numbers 770 7777 mangu

back - get back - guzik back - Kazuki

Eichorn Jenna I hunch and I've got

engine what does that mean squirrel oh


so the ish it's like I see cat and not i

ck I see H that means it means I but

it's also in like a lot of German words

and where you live in Germany it's

pronounced different so like in the

south kind of they say like ich but up

in Berlin and the kind of like northern

area they say ich dich so like it just

changes but general is like okay I'll do

a lute meet hello friend hello someone

hallelu to mean hi everyone I know

loiter ich habe Ashley and what saggin

dunk for zossen dos that wasn't terrible

this is the like the s the German s okay

so it's a Kaiser Ashley ich heisse

Ashley in case actually and Volta saggin

donkus su Xiao Xue Xiao Xue Xiao Xue

Xiao Xue Xue Shan Shan Xue Xiao okay

Anna Louetta a Kaiser Ashley Wood world

the zag and on the first southbounders


danke foo - Jarvan sue showers yo

shelving so zoo zoo zoo zoo shower to


Alleluia I don't know either a geyser

Ashley wouldn't want a sagon

dr. Seuss Alvin well though everyone

it's me Ashley and with wagons thank you

for watching and I wanted to say thank

you for watching and I wanted I have a

question do you know the song by lady

gaga called Sheba or she'sa it's it's

s.h.i.e.l.d the title but you all know

the song by lady gaga merely it's a bad


Ashley loves love's love's Lady Gaga go

if you're watching this please please

call me okay

anyway thank you guys so much for

watching this video please comment down

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live in Germany um German was pretty

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