How to Download Any Video From Any Site On PC (free & easy)


what's going on guys today we gonna be

show you something very helpful if

you're curious about how to download any

video from any time I'm talking about a

very serious deal here this is not a

scam and it will get to know that at a

moment as well as it's completely free

if you're interested definitely stay

tuned I think this video will be a lot

similar to my previous one because we

are doing this in a similar manner on my

favorite browser Google Chrome so

firstly you're gonna need to go to the

Google Chrome Web Store and you need to

download an extension called flash video

downloader also known as fvt downloader

link is available in the video

description below

once you here go ahead and click on this

add to Chrome button now the crown will

ask you for your permission to add the

extension so click on add extension and

I think that's pretty much it

I can see the flash video downloader I

can up here so this is where you can

control the extension to download almost

any videos from any web site it support

a huge selection of sites including

Facebook way more Yoh blip McAfee

dailymotion break as well as thousands

of others so let me show you a

demonstration on how it really works

good the prefer website the how the

video you want to download for the sake

of due to I'm going to a random one now

simply play the video for a second and

so then passe now go here and click on

flash video downloader and you will see

the download link for that particular

video it will also show you the

information like the size of the video

so let's click on the lame cannibal

download the video if you want you can

have multiple downloads at the same time

using the same way as you can see we

have just downloaded our very first

video using this extension so let's have

a look and you can see it's success so

that's how it works and finally how to

tell you a little something but if we

insist you can change some options on

this downloader by right clicking on the

extension choose option and you can play

around with these settings which will

allows you to have more control over

your downloader and lastly how to tell

the fact that this extension could not

be used to download videos from YouTube

under any circumstances because it's

disabled on YouTube if you try to use it

on YouTube you'll probably see this

saij which says download from YouTube is

disabled the Chrome Web Store that is

Google there's no Nilo extension to

download from YouTube therefore we

remove this functionality from the

Chrome Web Store

we hope you understanding please do not

rate is bad for this reason and that's

the same thing I had to say to you that

please do not dislike this video just

because it showed you I matter it can be

used in almost any other web site other

than YouTube so that's all for today

time to wind tab this is your host a

Murphy from geeks tutorial see you soon

with another one