How To Check Your Annual Credit Report for Free

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alright so first and foremost the most

important reason that we want to look at

our credit report instead of our credit

scores is because a reporter are

actually what the scores are based off

right and so what does what the reports

are gonna really tell us are the

different types of different types of

inquiries that are gonna be on your

report things that might be negatively

affecting you and then things that you

actually didn't even apply for or we're

requesting but that are on there and

that usually can lead to potential

identity theft and this can help protect

you by noticing them early and in making

sure that these credit bureaus stop

those from continuing so if you're not

aware there are three major credit

bureaus TransUnion Equifax and Experian

and if you're not aware by law these

three major credit bureaus actually have

to give you a free credit report once a

year and so what I personally do what I

do like to recommend to other people is

every four months to look at one of

these credit bureaus and so if you start

with let's say in January with

TransUnion four months from there in May

you can look at Experian and then four

months again in September you can look

at Equifax and then by that point in

January again you'll hit that one-year

mark with TransUnion and so that can

help you really make sure that there's

not some crazy discrepancies in between

that whole year instead of just waiting

once a year to actually look at your

reports so when you actually go to the

website which is going to be called

annual credit I'll put a link

in the description down below if you've

never been there before and I'll have a

little picture right here to kind of

show what the front page looks like just

to make sure that you're on the right

one so when you go there in the very

bottom it's gonna say fill out a request

for a free credit report so you go

through there it's going to ask you your

personal information and then it's gonna

ask you some questions to make sure that

it is you you know requesting this

report once you actually get the report

for that one credit bureau you're gonna

go through it you're gonna make sure

that there is nothing on there that

actually is kind of out of whack that

doesn't make any sense because if they

are on there you want to make sure you

contact that Bureau and inform them

right away that hey this is not

something I inquire or did so you want

to get those rectified as soon as

possible you can also look at the

different inquiries that you put on

there based off of the things that maybe

you're requesting your credit card or

looking at a home loan and then you also

want to look at the things that are

negative negatively impacting your

credit report which can be delinquencies

or something that just hasn't been paid

in a very long time maybe you did pay

them maybe you didn't but if that's the

case you want to make sure you contact

those credit bureaus to be able to take

care of those situations if it was paid

for and if not you can you know find out

how you can pay those back if you owe

anything on a delinquent payment so the

reason why this is really important to

do every four months is because this

will help protect you from that identity

theft that we're talking about if you've

heard a lot of stories and if you watch

the one previous video I talked about

the experiment hack there's a lot of

data out there with your personal

information so you want to make sure

that you're protecting yourself in your

financial future from any of that kind

of stuff happening by those thieves

getting that information and utilizing

it against you because a lot of people

don't monitor their own identity so you

know sometimes they'll give them to

different companies to you know to

monitor and a lot of times most people

will just won't do anything about it so

this will really help you and protect

you to make sure that none of that kind

of stuff happens and if it does you can

get it taken care of early on and help

you know stop any huge headaches from

happening down the road so as I

mentioned you have the three credit

bureaus that you can check once every

four months you want to make sure that

you have them on like a calendar or some

type of reminder so that way you

remember which one you actually were

able to check and when the next one is

coming up do so that way you can get

ready for them if you have other family

members you know young adults or a

spouse you want to help make sure that

both of you guys are checking your

credit reports to make sure there's no

inaccuracies on either of those now the

different three credit bureaus will have

different types of reports so they're

not all going to be exactly the same

some of them are gonna have different

pieces of information because different

companies will inquire on different

credit bureaus so that's just some one

thing to keep in

that they're not going to be perfectly

identical some of them might have a

little bit of different information um

if you notice something really out of

the ordinary something that just seems

way off you might end up having to check

all three of them to make sure that it's

not on all of them and that way again

you're protecting yourself but hopefully

that's not going to be the case and you

can just stick to that four month plan

if you decide to do so