Top 5 Foundations for Oily Skin! (2019 update!)

hey guys what's up and welcome back to

my channel and welcome to today's videos

so we're gonna be doing my updated top 5

foundations for oily skin I've had a lot

of requests from you guys lately on an

update on my actual current top 5

because we've tested a lot of

foundations recently that have just been

absolute like oh they have killed it as

far as oily skin go so we've actually

had a little bit of a reshuffle so

today's video top 5 foundations for oily

skin these are the best in my opinion

that don't cake that don't get super

shiny throughout the day but don't

separate that don't just melt off and

I'll bet you they keep your skin looking

really really nice keep the coverage

looking really really nice from morning

all the way through until the night I

have got drugstore and high-end options

so there'll be an option in here no

matter what your budget and if you were

interested in learning my top

foundations for oily skin then please

stick around now firstly one that just

has not changed and I'm not sure if it

ever will I feel like you know I lift

this up on camera and there's like

golden rays of light out behind it

Estee Lauder Double Wear guys honestly

years later so I've been talking about

oily skin products now for six years

this is still my best of the best most

loved most used foundation for oily skin

I recommend this one to absolutely


this foundation has got really really

good coverage it's super long lasting on

the skin it's honestly like paint once

you've got it on you can so wet in it

you can go to the gym in it you can be

out in like the hottest of hottest

weather and it just does not budge I

finally that still looks the same you

know at the end of the day the same as

it does at the stand it doesn't cake it

doesn't separate the coverage is amazing

no transferring through the day like I

just I absolutely swear by this stuff it

does come in a super coverage and a

light coverage version I've tried both

of those and I just don't love them as

much as I love the original this is the

double wear stay in place makeup it's

just it's truly amazing I know that I've

gotten so many of you guys onto theirs

and I get messages from you every day

being like yeah thank you so much for

recommending this foundation it's the

only thing that I've ever found that

actually lasts on my skin it's it still

holds number one spot it honestly like I

cannot see this changing unless you know

someone comes out with something and I'm

like totally shook and blown away I feel

like this will always

being the number one spot all right next

up we have a new addition this is a

foundation that I did test out I mean I

can never remember how long ago I

actually filmed the videos maybe four

five six months ago give or take

absolutely freakin love this stuff

though this is the urban decay stay

naked foundation so this is a foundation

that they brought out this year it's

like a little bit of a retwist on the

naked foundation that they released 24

hours I'm aware time and it's really

really lightweight and weightless on the

skin and like when I say lightweight and

weightless I'm not exaggerating when you

have this on your skin and look you

still get really really amazing coverage

with it but when you have it on your

skin you just honestly can't feel it

there it doesn't feel heavy it doesn't

feel you know like your skin's not able

to breathe it doesn't feel cakey it

doesn't look cakey it looks beautiful

and flawless on the skin really really

smooth it doesn't emphasize texture or

pores and the most important for today's

video is it lasts so well on oily skin

this definitely definitely helps keep

shine at bay during the day I don't find

myself needing to touch-up when I do

wear this one and even if I was to

touch-up like I've I've done touch-up

tests with it before and it just looks

like as beautiful touch down as it does

the first minute that you apply it it's

so so gorgeous it's funny too because

the Urban Decay all nighter foundation

used to hold a pretty firm spot in my

top fives this one has kicked its little

butt like completely out and has just

taken its spot like I love this stuff I

have got a review you know like a full

review where tests on this foundation I

will link it in the description bar and

on the screen go and check that out if

you were interested in seeing exactly

how it was exactly how it you know

performs during the day I think I wore

it in that video for 14 about 14 hours

and honestly at the end of the day it

still looks so flawless just really

really loved it totally totally like hot

weather safe as well if you're from like

a hot humid climate you don't have to

worry you'll love this

alright next up I have another oldie but

goodie this has been again a foundation

that's remained in my top favorite

foundations for oily skin for quite a

few years now the L'Oreal infallible Pro

matte foundation I love this stuff and

honestly in my opinion this is the

closest dupe like the closest drugstore

affordable dupe to Estee Lauder Double

Wear that I have ever come across sure

to be fair it's

100% you know perfectly right but it's

pretty well there honestly this one

looks beautiful on the skin it dries

down to a really beautiful powdery kind

of a velvet finish it's got fantastic

coverage this is one of those ones that

when you do wear it you don't really

need to apply concealer with it it just

covers everything really well including

dark under-eye circles

24 hour lasting power on this one as

well doesn't cake doesn't separate stays

looking beautiful on the skin all day

doesn't emphasize any texture I do have

quite an large pores sort of through the

center of my face definitely doesn't

emphasize them at all

totally sweat proof again like this I've

just I've got no bad words to say about

this it's such a good foundation

coverage finish blend ability where time

everything like it's got everything

going for it honestly it's like the

perfect boyfriend truly and obviously

being drugstore it's more affordable

than my other choices and would I say

you know it performs as well as the

urban decay or the Estee Lauder one no I

don't believe that it does but it's very

very close like it's about as close as

you can get another really really

amazing option and I think this is going

to remain in my top 5 foundations for

you know the foreseeable future all

right next up we have another drugstore

option and this one is by Maybelline

this foundation I believe I discovered

at the end of last year don't quote me

on that I could be wrong it could have

been at the start of this year maybe um

this stuff is honestly amazing so it's

called the super state 24 hour full

coverage foundation it is amazing this

delivers a really beautiful full

coverage but without getting cakey or

heavy on the skin I personally find that

we've might only skin foundations do

start especially full coverage

foundations they really do take a lot

unlike the lower portion of my face just

I feel like when there's too much

pigment in a product or the formulas a

little bit too thick my skin just

absolutely it's like no get out of here

can't deal with you and it's nearly like

the oil it removes it like a makeup

remover it all breaks it all up and just

melts it basically off my face this

formula here is still really really nice

and lightweight and quite liquidy when

you apply it but it just delivers so

much coverage but like I said without

caking I love this stuff it smoothes the

skin it gives the skin a really

beautiful airbrushed finish it does a

really really good job at keeping shine

at a minimum during a day I do get a

little bit of shine through the

to zone but it stays looking quite

natural and Jewish so it's not something

that I feel like oh you know I look I

look kind of sweaty I look kind of oily

like I really really want to touch up

I'm perfectly happy to actually leave

this one without touching it up not

cakey doesn't separate again doesn't

transfer it's really really long-lasting

this is another 24-hour wearing formula

you know the same as the last two

formulas that I have shown you it is

just a beautiful beautiful beautiful

product and honestly the coverage on

this thing is amazing blemishes dark

circles redness rosacea this will pretty

much cover anything but again without

feeling really heavy without feeling

you've got like piles and piles of

foundation on you know it's the kind of

full coverage foundation that you can

wear in warm weather without being like

oh I feel disgusting like I love this

definitely recommend I'm the only thing

is you're not going to get as good a

shade range from this as you will and

some of these other foundations that I

have here that's the only thing it is a

little bit limiting in that sense but as

far as the formula goes it's beautiful

and then finally for number five a

foundation that actually totally took me

by surprise I had been meaning to try

this one for quite a while I'd had a lot

of requests to try it but I was like ah

look I'm sure it's not like a you know

I'm sure it's a little oily skin thing

and then I tried it and I was like oh

okay this stuff's amazing so what I'm

talking about is the deal

backstage face and body foundation this

stuff is amazing so this is a

customizable foundation it's got like a

little dropper applicator and it's fully

customizable all the way from super

light coverage to full coverage just

depending on you know if you put one

layer on two layers on three layers on

kind of a thing it's one of the only

foundations that I have really come

across it's fully customizable like this

but without feeling heavy and cakey on

oily skin again with oily skin it's not

really something that we can do you know

we can't really build up layers and

layers and layers of product it gets too

heavy it ends up caking separating and

just you know once the oils come through

it's a hot mess this is probably the

only foundation that I have found that I

can genuinely wear like one layer or

three layers and it looks just as

amazing during the day totally blurred

pause totally smoothes the skin and

imperfections like it makes your skin

look beautiful and photoshopped doesn't

necessarily keep you 100%

Matt all day long but at the same time

when you're oils do come through

it looks so healthy and glowy and


it's another product that like I'm

perfectly happy to have a really nice

shine on my skin and if anything it just

looks like I've applied some cream

highlighter it's honestly stunning I

mean and again I've got like actual

individual foundation reviews on all of

these except Estee Lauder actually let

me know because this isn't a product

that I've ever done like a full in-depth

review and wear test on would you be

interested in thing like a video on this

specifically I feel like it might help a

lot of you out I know that a lot of you

still do have a lot of questions about

it so let me know in the comments

section if that's something you're

interested in seeing let me know but all

like the other four of them I've

definitely got reviews and stuff so I'll

be linking them all down below so if you

want to see the finish of this on my

skin and what I mean by that beautiful

natural glow at the end of unpretty sure

I work for 1415 hours maybe a pre-shop

um yeah I'll link that video so you can

go check that out but it's also safe for

the body so you know on the neck the

chest the legs wherever you need to

apply foundation really really really

transfer resistant really sweat

resistant it's a beautiful lightweight

formula very velvety very soft on the

skin I just I absolutely swear by this

stuff and I will be repurchasing and

repurchasing and repurchasing forever I

probably like I just I love it all so

really fantastic to mix as well like if

you want to mix this with say a

foundation that you've got what can I

think of one that didn't work for me

that was super coverage although hooda

Beauty foundation my skin hates that

stuff like it just cakes up and just

look horrid on me but if I mix a little

bit of that in with the dew off a

somebody I can get like a really really

full coverage formula that actually

still really lasts if you want lack

coverage or you want full coverage and

you want it to last all day this is a

really really good option to look into

so there you go guys

that is my updated 2019 top foundations

fall in the skin

I hope that today's video helps you out

and I hope that it helps you make more

of a decision I know it's hard like I've

got my favorite then you see me do more

and more foundation reviews and I'm like

yes like this is a really really good

foundation hopefully this gives you a

summary of my absolute ride-or-die top 5

that in my opinion just they will not

fail anybody so yeah I hope that it

helped if you do still have questions on

anything that you've seen here today

please leave them

down below I'm more than happy to you

know if you've got like specific

skincare questions or you're having like

a certain reaction to one of these

foundations or you know whatever it is

please put your questions down below

I'll be down there answering all of them

for you and always just remember like I

tell you guys

oily skin is not a bad thing just

remember you're gonna age a whole lot

slower than people with dry skin it's

it's just the reality of it honestly the

reality of it

I mean I'm 29 now I've had a fairly

hectic life lots of shift work you know

lots of studying lots of stress I should

have lines like and I don't have Botox

I should have lines all around my eyes

and stuff and I don't and it's purely

because I've got oily skin like purely

because so yes that's it from me guys

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