Nutrition 101: Wet or Dry Food -- Which is Better For My Dog?

welcome to nutrition 101 I'm dr. ken

Tudor the dog dietitian wet or dry food

which is better for dogs most dog owners

have been told or believe that dry dog

food prevents dental problems in their

dogs actually this isn't true food is

not responsible for promoting dental

disease nor is it responsible for

preventing dental disease and once you

understand that you are free to choose

between wet or dry food because it makes

no difference with regards to dental

health dry food is very economical it's

also easy to use and it is easy to store

so many people like that convenience of

dry food dry food does have a higher

amount of carbohydrates than canned food

because carbohydrates are necessary to

pop the food into those familiar shapes

and because it is loaded in

carbohydrates dry food has less protein

than wet food dry food can also be less

appetizing when a dog isn't feeling well

and they actually may refuse to eat

which means their body isn't getting the

support it needs to overcome the illness

think about if you had the flu and

somebody offered you shredded wheat with

no milk would you eat it

canned food on the other hand does have

more protein and more fat and it is

tasty because of this and dogs readily

eat it it also contains a lot of water

this means if your dog isn't feeling

well they'll probably continue to eat

the food and so the water in the food

will help maintain their hydration while

the nutrients help them fight off the

illness that plagues them ideally dogs

should be fed a combination of wet and

dry the wet food makes for tasty choice

better protein quality and the dogs eat

it more readily the dry food on the

other hand adds the economical aspect so

the cost of the overall diet is

minimized and with the combination your

dog is less likely to stop eating when

it is ill the important thing to know

about feeding a combination however is

that you have to be mindful of calories

you have to account for the calories in

the wet and you have to account for the

calories in the dry and make sure that

the combination does not exceed the

daily calorie needs of your dog the next

two topics will help you on how to

calculate that particular problem look

forward to seeing you another page of

the rules