The Tattoo Aftercare secret Most Artists won’t tell you

hi guys it's Holly and I'm here at

gravity to talk all about tattoo

aftercare and how to look after your new


so as far as healing tattoos goes there

is a ton of advice about what to do

what's the best thing to do and I think

the surprise secret answer that I'm

gonna give you at the beginning of this

video is that it isn't just one way to

heal a tattoo that's best everybody has

their own way of doing things and

everybody has their own advice that they

will give you so the advice that I give

to customers when healing their new

tattoo is to go and buy their aftercare

before hands at this means you're not

flapping around on the day having to go

and get it as far as aftercare is

concerned I recommend she care

I recommend hustle butter and I

recommend cocoa butter or coconut oil

because these are all products that I've

used myself and I can vouch for them

there's a ton of other aftercare

products on the market which is

specially formulated for healing in new

tattoo but they're just the ones that I

recommend because I've used them and I

know that they're great in the past I

know but panthan was a big one for

healing tattoos and I have recommended

using it in the past there's nothing

particularly wrong with using bepanthen

but there are better things on the

market now and specific tattoo aftercare

products are much more readily available

than they ever have been before the main

reason why I don't recommend bepanthen

is because it's not vegan it contains

lanolin which comes from sheep's wool so

I prefer to go for creams which are a

bit lighter and contain just plant

derivatives so when you leave gravity

with you new tattoo you will leave with

it all wrapped up in cling film I

recommend that you leave it wrapped up

in the cling film until the next morning

so you sleep in the cling film overnight

I also recommend that you sleep on a

towel it just in case

any of the gross soupy plasma II stuff

that comes out of your new tattoo does

leak out and go all over your sheets I

don't want you to wreck them I know at

my house I think all of our bedsheets

who ended up getting replaced because

we're always getting tattoos so we're

constantly cycling through bed sheets so

sleep on a towel save you

so you want to give you a new tattoo or

wash I recommend using Care Act's

or some other antibacterial soaps

something that will keep it nice and

clean you couldn't wash it on its own

you can wash it on the shower you can

wash it on the shower you can wash it in

the shower the only thing I would not

recommend doing is soaking it in the

bath because there might be lurking in

the water and you don't want them going

in your new tattoo likewise for going

swimming or anything like that you need

to remember that your tattoo is an open


so once you've cleaned your tattoo you

want to let it air dry if you're in a

hurry or can't wait you can pass it dry

with clean kitchen towels but I wouldn't

use a towel that's already been used or

you know a hand towel or something like

that that's been used by the people in

your house anything that comes in

contact with your new tattoo you want to

be clean and fresh and just to throw it

away after you're done and once the area

is dry with clean hands you can start

applying just a thin layer of aftercare

cream once or twice a day until your new

tattoo is healed so what your tattoos

going to do is it's going to make a

bunch of tiny little scabs or sometimes

it can turn into like a sunburn II kind

of thing and you want to let all of the

stuff or the scary stuff

fall off in its own time you don't want

to pick it or itch it so how long does

it take for a statue to heal now this

depends from person to person it varies

from artist to artist in my experience

my tattoos heal really quickly so

they're usually done in about a week but

on some people and in some areas so if

it's an area of your body that's moving

a lot so like an elbow ditch or an ankle

or a neck or something like that it

might take a bit longer so in summary I

have my piece of paper in summary by

your aftercare beforehand leave your

tattoo wrapped up and sleep with it

wrapped up that night sleep on a towel

or some sheets that you don't care about

because it might wreck them when you

unwrap your tattoo you want to have a

shower but not a bath keep it clean and

then apply a thin layer of aftercare

cream once or twice a day and other than

that just leave it alone leave it alone

don't pick it don't itch it don't rub it

don't wear clothes that are going to

irritate it so thanks for watching my

little video on tattoo aftercare if you

want to book in with us at gravity I

will put the book the booking

information down below and hopefully you

guys will come and see us thanks for

watching bye