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my name is Romeo Lacoste many of you

guys might already know who I am but for

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anyways guys I am gonna be doing a video

today which many many many of you guys

have requested by popular demand I'm

going to be doing the secure video now a

lot of you guys have so many questions

and that have asked me so many times

what is the proper aftercare well in

this video I'm going to be answering all

of your many many questions and telling

you the right and correct way to be

taking care of your tattoo first and

foremost I would like to say I am a

trained professional I am a certified

tattoo artist how long do you guys might

know I've talked to tons of celebrities

I've been on TV I've got a great

reputation a very very popular tattoo

artist but I would like to advise you

that this is my method of taking care of

a tattoo every tattoo artist has

slightly different variations they might

be different from one artist to the next

also it is very important to note that

different tattoos require different

kinds of aftercare for example you might

not take care of a portrait tattoo the

same way you might align tattoo and a

great tattoo the same a claw tattoo with

that being said this is the word for

word tattoo aftercare that I tell all of

my customers you've just gotten your

brand-new tattoo you're at the tattoo

studio and have your tattoo what is

gonna happen next my tattoo artists

should wrap your tattoo

now some artists like to use saran wrap

a lot of artists you just like to use

bandages and some artists nowadays use

this thing called second skin which is a

very clear in Thai airtight film that

wraps around your tattoo and it doesn't

allow any air to go through it's almost

like a seal as I mentioned it gained

this video different style of tattoos

require different types of aftercare my

style of tattooing is I do fine line

black and white line work and dot work

style tattoos for those kinds of

tattoos it's not very traumatic to the

skin and it doesn't chew the skin up

very much it's not very damaging to the

skin so in my opinion I use saran wrap

because the skin doesn't need to be

sealed for too long or too much I tell

all of my customers leave the saran wrap

on at least overnight the longer you

leave your tattoo wrap the faster will

heal and the brighter and more vibrant

it will heal as well

artists are finding out you know with

more experience and as time goes on that

the longer you leave a tattoo wrap

actually the better it is for the tattoo

so I always tell my customers leave the

tattoo wraps on for at least overnight

and if you can't leave it on for longer

and take it off the next day when you

take the wrap off immediately as soon as

you take the wrap off your tattoo should

have blood and plasma all over it you

don't want to wash your tattoo with warm

water and soap the best type of soap to

use to wash your tattoo is dial

antibacterial soap it's gentle on the

skin it doesn't have any chemicals and

other sorts of ingredients that are

harsh on your tattoo it's very very

gently in tattoos you're gonna want to

use dalitai bacterial soap you're gonna

make some soap suds this is what I tell

all my customers makes him soap suds in

your hand don't use a washcloth or paper

towel you're gonna want to avoid

anything that's extremely abrasive or

rough on your tattoo so use your hand

make some soap suds and gently imagine

if this is your tattoo your new tattoo

or your lagger anywhere on your body

you're gonna want to gently rub your

tattoo like this rinse your tattoo off I

recommend lukewarm you don't want to use

too too hot but you also don't want to

use cold water either you what the heat

in the warm water will do will help pull

the plasma out of your out of your

tattoo after that you're gonna want to

Pat it dry I recommend a paper towel

because your tattoo hasn't fully sealed

itself yet now at this point your

tattoos dry it's washed the wrap is off

good now at this point I tell my

customers let the tattoo dry for two to

three days I'll tell you why some

artists will say SART Moore's rising

right away because

it may prevent drying out and scabbing

now I personally don't think this is a

good idea but like I said listen to

whoever your game catch me by they may

have special instructions for their

style of tattooing but don't think about

it as a piece of art think about it as

an open cut okay just like anything else

like a scratch like a scrape like

anything your tattoo is a fresh open

wound you don't want to start putting

lotions and creams on top of an open cut

what you want to do in my opinion let it

dry for two three days that will allow

the skin to breathe and it will also

allow the skin to form a barrier on top

of it and seal itself once a tattoo

starts becoming dry and slightly wrinkly

after about two to three days you don't

need to wash it anymore you can take

regular showers you don't need to over

wash the tattoo the more you aggravate

the more you mess with your tattoos the

worse it is so what you want to do is

once you wash it out the first time you

let it dry for the next two or three

days take showers regularly but don't

over wash it just wash yourself normally

don't lotion

try not to wear anything that is going

to rub on your skin

be very gentle don't work out don't go

swimming no hot tubs now it's about day

three or four right you've washed it

you've let dry for a first couple days

it's starting to get dry wrinkly what do

you do now many artists like to use

different types of creams on their

tattoos some people really like to use

aqua form sure you guys have heard of

pop before it's kind of like the tattoo

cream to use whatever personally I don't

like it I don't use it and I'll tell you

why aqua 4 so it's not even a lotion

it's more like a form of gel right so

the closest thing I could compare to is

Vaseline it's almost like Vaseline now

what happens with these types of gels

are when you put them on your tattoo the

skin it doesn't it doesn't soak into

your skin what actually happens is it

just sits right on top of your skin it

gets your clothes greasy oily it's


he suffocates the skin the tattoo it

doesn't allow the tattoo to breathe what

I like to use is I like to use cocoa

butter lotion now you can go to your

local Walgreens or CVS and I use like

Lubriderm or one of these all-natural

cocoa butter shea butter lotions that

has vitamins and ingredients that are

healthy for your skin and natural anyway

you're gonna want to do is apply a very

very very small amount and you're going

to want to rub it into your tattoo very

gently not hard

very gently it's better to put too

little than too much now that's super

important it's better to use too little

lotion than too much the worst thing you

can do the worst thing you can do for

your tattoo is put too much lotion if

you can wipe it with your finger

that means it's gooped up on there and

it's way too much you want to use a

small amount you want to moisturize your

skin your tattoo you want to rub it in

you want to not be able to wipe anything

off with your finger remember it's

pretty much a cut it's a wound right you

don't want to suffocate it with lotion

you want to use the lotion to sort of

speed up and expedite the healing

process keep it looking fresh but you

don't want it to suffocate it because

that will cause scabbing and if your

tattoo scabs it could pull the ink out

and might not heal very well so you're

gonna want to use lotion maybe once or

twice a day

I recommend once in the morning once at

night or tops do that for the next week

we can have now your tattoo should be

fully healed in about one to two weeks

that's exactly what I tell all of my

clients word-for-word what I am Telling

You wherever you are is this special

aftercare instruction that I tell all of

my clients when they get tattooed but I

want you guys to keep something in mind

someone told me something a long time

ago that has always stuck with me the

tattoo will heal as good as the artist

is how your tattoo heals is I would say

60% maybe even 70% how good the artist

is if the artist you know what too deep

did he scar you nice calves you

overworked the same area too much that

it's scab and it's going

star up 60 to 70% the artist and the

rest is up to you so it doesn't matter

how good you take care of your tattoo if

you went to a bad artist that went to

deep scabbed you up scarred you up your

tattoo is still gonna scab no matter how

you take care of it it's still gonna

blow out it's still gonna fall out it

still may heal very very poorly I

believe it's my responsibility as a

tattoo artist to be general with the

skin to not go too deep to do a good job

to not overwork the skin you don't want

to work in the same area too much the

less trauma you caused to the skin the

easier is going to heal it's my

responsibility to do that if I do that

it doesn't matter how you take care of

your tattoos the tattoo should will most

likely heal very very good but how you

take care of a tattoo will determine how

nice how fast help it look the best I

possibly can

with that being said guys I really hope

this helps you guys a lot I know you

guys have been asking me over and over

again about after construction this is

my method this is how I use for my

tattoos and this is what I tell all of

my customers it works especially good

for my style of tattooing the line work

style but please listen to whoever you

get tattooed by as they may have

specific instructions through tattoos

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