HATE SHEDDING? Here are the Top 10 Dogs that DON'T Shed!

top ten dogs that don't shed saliva

urine dandruff and dog hair can cause

asthma attacks insensitive and allergic

people however is there actually such a

thing as a dog that doesn't shed and is

hypoallergenic can it possibly be true

the answer is yes if you're a dog lover

there are over thirty different breeds

of hypoallergenic dogs to choose from

for this reason we present you the top

ten of these wonderful pets that don't

shed number ten Bijan freeze loving

loyal and with a friendly nature the

Bijan freeze is a small dog breed with a

coat that despite being abundant and

thick doesn't usually shed its cheerful

affectionate playful beautiful active

and tireless personality make them a

perfect pet for any family especially

for allergic people number nine Irish

Water Spaniel known for being the

spaniels family clown this particular

breed stands among other things for its

ability to swim it's funny personality

and its fur covered in many thick dense

and curly hairs the Irish Water Spaniel

doesn't shed however it needs daily

brushing to stay clean and healthy

number eight have Annie's loving and

with a cheerful nature the Havanese is a

kind warm funny and playful dog coming

from Cuba this breed has a wavy and very

soft coat that doesn't lose hair and

protects him from extreme weather

conditions there's strong social needs

forced them to be constantly with human

company and makes them an excellent pet

for children number seven

come on door if you want to have a dog

with the unique appearance and with an

amazing coat the Komondor is the pet for

you recognized for its dreadlocks look

this breed doesn't require daily

brushing however it needs to be bathed

more frequently these are calm gentle

loving and deeply protective leaders and

loyal dogs to their human family number


maltese energetic and elegant are the

perfect words to describe the Maltese

breed despite their small size these

dogs have a white very long and silky

coat able to grow to the ground however

it's a breed that doesn't shed making it

the perfect pet for allergic people with

an aspect of eternal puppies the playful

an adorable Maltese create a very strong

bond with their owner number 5 miniature

schnauzer rouser dogs are one of the

most popular pets due to their loyal

nature and hypoallergenic coat known for

their balanced friendly temperament when

the greatest heart in the world the

enthusiasm and affection of a schnauzer

knows no limits making them one of the

most loving and protective companions of

all number four lagotto romagnolo

trained to be in the water the legato

romantic NOLA is a working dog always

active and ready to please its owners

their loyal loving and very protective

breed which makes them excellent pets in

many people's eyes these dogs are the

perfect combination intelligent

non-detachable hypoallergenic and

faithful number three poodle considered

the exclusive pet of aristocrats and

Nobles in the 15th century the poodle

are currently one of the most popular

dogs in the world they're not only happy

very intelligent active playful adorable

loving cute and faithful

but also don't lose hair and a

hypoallergenic becoming the perfect

option for any family number two - and

with its large drooping ears long

sausage bodies short legs and expressive

eyes but - and is definitely the cutest

breed for anyone or that there are three

different types of - and the short or

straight hair ones are hypoallergenic

and the most recommended pet for

allergic people number one Afghan hound

extremely intelligent and independent

the Afghan hound a majestic elegant

exotic and above all beautiful animals

with an almost mysterious personality

this type of breed stands out for its

long and silky coats which despite what

many may believe don't lose any hair and

a perfect for allergic people