Lip Injections with Filler (Bow and Arrow Technique) | PLASTIC with Dr. Dhir

this is the worst part that's it

you feel a little bit of a fluid you

feel a little bit of a burn so too bad

mm-hmm you're amazing a couple more of

those and you're done I'm dr. Deere a

facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills

I want to show you my patients are real

people who want natural results hi I'm

Sophie I'm from Los Angeles and a

stylist I feel like you just see

everyone in the media with these plump

beautiful lips these days and it's

temporary and just sounds like an easy

fix I've been wanting to do it for I

think two years now but I've either been

too chicken to do it or just haven't

found the right doctor I guess my

biggest concern about the lips is that

they're gonna look bad on me because I

do think I have such a small face and

small features so I don't want it to

look too unnatural something too big for

my tiny face well my lips look too big

no I like a natural lip that's enhanced

in certain regions of the lip so that

the lips look natural full and

attractive big unnatural lips are not my

look and so none of my patients have to

worry about that the good news is is the

filler that we use for lip enhancement

procedures are temporary which means

that they're going to go away

they're also reversible so we know that

we're gonna get you a lip that you're

gonna truly love hello Sophie how are

you nice to meet you too about to do

welcome to the office thank you thanks

for having me no problem enjoy the views

today yeah lovely so while we start with

what's kind of on your mind now we can

gotta go from there

after the mirror honey here is the

mirror yes we're talking about lips

today I eat lip enhancement I'm only

gonna enhance the M I call this the

Cupid's Pits the Cupid's bow what I

could go a narrow technique yeah and the

reason why we do that is that it by just

making this barrel portion estab mm-hmm

enhanced it'll make your lip have more

body and more fullness and more shape

right big lips alone are not beautiful

right big lips can look duck like

thinking what fish like they can't look

like a joker and it can really shape

them and your shapely lip with fullness

it's actually a much more beautiful lip

so if I can match your lower lip

by making the upper lip shapely into the

same size it should give you the result

of job yeah exactly just a natural

elevated look I think that will really

bring up a lot of the volume back to the

face can give you like a youthful look

as well as if I'm more beautiful looking

and a little conservative so people

don't kind of feel that you're look

different right okay yeah I also want to

talk about these columns here he's a

flattened I do want to put a little

filler up into the columns mm-hmm to

give you a little bit more lift

elevation yeah and I look straight like

my lip is just face down I feel like

it's really important to get this part

well-balanced because this gives the

proper shape of a lip as well and hats

is the beauty of the lip and the best

part is it does not hurt patients always

tell me that oh my gosh it's gonna hurt

right this is its overall a fun

procedure it should be fun yeah you're

gonna get a good enhance lip and you're

gonna have some fun with it yeah so it

shouldn't be causing any discomfort so

my protocol is that up today we're gonna

put a little numbing medication right

through the mouth it's called a dental

block right and I'm gonna make sure that

your lips are totally completely not

right the good news is you won't feel

anything so it's a really comfortable

procedure bad news is that you'll feel

numb for about an hour but you'll go

away right again conservative is what

you want one thing about me is I'm very

conservative the good news is is that

it's gonna be reversible if you didn't

like it which I'd save you're not gonna

not like it the least you feel it and

it's also temporary right okay how long

does it last the product self should

last about a year I got the cosmetic

result it really depends on every person

because it comes down a little bit my

patients say that oh it's gone even

though it's still bigger than what they

started with three to four months up to

six to nine mm-hm do you ever show

anyone like different types of lips that

they real like images of that's a great

question picking a set of lips for you

it's not exact I don't know I mean it

would be fun and you can probably find a

set of lifts really great on you

but the point is that you have some

where I'm starting so what I'm doing is

I'm taking your shaped lips and I'm just

gonna enhance what you already have

and with that it'll naturally balance

and look good right because I'm not

trying to change your lip shape I'm very

conservative you can always get more in

the future and I

my gang were too far right okay let's do

it all right

so for my bow and arrow technique there

are three important steps number one is

patient comfort I think a patient's

comfort is most important there should

be no reason for a patient to be in any

pain during a lip enhancement procedure

I completely numb the area and you will

feel no pain at all

Oh glasses and she's a professional hand

holder good your mom good your lips

should start getting them here here and

lastly this is the last five eyesight

ejected okay so you know when your lip

at all

yeah my lips are very numb now so good

good all right number two the technique

I use a blunt tip cannula it minimizes

the trauma to the lip and also has no

risk of penetrating through the lip when

I'm injecting I also like this technique

because I'm able to address every part

of the lip the minimal amount of needle

holes I actually only use six one on

each corner of the upper lip one on each

corner of the lower lip and the final

two are up in the upper lip which is the

Cupid's bow and arrow which truly is the

trademark part of the technique the

blunt tip is placed into the upper lip

and actually use a surgical threading

approach and I thread the filler into

different layers of the lip in sheets

rather than micro drops this truly

allows me to get the most smooth

enhanced lifts possible

number three is the shaping of the lip a

beautiful lip needs to enhance the M

portion of the Cupid's bow and arrow

portion of the lip I inject the peaks of

the upper lips and I also go up into the

columns up into the lower nose and this

is truly the part of the Cupid's bow and

arrow technique that gives the proper

shape of the lip I'd then massage each

part of the lip to make sure the filler

is placed in the right region and

finally you see you have a beautiful on

the hands to lip

how was it scale one to ten pain-wise

ten is most painful one is it was one

alright guy mm-hmm I wish it's a zero

Cheers I'm sorry zero thank you we'll

take serious all right let's do the

reveal it's show her let's clean her up

and then let's show her and you are

officially done congratulations

okay take a look there we go what do you

think of them they left them great right

it's exactly what I won't add just like

that elevated you did good you got a

little it's one shade maybe a little too

exaggerated that's good right did you

like the shape you don't love it because

it is gonna come down and settle in with

your face you know what makeup on right

away and I want to see you approximately

ten days so we're on there okay just to

make sure and just see where this is

gonna come down quickly right and I

think we have it we do bottom lip

matched your top congratulations thank

you I love it

how was that first week at all

swallowing and bruising it was fine I

was expecting it all but uh yeah was it

more or less than you expected I think

it was less I'll consider I mean it was

like putting on chapstick may hurt like

a tiny bit but it doesn't you know you

got through it up I got through it okay

no II thought I did it I love them

they're so natural just give me that

little boost of confidence I was do have

that little sense of confidence you're

not I really do like putting on lipstick

I just like the way it looks better let

me try a nude I'm hooked I've called my

mom and I was like oh and look I'm gonna

have to do this every we love to have

specifically about your lip I remember

that we had a very thin upper lip lower

lip was fairly decent but we did give

you a little bit of a palette which I

really think it looks great on you I

think when you do a big smile yeah I

like that so actually has some good

mobility your upper lip we did the bow

and arrow tick things which we discussed

and really working on the shape of the

lip which is more important than size

I'm very happy result if you are I love

it I love the confidence that we just

saw in Sophie this is exactly why I love

enhancing lips thanks for watching this

episode of plastic and continue to

follow me on social media we'll see you

next time