Characteristics of the lips and choosing the right filler.

my name is Nina Cullen and I'm an

advanced practice registered nurse at

Johnson dermatology and I really enjoy

cosmetic dermatology one of my favorite

cosmetic procedures is dermal fillers

injected into the lips and bribed me ah

when I drop my most commonly used in

favorite fillers for the lips is the

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC which is a

hyaluronic acid and we at Johnson our

metrology really focus on keeping your

lips looking natural and just enhancing

the features of your lips that you

already have and so we use techniques

that will keep your lips looking natural

and then you won't have a lot of

downtime with when you come in for

injections of the lips it's really a

quick procedure it's a procedure where

you can come in be injected and then go

about your business like you have

nothing done there is risk of swelling

and bruising but we have lots of things

that we can do to help with that and so

most patients don't have anything that

can't be covered with makeup or that we

can't help you it and so it's an easy

procedure with really no downtime and

obviously no surgery which is nice and

so these are some of the features that

we can Hance with dermal fillers and the

this picture really depicts the

different and features that we focus on

one of them here is strong border and

that's talking about the border in

between the skin here and the actual lip

you can see there's a beautiful border

on these lips some women lose their

border over the years and that's when

they get there and lipstick running up

the vertical lines if they start making

here so when we put a filler in there

too and put that border back it does

lots of things it stretches out these

lines and makes them kind of go away and

then it also puts a little volume back

in the lid and it kind of prevents that

lipstick from running so that's really

nice and another thing

we do a lot is the pout and sum of

proportions of the lips are really

important you know the proportions of

the face are important to keep intact so

that you still look natural after you've

got your filler procedures and in the

lips what we try to do keep the top lip

smaller than the bottom lip so when you

think of a ducky lip or duck lips that's

a really unnatural look and that's

usually when this top lip gets way too

big and so how is when we're trying to

keep the natural proportion of the lip

1/3 at the top to 2/3 on the bottom lip

and so a lot of times we'll just

actually put the Jupiter right into that

bottom lip to roll that on and lick on

give you that sexy pout then the third

picture down here is depicting a strong

Cupid's bow and so some women will lose

that kind of Cupid's bow there in those

columns there and will actually inject

filler in there to give that shape of

the lip back if you've never had that

shape of the lip then you'll enjoy it

with the filler and the last thing here

is a larger volume for fuller lips you

know just like coloring your hair

different things come in style you know

sometimes an ombre Zen style sometimes

some highlights are in style sometimes

lowlights are in style right now what's

really in style with lips is bigger

fuller lips and so we do that a lot for

women that never have fuller lips

another reason will actually inject for

fuller lips is because as we mature

you'll have some volume loss and you'll

notice every 10 years your lips kind of

feel smaller and smaller and so those

who have been come in and let us inject

lips to get back to where they were 10

years ago and so will actually inject

filler directly into the lip to give

that fuller lip and that can be done

really professionally with the

techniques that it still looks natural

and no one would even know you had them

the injection your lips

so the Jupiter ultra we usually tell

patients last about a year and we really

enjoy doing it and our patients love it

so if you're interested please call

Johnson dermatology and ask for a

cosmetic console with our cosmetic on

seer Danny