Getting Lip Injections! * Before & After (VLOG)

good morning you guys we are going to

get my lips done

today actually it's kind of early in the

morning I just wanted to come in here

and film some before and after shots for

you guys to start with I have had my

lips done before I didn't really feel

the need to talk about it just because

it was just something that I really

wanted to do didn't really feel like

having everybody else's opinions shoved

down my throat I was really happy doing

it and I thought that that was all that

mattered for the first like I want to

say like yeah six months you could you

could tell that I had my lips done and I

was really really happy with them so

yeah that was last summer and has almost

been an entire year I should have

already got them redone but I just

wanted to try a new place and it took a

while to find a new place that I was

really gonna be happy with so I found

this one I'm through a friend of mine so

we are gonna go there today and get the

lip injections done I'm going to bring

you guys along I'm gonna share any of

the information that I can get from

Nikki that's the nurse that's doing my

lips and hopefully this is somewhat

informative I'm gonna bring you guys

along the journey of what they look like

after what they look like three days

later a week later that sort of thing I

want to just show you guys my before so

this is what my lips look like right now

the main thing is there's a little bit

of a lopsided thing going on I really

want to get more volume in there the one

side of my lip which you'll see here and

overall just a plumper top lip and maybe

even fill out the bottom lip a little

bit cuz I feel like I'm on one side

again it's a little bit like not as

plump either so fixing that like

correcting that and then filling them

kind of all over it's sort of the main

goal for today so we are going to get

them done today gonna take you along

let's head out


so today we have come to Aloha Medical

Spa to have my injections done nurse

Nicky started off our appointment by

just kind of doing an overview of my

medical history and this was overseen by

Danielle West she is the medical

director at Aloha so we went through

kind of my medical allergies things of

that nature and my homework for the day

before was no advil no alcohol no Aleve

so in the three days as Nicky refers to

them and she asked me to come with no

makeup on and the reason being is the

cleaner my lips are the last chance of

infection as you'll see coming up of

course Nicky's gonna scrub and clean my

lips regardless but not having anything

on definitely just makes it that much

easier so coming up here we're gonna

start the consultation portion and this

is where Nicky is going to ask me what I

envisioned for my lips so now we're at

the consultation portion and I'm just

gonna ask Tasha I'm gonna have a look in

the mirror and just kind of ask her what

she wants

they went out whom she wants it her lips

so I guess like the main thing is we

already talked about was that just the

right side it almost feels like it needs

to be like lifted up a bit like plunked

up to sort of match the other side in

general I sort of want the top lip

plumper mm-hmm and the bottom lip

plumper but I do want to try to correct

just that difference

yeah and for sure I agree with you this

side stays a little bit more because

there's known as much there's more

volume on the last side than there is in

the right side whether this is a normal

and natural abnormality or from previous

ejections but we can definitely correct

and that's why I love filler you don't

even need necessarily a lot of product

to correct little irregularities in the

lip so your bottom lip is nice I do

notice the size will be a little bit

smaller yeah you know get out a little

more shape to the top right and then add

some volume definitely and maybe just

gloss the bottom a little bit more okay

so the first thing I'm going to do see

this chlorhexidine and then I'll like

slather in a bunch of nice the

experience is comfortable

you'll notice it doesn't really feel

like much it kind of just feels like

cool water some people do find they can

get dry after injections it's really

important to moisturize Vaseline is

great if you have polysporin it also

helps heal it faster and moisturize so

this is actually a mix of lidocaine and

tetrakis so if anyone has allergies to

those just be careful and let your

injector know ahead of time but for the

most part lidocaine is widely used in

surgeries the dentist so most people

have been exposed to it at some point in

their life just a tip I will give Tasha

a Kleenex just in case and he gets into

her mouth because your tongue is really

thin and it can not really fastens weird

it won't hurt you but to some people

it's the weirdest part do not rub your

lips together okay so we'll put sit for

about 10 to 15 minutes okay

so I always tell people my biggest thing

is comfort this can be kind of a scary

process especially for a first time so

my biggest tips is I give you the

squeezy ball so the squeezy bottle or a

friend's hand so if you have a support

person I'm totally open for you bringing

somebody to come to you and breathing

like medication so as I inject I poke

breathe out because sometimes people

hold their breath and that's where

problems that's me feeling numb mm-hmm

and it gets more and I'm like I said

there's lidocaine in the product also

okay um so by the end you'll be nice and

nice and numb

and breathe okay so the first two

injections usually hurt the most


the bruising can get weird

like I said areas reject more can smell

more so don't be surprised I can predict

this is gonna bruise it's probably gonna

swell work you look good working so it's

a couple steps so originally like we had

this little bump here I try to blend it

in and sometimes I can but I don't wanna

like we even this out a lot more um but

again it's a work in progress that was a

full syringe and yeah I don't like

throwing two or three strangers and

someone at once but not to say that you

can't tolerate it so once the swelling

goes down I created these beautiful

little tuba calls in the bottom which

make it look very natural the hyaluronic

acid will draw fluid to it so it'll get

even smoother and shinier and that's

what I did the glossing technique so

this would be nice and smooth like it

looks so good like normally I want to

put lipstick on so like make them look

good but like yeah so we definitely yeah

I mean we're gonna have a nice bruise

there we might have a nice bruise there

there's a little bit more swelling there

too but the balance is better and it's a

work in progress and I still think

anymore but I think we're gonna wait two

weeks and thanks 2 to 4 weeks this

bruise is getting it probably bigger and

badder over the next day okay

swellings gonna get worse over the next

48 hours but by the end of 48 hours will

drastically reduce okay get the

pineapple juice get the arnica I'm gonna

give you an ice pack right now oh my god

I'm smiling and I have to live hey guys

so it is the next day they are swollen

as heck I just have a little bit of lip

balm on cuz they are feeling a little

bit dry very swollen at the bottom lip

is like crazy swollen I would say that

has the majority of the swelling there

so yeah the biggest things I would say

are the swelling and the bruising which

Nikki did let me know what's going to

happen I was very much aware that that

was going to be a thing so I would

appointment for two weeks from yesterday

to go in and see Nikki and then at that

appointment we will sort of like look at

the lip

in depth and see like does anything else

need to be fixed we need to go more

there less there hey everybody so it has

been officially two weeks today I

actually have a consult with Nicky we're

gonna go over what they're looking like

if there's anything else that I want to

be fixed or if I want more that sort of

thing you can sort of see on this side

it still seems as though it's a little

bit low so it's gonna take a little bit

of building that side up so I want that

side to be a little bit more plump also

overall I think the chocolate I still

want more in the top lip the bottom lip

I'm actually quite happy with I'm not

sure that we're actually gonna touch the

bottom lip today I'm gonna ask her she

might want to do like a glossy technique

like she did last time over the entire

bottom lip but overall with the bottom

lip I'm pretty happy I just sort of want

the top lip to be a bit bigger so last

time with like the swelling like the top

lip yes it was a little bit much like

with the swelling but it was more so

closer to what I wanted it to look like

I still had like a top lip like when I

smiled and stuff like that

so yeah I'm gonna bring those along

today and we are going to just sort of

hopefully this will sort of be like the

last kind of you know fixing everything

and then over time I'll just have to

like upkeep it sort of thing okay so we

are here so I guess the main thing was

the one side still needs a little more

clubbing which I think we kind of knew

that the last time that it's gonna take

some trying to build it up mm-hmm

so I guess like just this side yeah a

little more build up a little bit more

and then you know we had that bump in

the side like it's obviously smooth out

yeah a lot but I think that because we

smoothed it out there's almost like

almost too much of volume in here on

their side first here I kind of

forecasted that we might have to

dissolve that but I was trying to blend

it and I don't like doing both in the

same time because yeah you can get a bit

of swelling from the Heather on today's

which is the dissolver mm-hmm so what

had happened is you have product kind of

under there from previous that collect

so when I tried to blend it and

sometimes they can actually push it out

more okay so what I'm gonna do is for

the previous bump that was there I'm

gonna just put a little bit and dissolve

it okay and then I'll add a tiny bit

more on this side



this is what my lips are looking like

much more balanced on the side we got a

lot more in there they look so good I

was just saying like I have a top my

dream there is a little bit under this

side of the lip just some old filler

that we tried to blend but we're not

sure if we're like overly happy with it

so I am gonna come back in like another

week we're gonna once this is sort of

settled we're gonna take a look at it

again and we might do a little bit of

dissolving too so if you guys have had

your lips done but you maybe weren't you

know happy with the work that was done

before I don't think you should be you

know scared to go and get them done

again or get them fixed because you can

find someone that will correct them as

well so we're gonna let this settle and

then we're gonna come back and sort of

take another look at them good morning

you guys so it has been a couple weeks

since you guys last saw me at my last

appointment I actually own appointment

today that's why I'm vlogging so we're

gonna go and just have Nikki look at

everything and see how everything's sort

of turning out and and see if there's

anything they want to fix I'm really

happy with the way that everything's

going but Nikki's gonna take a look and

see we were gonna talk about this little

bump that's kind of under here from some

old injections from like another place

so that's what we're gonna do today if

she wants to add and at any volume

anywhere she'll let me know I'm not sure

that we're gonna do that today though

because you know I'm going on vacations

I don't wanna have bruised lips I

literally have a top lip at all times

even when I have my mouth closed there

is this little bump that we kind of are

gonna deal with moving from the old

injections that I got last summer right

there it might not look like much but

when I wear lipstick especially you can

really see it's like very very bumpy in

that area so okay follow up yeah from

last time very happy good

I hope that we lift up you can actually

see as I start to lift you can see it

there and then I was like flip you can

see right there that's like a little bit

sometimes yeah so it's under the lip

line so it's a little bit of a almost

looks flat so when it rests on the teeth

mm-hmm it it looks like a bump in it

yeah you can kind of see what you smile

when I take that little bit of volume

away from there and that will create

even more symmetry in this side of the


so there's the area right there

hello from a much more tan meat I am

wearing a top let me just say that for

starters I wanted to give you guys sort

of an update on everything so here we

are this is what my lips are looking

like I am really happy with them so if

you guys remember from the last footage

that I showed you my we had that little

bump that we wanted to deal with and all

of that sort of thing you can see like

even more of my teeth on this side I'm

really happy with sort of this final

result and I think I'm going to see

Nicki again when I get back from my trip

because I'm going on vacation tomorrow

just to sort of look at them and see but

I'm I'm like I said I'm really happy I

think that they're looking really even

and natural but just like exactly what I

wanted we've corrected everything so yes

I thought I would just sort of update

you on that hey guys I just wanted to

check in with a final sort of overall

update I also want to do a little bit of

a Q&A so this is basically what my lips

look like now all I have is some lip

balm on I wanted to share this lip balm

with you is a sunscreen lip balm by Sun

bum this is in the flavor banana and it

has an SPF of 30 in it this is my

favorite look lip balm like ever I just

let me apply it for the rest of my life

feels amazing I'm like any other lip

balm I've ever used smells so good makes

my lips look really great without

wearing any kind of lipstick and I'm

really happy with this so yeah this lip

balm huh so amazing anywho I'm very very

happy with what my lips are looking like

I have been wearing just like my natural

lip with lip balm very frequently over

the last a while but I did want to

answer a couple questions that oh I was

asked by a lot of you guys on Instagram

I did already answer a lot of them in

the beginning of this video but there

was a couple that I wasn't able to

answer so the first question would be

how often is it recommended to get them

redone my nurse Nicki who did my lips

she let me know that depending on the

product usually it is six months to a

year I have had lip injections done

before in the past and I waited about a

year to get them done

I went from like a hundred to like let's

say it's really really full left to

about thirty when I didn't get them

touched up so you really want to keep up

with them I would say that to like once

you're keeping up with them like so we

have my shape now now we're just going

to be doing top ups so you know like

half of a syringe here half of a syringe

there like every six months to a year

and then that leads me to the next

question which is the cost all you guys

wanted to know about the cost this is

going to range place to place from

wherever you go so it's obviously going

to be more expensive in like the big

cities and things like that but

typically the price range is 500 to 700

for a syringe I have one and a half

syringes in my lips in total one other

question that I was asked as well was

how to find a nurse to do you know any

lip injections and research I would say

is is your best friend like Instagram

and really seeing the work that they've

done on other people I mean the proof is

in the pudding like their before and

after shots and that kind of thing you

you know you can go and meet with them

for a consultation if you live in the

Greater Toronto Area I highly highly

highly highly highly recommend Nikki she

is just so amazing and I have 100% trust

in her and I know that I will be happy

with the outcome always other than that

I would say like yeah Instagram is your

best friend and really seeing the work

and maybe reaching out to people that

have garden limb ejections and where

they've liked and where they've not and

that's honestly how I found both of the

people that I've done my lips just

through like word of mouth I think the

last thing I want to round off this

video by saying is if you do not like

lip injections don't watch lip injection

videos I did this for myself nobody else

for my self-confidence to feel better

about myself I have a lot of people with

full lips telling me that I don't need

lip injections or people that just don't

care what their lips look like I happen

to care there's nothing wrong with

changing something that you are unhappy

with and I really wish that stigma would

sort of disappear because I think it's

absolutely ridiculous anyways I am very

happy and thank you for watching and

thank you I hope that this helped you

whether you it helped you know that you

want to get them or helped you decide

that you don't either way thank you for

watching and as always I'll see you in

my next video

love you bye