The Truth About Lip Fillers

video is 10 important tips everyone

should know before getting lip fillers

now this will hopefully help you help

you help you if you're considering

getting lip fillers done because I

didn't watch any videos but my mom is a

doctor so I kind of know what you know

what was going on I think this will help

people who don't have any kind of idea

about lip fillers name you've seen

videos and people getting fillers done

and they've talked about it but these

are 10 things you should know before you

get lip fillers done the first is very

important you must understand that you

will most likely swell and bruise if

you're prone to bruising or

approximately 24 to 48 hours before you

actually achieve your full result could

even take longer so I've recently opened

it Phyllis darling we did them about two

days ago and I'm still slightly bruised

because I'm afraid of breathing but I've

been applying a cream called arnica I'll

put the name down below and that kind of

helps with bruising you can also take

this so much tablet form which also help

of bruising but yeah just know that

you're going to bruise as well and it's

not your doctor's fault you can't go

scream at your doctor millikelvin I drew

my face leg bruise just now probably

should stay at home for the next two

days after your fillers because you'll

probably be bruised or swollen many

people do bruise as well some don't but

you know it's entirely up to your body

what it decides to do the second point

do your research you must ensure that

you're going to the best possible doctor

for this even if it costs a bit extra

just know that you're probably going to

the better doctor now you need to do

research business and very important

it's very important that you don't end

up going to the wrong person and and

don't know if you're like Jackie

Stallone I'm hoping you guys are

thinking up that dress loaded I'm more

like that girl off the drama that's

probably a better option for me I mean

it doesn't really want to be far saying

that I really don't care but what we

don't think of my lips because at the

other day your body if you look like

Jackie Stallone

go ahead and hit like JLo but just know

what you want which use me to my third

point do not go to your doctor and give

him a picture someone else's lips

because as a high unlikely chance that

you'll look like that person everyone's

lips vary so you can't be like I want to

look like Angelina Jolie if you've got

lips like Cameron Diaz no it doesn't

work like that like everyone's lips vary

and if your doctor don't agree to do it

don't go to that doctor because that

Doc's are so wrong which leads me to my

fourth point you can't go in expecting

to go from Cameron Diaz to jay-z in one

session because that will ruin your lips

you will end up having very quickly

deflated lips like your lips need to be


gradually which is what I've been doing

over the past three years to achieve

this result a lot of people like how

many some interest you get done guys I

literally do not even know anymore

because I just go in for top-ups every

like six months four months depending on

what I feel like I need to get bigger

lips because the fitters tend to

dissolve but if you keep chopping them

up gradually there's a higher chance

that the fillers will take more time to

dissolve as you're getting your body

used to something as opposed to just

injecting it completely and then your

body realizing that this is just an

unknown object inside you and needs to

disappear as quickly as possible so Todd

Liza's all fillers very quickly I'm

having like deflated boot blue lips you

want to have like full lips and you want

it to look natural so when you do

gradually increase people are less

likely to be like oh my god you've done

your lips I'm gonna do like decrease

people are less likely to know that your

lips are slowly inflate deflate in and

then fifth point know that it's a very

addictive addictive

oh my god my kind of day it's a very

addictive process like drive it's a very

different process once you start you

tend to not want to stop like when you

realize that something that's good you

want to keep doing it so it maintains

that way so that's kind of what happened

to me when I was 18 I started doing my

villas and I've continued to do so

because I'm so obsessed with the way my

lips look right now I don't ever want

them to deflate and look like what they

did before because I'd be so sad so it's

a very different process which then

leads it to be a very costly process you

need to make sure you've got a budget to

maintain the slope because if you don't

you're just going to go back to being

who you are you know what some see not

what you want because you started this

process because you want it to last so

it's not something you just do and be

like okay my lips are done I can go back

to it like it's not like boob jobs or

you can get them done every 10 years you

literally have to do these either

initially every three to four months and

then hopefully every six months first

time you do it you shouldn't see a must

not my six point first time we do it you

should see a massive change because it

should be a gradual increase like I

sound seven point Botox and fillers are

completely different things Botox is a

substance which basically helps soften

the appearance of wrinkles and prevents

as well as or eases any process of aging

so if you've got like wrinkly eyes

crow's feet then you can get Botox put

in that kind of soften the appearance of

wrinkles it basically reduces the

activity of muscles as well so it can

freeze muscles I have one shot of Botox

done in my forehead here because add

hyperactive eyebrow which I'm Rudy hated

I'm sure you guys have seen my videos

I'd like one eyebrows luckily I wanted

Sam here didn't like it so I got Botox

done and it's kind of frozen it but I

didn't get my entire forehead frozen

because I don't have an issue with my

frown lines right now I'm still quite

young so that's why I haven't had my

entire forehead done and filleth

basically enhances the collagen which

basically creates like a more full kind

of effect so if you want to get if you

want more defined cheekbones you can get

Villas on your cheeks you can also you

know get them done here if you've got

like a face if your smile lines are

quite intented you can get them filled

out you can also jaw line which is what

I did for more definition and that's

basically all fillers and Botox is so a

lot of people like you know we've got so

much Botox in your face no you're the

idea because I don't actually have that

much Botox in my face I probably have

like one I just have one shot my face

cost it can cost anything between

Smith's up eight point it can cost

anything between five hundred to two

thousand dollars depending on the doctor

and depending on the place you're in

like a lot of people pay about I think

up to about a thousand dollars I've

never had anything $2,000 but unless you

know celebrity doctor Lee probably be

paying two thousand dollars doesn't

necessarily mean it's gonna be a better

doctor so just know that price does it

use your quite quality allowance comes

to bad and she's nine no this is ten we

got n as a point oh nine okay so nine

what was the point again pain usually

doesn't hurt if you applied numbing

cream for a long enough period of time

so until your lips a complete non will

probably not feel anything you may feel

a slight prick or discomfort when the

doctors actually injecting you if you're

afraid of needles don't do it but I can

assure you if you have numbing cream a

lot for a long enough period of time you

will not feel anything not even

appropriate the first time I did that

probably apply it like a whole tube of

numbing cream which is not fast

interview but a type number between

before I got to the doctor as well as

when I was with the doctor so I probably

had it on for about half an hour to an

hour my lips were completely numb I

could not feel anything which is

probably the best experience ever

whereas now I go in I probably have it

on for about five to ten minutes now you

just feel the prick skip just touching

my nuts which is not bad because I'm

used to needles I don't really have I've

got quite high pain tolerance so I don't

mind the pricks everybody comes to

needles so yeah I mean there's slight

discomfort you can feel the pressure of

the fluid going in to your lips but it's

not painful to an extent way you want to

pull your hair out and

giving birth to a child it's not that

painful but make sure you've got nothing

cream you can put dental blocks but that

will initially hurt you because you

actually feel the pain on the dental

balls going dental blocks are busy

needles which go into your mouth I'm

just easier would I recommend that I

probably say just go straight ahead with

a nubbin cream apply it before and when

you get that and point number 10 you can

know your fillers dissolved if you don't

like the appears of your fillers if

you've done something and you absolutely

hate it you can go to someone else and

get the fillers completely dissolved and

start over which is amazing a lot of

people actually been dissolving that

fillers recently I think it's a trend to

house more lips now but I'm not I'm not

going to be doing that I love the shape

my lip so far that's there I think those

only ten points I hope you guys found

silly informative and helpful if you

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