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in this video i'm going to give you the

total differences about granite marble

and tiles

which one will be best for your house

which one you should be installing

what are the advantages what are the

disadvantages of marble or granite


now let us start with granite okay now

talking about granite granite is a very

wonderful very

natural and very good looking stone but

granite is a hearthstone

it is hard it is durable when measured

on a mover scale okay mover scale is a


where you measure the hardness of a

stone when you measure

granite's hardness granite's hardness is

7 upon 10 which is very good

whereas the hardness of a diamond is 10

upon 10

whereas the hardness of grenade is 7 on

10 that's a good thing

that granite is really hard and it's not

breakable easily

and the place best place where you can

install granite is

at parking staircase and kitchen

countertop because granite is a stone

which does not hold stain which does not

hold marks

so if you install in the parking like

the tire marks won't be there

then like any chemical if port the

chemical stains won't be there

and anything you don't get scratches

easily on granite

this is the main advantage of granite


one thing you have to take care while

installing granite is that it comes

pre-polished so if you

if you buy it it's already polished you

don't have to

install it and polish it so while

installing it

you have to take care that the joints of

the granite match

equally because if it doesn't matches


you can feel it on your legs and even

you can hurt your toe

so you have to take care that the joints

are matched equally

whereas in marbles you polish the marble

so the

joints even if not matched properly will

be polished and it'll give you a smooth


clear uneven surface but in granite you

have to take care

the price of grenades charged from 50

rupees in the wholesale market

whereas the 50 rupees one starts from

the light

uh variety like light color variety and

the prices go higher on the dark if the

granite is dark the prices increases

so guys the price is increasing when

it's dark and

granite it does not hold stain there'll

be no mark and it doesn't even absorb

chemical any chemical acid if

uh falls on granite it does not absorb

the stain whereas in marble it will

completely destroy your marble so i told

you that it's mainly used in

parking staircase and even in catch up

top so you have to

one more thing you have to note down in

granite is that it is slippery stone

and the person who installs the granite

you have to tell him to make groove on

the granulate so that it becomes

less slippery uh now what you have to do

is when you're buying a granite you have

to check

whether they are cheating you or not how

people will cheat you when you're buying

granite is

as i told you the dark color price the

dark color

granite is costly so what they do is the

light color granite

they put some chemical on it and make it

dark so how to check that i'll tell you

the front of the granite will be dark

but when you see the back side of the


it'll be light so this is a way how you

can you know

uh save yourself from getting cheated

now let us talk about marble

marble is a very good stone very

beautiful stone it is a limestone

and whereas the hardness of marble on a

mover scale is

three to five it varies on different

types of marble it starts from three and

goes up to five

out of ten which is a natural stone and

which is really good

i like uh three upon ten three three or

five upon ten it's not bad

whereas marble is cool temperature when

you install marble the house

will be cool will be cooler than granite

and tiles

so the best places to install marble

would be

hot places hot states like rajasthan

gujarat the best places would be uh

these places so that

even if your city is hot the inside of

your house will be little bit cooler

than outside

and uh how to save yourself from

cheating is

you have to take an expert with you the

guys who is the guy who is installing

marble in your house

take him along with you so that he

checks the stone how good the stone is

whether it is a cracked stone whether

it's powder filling you have to take a


and then you can you know easily buy

marble without even

thinking that you'll be cheated the

price starts from 25 rupees per square


the price like uh the price in the

marble is on the whiteness the more the

white the stone the prices increase

uh yeah but in the granite it's like the

darker the stone the prices increase but

in this

it's on the whiteness whiteness the

whiteness increases and

the prices also increase and start from

25 and goes up to even

1500 2000 3000 it depends upon the

quality and material and

from the place where you're buying it

and the one more reason

why people don't install marble is they

marble like

quickly absorbs the stain and gets uh

scratches on it like if you push any

heavy table or any

heavy bed or anything on it it can you


you can like uh get scratches on the

marble so avoid that

and one more reason why marble is not

preferred it's very time consuming while


because you have to buy it you have to

install it and then you have to even

polish it

so it's uh it needs polish and it's time


as i told you earlier it catch marks but

the dual ability of marble is good

it's a very good stone and many people

in india prefer marble because

the way it looks how beautiful it looks

it has natural grain

natural you know natural design in it

and it'll look

completely wonderful in your house the

whereas if you're living in places like

sikkim or the cold places

you don't need to install marble because

when outside only it's

so much cold then if you install marble

your house will completely be

really cold and the temperature of the

house will be you know

much more cooler now let us talk about

tiles there are lot of tires

many varieties of tiles uh where tree

fighters ceramic tiles

single star double star everything tiles

are man-made whereas in

marble and grand they are not man-made

they are you know extracted from natural

stones on from mountains

but your tiles are man-made it's made in


and it's made at certain a certain

temperature uh

the the you know the main disadvantage

of not buying

the main disadvantage of tiles is that

while in factory styles are made it


a lot of carbon dioxide in the

atmosphere and

which is very bad for the temperature of

the country and the very

bad for the atmosphere so avoid tiles

for this one reason that it's not good

for the atmosphere a lot of carbon

dioxide these factories

release while making tiles and tiles one

more thing you have to make sure is that

when you install

tiles don't install it in hot places

because tile will make your you know

installing tiles it'll make your room

even more hotter because

tiles are little bit hot in temperature

but tiles are very fastly installed like

you can install

a number of tiles in a very fast

the installation of tiles is very fast

and even it's easy

one disadvantage of tiles is that the

companies keep changing the design

like today if there's one design that's


maybe two or three years later you won't

get that same design and

if you need one or two tiles after a

year or two like

when you something damages then it'll be

really hard

for you to find it and it you won't even

find it easily

uh but in tile you get a lot of variety

a lot of colors lot

like even you get the finishes like

matte finish shine finished

wood finish glass finish a lot of

finishes lot of varieties

lot of colors and the price of a c grade


start from 25 rupees and it go uh if you

go to good quality

tiles it starts from 40 50 rupees so

guys this was the video on marble tires

and granite

now let me tell you that you can install

all this three in your house

whereas in the parking or the kitchen or

the staircase you can install granite

whereas in your rooms and etc you can

install marble whereas on the roof

like the roof roof top or in the

bathrooms you can install tiles

uh this uh this three you can you know

i'll talk with your the person who is

installing marble

and you can talk with them which one

will be best for your house so thank you


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