How to Clean Hardwood Floors (Household Cleaning Ideas That Save Time & Money) Clean My Space

love your gleaming hardwood floors but

tiptoe around how to properly clean them

you're not alone stick around and I'll

show you how to properly clean and

maintain your hardwood floors hello

people with hardwood floors

it's Melissa maker here helping you

solve your cleaning conundrums and this

video goes out to all of you who have

hardwood floor in your home and don't

know how to clean it the question

actually comes from Richard in Boulder

Colorado and he asked me hey Melissa how

do I properly clean and maintain my

hardwood floors I've researched this

topic forever I've tried different

techniques I know different products I

know different mops I know your floors I

know who you're sleeping with

everyone has different hardwood floors

different manufacturer width size color

coding it could be laminate which isn't

really hard one anyway it could be

engineered hardwood it could also be

unfinished hardwood it could be

reclaimed hardwood there are so many

different kinds of hardwood floors

there's no one right solution so take

what I'm saying as some good general

advice and then make sure that you

always check in with the manufacturer or

the installer just so that you're

protecting yourself and you know

covering all your bases hardwood floors

are finished in a couple of different

ways and my recommendation is to test

them very quickly before you actually go

ahead with cleaning so that you know

exactly what kind of finish you have on

your floor my floor here has a

polyurethane coat on it the second kind

of finish that you'll see on hardwood

floor obviously don't have it with me

would be a hardwood finish

kind of like this table here where the

wood has been impregnated with a waxy or

oily coating and that way it repels any

water or liquid the third kind of

hardwood floor that you'll see

be unfinished hardwood and this hardwood

you can't put any water on so the best

way to test your floor to see what kind

of finish you have or if you have to

finish it all is to drop just a little

bit of water onto the hardwood and see

if it beads

if it beads you've got a coating if the

water is absorbed

you've got unfinished hardwood here are

the tools you'll need to mop and care

for your hardwood floor item number one

vinegar item number two dishwashing

liquid item number three a ring or

bucket item number four a micro fiber

twist mop item number five a microfiber

cloth and finally item number six

rubbing alcohol a great way to clean

hardwood floors and the tried-and-true

method that I always use is the


take your dishwashing liquid and put

half your pinky nail worth of

dishwashing soap into the bucket I like

using dishwashing liquid on hardwood

floors because it's a neutral cleaner

it's not harsh it removes dirt well but

it doesn't leave anything nasty behind

now everybody freaks out about putting

vinegar on their hardwood floor vinegar

is a mild disinfectant so oil from your

feet bacteria dirt whatever gets on the

floor capful of vinegar is enough to get

rid of whatever has gone on there

secondly vinegar cuts grease and third

it doesn't leave streaks behind I say

only as a capful because if you use any

more than that you can actually take the

finish off which would be completely

counterintuitive cap full of vinegar

half a pinky nail worth of dish soap and

fill your bucket with hot water we're

almost ready to go now that I've got

water in my bucket I'll soak the mop

head for a few minutes first of all you

want them up to absorb the water in the

product and second of all your mop can

sometimes get a little bit stiff so you

need to soften it up before you actually

start mopping steamie take your mop

put it in the cone wringer and start to

wring it out and don't give it a Wimpy

reign I'll notice how my feet are at

either side of the bucket which helps me

get really good leverage remember the

mop has to be almost dry before you can

even touch the hardwood floor now we'll

use what I call the S pattern to do some

mopping starting at one corner moving

your way over to the other corner and

then coming right back down to create an

S pattern what this does is ensures that

we're getting all areas of the floor

clean top to bottom left to right and

you want to keep your bucket behind you

so that way you never have to go back

and reach for it if I crouch down and

look at the floor I can see it's almost

dry as it is but to be extra diligent I

can take a microfiber cloth and just

give a quick wipe down to make sure that

absolutely no water is left on the floor

so keep in mind that we're sweeping and

vacuuming a couple times a week if you

can bear it and you should be mopping

the floor at least once every two weeks

when they are mirror shiny it makes all

the difference and people really notice

so it is worth the extra effort Richard

I hope that answered your question

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