Ice or Heat for Lower Back Pain (WHICH WORKS BEST?)

recently I had a question about ice and

heat and when do you I think it's best

to use each because I know that a lot of

you may feel a little confused about

whether you should be using ice or heat

especially when you have in these spasms

and flare-ups so you're not really sure

what to do because we know that ice is

really great for acute injuries so we

could be really confusing to know which

one to use especially when you are

experiencing these flare-ups and it

really feels painful but you don't

really know what to use because using

kind of the wrong treatment may make

things worse so I'm gonna give you like

really quick tips so that you know right

away what you can use of course if

you're injured and if you're having

really bad pain you do have to go to

consult with your doctor but for the

purpose of this video I just want to let

you know what ice is best used for and

what heat is best used for so that you

can kind of make your decision when you

need to and make it easier for you also

to make that decision so you have to

understand that ice helps to block the

sensation of pain so it is best used for

acute sudden injuries and it really

helps to prevent inflammation swelling

and also pain so if you've had an acute

injury at the gym or if you're running

and you fell on your joint so the ice

will be really a quick effective way to

help with the pain and the swelling as

well and one thing is that it's really

important to ice for about 15 to 20

minutes and then you want to take a

break of 10 to 15 minutes and then do it

again for 15 to 20 minutes so you don't

want to be icing for hours you want to

be taking breaks in between when you

have a sudden injury you should not be

using heat because heat is best used

when you're having a chronic pain so

because the fact that it actually

increases blood circulation you don't

want to be creating more inflammation

when you have an acute injury so in the

case of chronic back pain it's actually

best to use Heat if it's not acute so if

you're just having this pain for a

longer period of time it is actually

best to use heat in that

because it does helps with blood

circulation and it helps blood to get to

those areas to prevent promote healing

so for me personally I don't use direct

heat so I wouldn't be using a heating

pad and put it on my low back I used an

acupressure mat for years and I would

like to use my body as a way of creating

the heat so instead of put in a heating

pad which I'm not against I just choose

not to I would lie on I would lie on an

object pressure mat and I will just let

my body create the heat and the

acupressure mat would help increase

blood circulation in the joint area so

if I'm having inflammation and pain it

will actually go away after I wouldn't

be really using ice in this case because

I am NOT experiencing swelling and it's

not really an injury if you do decide to

use a heating pad make sure that there

is a like a barrier between the pad and

your skin because you don't want to be

burning your skin I usually prefer to

you the towel in between if you decide

to do that so lately as I said I've been

just using acupressure mat it's been an

amazing tool for me because I I rely on

my body to create the heat and it really

improves my circulation as well so it's

totally up to you but if you are someone

who is experiencing chronic back pain

and ice hasn't been working out for you

maybe you should try heat

maybe you should either get a heating

pad or try an acupressure mat there are

many other ways that you can use heat

not directly using a heating pad you can

do massage massage also will heat up the

area I will increase circulation you

could get a bath and it will do the same

thing so a warm shower or warm bath

acupressure massage these are all great

ways to generate heat in the body

without having to use a heating pad so I

really hope this was helpful and I will

see you guys next time