Ice (Cold Pack) OR Heat? Best Back Fix For Your LOWER BACK PAIN

what do you think this man should use

heat or ice on his lower back hi I'm

Rochelle and let's look at whether heat

or ice is most effective for relieving

back pain and what this man or what will

really be most effective for this man's

back injury over the next week in

general the short answer is backs tend

to prefer heat however sometimes heat

can make a back condition worse ideally

he should use ice on his lower back

immediately and that's to reduce

inflammation now he can do this for 15

to 20 minutes at a time and he can use

this hourly if desired over the next

couple of days

then after 2 to 3 days or at around 72

hours after the injury he can start

using heat on his back again for around

25 minutes at a time and continue using

the heat for as long as he likes to so

let me know what works best for you ice

or heat on your lower back and give this

video a thumbs up if it helps you thanks

so much for watching today and stay

tuned now for exercises for your lower

back that are coming up next