What type of solder is best for audio work?


okay got a new question to our ask mark

Mel box and it's from Stefan or Stefan

I'm not sure which forgive me if I get

that wrong

he says mark what is your favorite type

of solder to use for audio work and why

and that's thanks Stefan and now so it

really got me pondering on this one a

little bit of because there's no one

good answer and I'm gonna give you what

I think is the best answer for me which

is actually more than one type of solder

okay so I'm gonna break this down into

the type of solder the sizes of solder

and maybe some brands of solder just to

give you multiple options but I think

you could still end up with great

results so the first one here the type

of solder I like to use is 63% 10 37%

lead seems to have a little better

melting point flows really easily and I

don't seem to end up with as many cold

solder joints when using that however

6040 can work just as well I just found

the 6337 to be a little easier to work

with I think I've started using the 6337

somewhere in the late 80s prior to that

I had been using some 6040 and I've

stuck with the 6337

ever since now I get some of you may be

doing some work that requires a silver

solder but I don't do anything with

silver solder myself and I use a good

ventilation fan to make sure I'm not

breathing lead fumes all day long sighs

was I really use three different sizes

of solder I'm a point zero three to four

very delicate work small early resistors

diodes maybe even some surface mount I

don't do a lot of surface mount work so

if your if your audio you know if the

question here was for audio gear work

and you think that's related to surface

mount for you this is probably not the


for you but this you can see right here

the point zero three two it's pretty

thin stuff you know and it's easy to

work with but it takes a good bit of it

if you're trying to do something large

so I mainly use it on smaller things

that I'm trying to solder the next size

up is point zero five it's a fairly good

general-purpose solder soldering wires

together you still do a lot of soldering

resist early it's a capacitor leads just

depends on the size of the connection

you're trying to make what not I'll tell

you how good the point zero five is I

use it so much I'm out of it right now a

matter of fact I just ordered your phone

so I don't even have I've got an empty

spool over here and show you but I don't

have a size I can show you and then the

other size I use a lot is this is more

point-to-point wiring soldering a wire

to maybe a terminal log or a ground lug

things of that nature

soldering the ends of a power cable to

an IC connector things of that nature

I used the point zero six to size wire

so good bit larger than the US if we can

compare these two here I mean there's a

significant difference in size between

these two but I use a good bit of this

as well as far as brands go so I'm going

to show you a brand here called alpha

metals that I've been using and this was

1988 I think it was I was in college and

a friend of mine worked for Panasonic at

the time and industrial manufacturing

and he brought me a case of this stuff

so I don't know how I got it and I

didn't really ask at the time but as you

can see here I've got many spools of it

left I've probably gone through 15

spools of it over the years but I've

still got a good bit of this stuff left

and it's called R'lyeh core I don't even

know if they still make it honestly I

should get a look but I've had nothing

but good

out of that solder and it is 6337 more

recently than that you know I've been

having to buy the point zero five zero

and the point zero six to which I did

not have a case of and I've been using

this brand called mg chemicals and you

can get this on Amazon and I've had good

luck with it really good luck I've been

very happy I like the Rawls and core

inside of it by the way you always need

to get Rawls in Coram with whichever

brand you're using here another brand I

have used in the past but it's been a

long time as Kester they are a

well-known slaughterer company and so

I'm just sharing what I use I use a lot

of the Alpha metals use a lot of this mg

chemicals and the Kester brands so I

think if you were to buy you three

spools buy you a point zero three two

and I would say go ahead and get you a

larger size pool like this about 20-25

dollars and get it in the point zero

three to the point zero five and the

point six two it would cover anything

you do I can tell you those three sizes

cover anything I've ever done solder

wise other than other than I do some my

house is full of copper pipe here for

plumbing and I do some soldering of that

from time to time and that that's a

completely different type of soldering

we're using a torch and and actually

larger solder made for soldering pipes

but for electronics work any type of

audio work I'm doing

you know if I'm working on a you know

printed circuit board I'm using this

point zero three two I'm soldering a

power cable to a power cord I see

connector to a fuse holder or something

I'm using this point zero six two and a

lot of the stuff in between I'm using

the point zero two five so hopefully

this helps you out hopefully you've

learned something and keep asking me

questions go to my website blue cloak

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it'll tell you how to send me questions

and I'll try to answer them for you

thanks for watching everyone