8 Best Fruits For Weight Loss, Weight Loss Foods !!

did you know certain foods help you lose

weight most people assume that all fruit

is the same in terms of being healthy

but there are certain fruits that are

higher in fiber and pectin both natural

fat burners that can help boost your

metabolism in this video I'm going to

share with you the fruits that are

better for your health and for attaining

your weight loss goals apples are one of

the best fruits to help you lose weight

even apple daily because it's a super

fruit high in fiber and low in calories

watermelon is your go-to fruit for

weight loss it's high in water content

90% and 100 gram serving of watermelon

contains only 30 calories the best thing

about watermelon it not only does it

keep you hydrated but it also keeps you

satisfied for a long time which leads to

less unhealthy snacking a banana packs

105 calories per piece and the average

banana is an excellent source of instant

energy and perfect as opposed to workout

snack they're also healthier than

packaged post-workout snacks like energy

bars which are just chocolate bars

masquerading as healthy options bananas

also help beat muscle cramps keep your

BP in check they prevent acidity and

even beat constipation pears are super

weight-loss fruits that pack plenty of

fiber in fact most fruits pale in

comparison to the amount of fiber that a

pear provides the high fiber content

helps you feel full which aids weight

loss pears are also a

cholesterol-lowering and heart-healthy

fruit due to its potassium content

although mangoes do contain a little

more sugar than other fruits listed they

are great for your health when eaten in


they contain about 130 calories 3 grams

of dietary fiber vitamin C vitamin A and


therefore incorporating this fruit into

your diet will have its perks for your

journey to a better and slimmer you many

studies confirm that grapefruit is an

excellent food for weight loss in one

study at John Hopkins University women

who eat grapefruit daily said almost 20

pounds on average in only 13 weeks

without changing anything else in their

diet or lifestyle strawberries can

stimulate production of hormones which

will speed up your metabolism and help

you burn calories strawberries can be

the perfect part of every weight loss

diet as they contain vitamin A B C and D

not only do oranges taste great but a

hundred grams of this fruit only

contains 47 calories which is great for

someone looking for a snack while trying

to follow a strict diet

they're also sweet which will help take

care of the cravings every dieter has

for something sweet not only will these

fruits help with weight loss but they

have plenty of other health benefits

also if you want to eat all these super

fruits you can combine a little of each

in your own fruit salad

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