If You Want to Lose Weight FAST, Stop Eating These 9 Fruits Now!

If You Want to Lose Weight, STOP Eating These 9 Fruits

Fruit, generally is considered a beneficial food which provides nutrients and fiber to

our diet.

However, consuming certain fruits that contain high levels of sugar when you are striving

for weight loss can thwart your efforts.

When high levels of sugar hit the bloodstream, its potential energy is intercepted by insulin

that stores the sugar as glycogen.

When the sugar is stored, your body thinks you need to eat more and you feel hungry.

If this cycle repeats, over time the stored sugar transforms into fat, and you gain weight.

In this video we will be sharing with you 9 fruits you must not eat if you want to lose

weight FAST.

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No.1 Banana

Probably, banana is one among the wonder fruits for weight gain.

Banana is a high-calorie fruit that helps in weight gain because its calorie count is

higher than many other fruits.

Bananas are fairly high in sugar which can turn to body fat more quickly than other nutrients.

Apart from this, banana will help to improve your haemoglobin production.

Banana is a good and effective option for people who want to gain weight with healthy

calories not for people who want to loss it.

So, if you want to lose weight, avoid banana.

No.2 Watermelon

Watermelon seems like a healthy fruit.

It may appear to contain mostly water and fiber.

However, the sugar content of watermelon is much higher than most fruits.

Its glycemic score is 72, which is considered high on the glycemic index scale.

If you want to lose weight, avoid the high-sugar fruit by making a fruit salad with oranges,

strawberries and pears that have scores in the low 40s.

The energy from these fruits lasts longer, which may help you avoid consuming extra calories.

No.3 Pineapple

It may not be surprising that pineapple is high in sugar because it tastes very sweet.

The glycemic index for pineapple is 66, considered moderate to high.

If you crave a sweet fruit, try eating a peach instead.

Peaches have a score of only 42 on the glycemic scale, and when ripe, their sweet and refreshing

flavor may be equally as satisfying.

Apples may also be a preferable substitute.

Most varieties have a glycemic score in the mid 40s.

No.4 Lychee

Lychee berries from China is a high-sugar fruit.

The lychee berry is a tropical fruit from southern China that has a high glycemic score

in the 70s.

A comparable substitute for lychee berries may be the black cherry.

Black cherries score low on the glycemic scale -- their score is 22.

Cherries make a convenient snack and a tasty addition to a smoothie or fresh juice concoction.

You may also try pink grapefruit that has a glycemic score of only 25.

No.5 Avocados

It figures that one of the most delicious fruits is also high in fats and therefore


One cup of pureed avocado contains 384 calories!

However, the fat found in avocados is the heart-friendly kind that your body needs,

so eating an avocado every now and then won't wreck your diet.

Avocado is a high calorie food and it will increase your weight.

So avoid eating them daily if you are on a diet.

But it's best not to consider this tasty ingredient as an "anytime" food because it helps your

body putting more weight.

No.6 Mashed sweet potatoes

While we all certainly love sweet potatoes, they're definitely not the lowest-calorie

vegetable around.

A cup of mashed sweet potatoes contains 249 calories.

A regular potato, skin and all, contains 212, and a cup of lima beans contains 202.

Potatoes are fat free, but they are also starchy carbohydrates with little protein.

According to Harvard Study, the carbs in potatoes are the kind that the body digests rapidly

and have a high glycemic load (or glycemic index).

That is, they cause blood sugar and insulin to surge and then dip.

This effect can make people feel hungry again soon after eating, which may lead to overeating.

The rapid rise in blood sugar can also lead to increased insulin production which can

probably increase your weight.

You can blame starches!

A cup of leafy green veggies like lettuce, spinach and kale contains less than 20 calories.

That means load up on the healthy salads!

No.7 Vegetable juice blends

While it might be difficult to get your required fruit and veggie intake every day, it's a

better plan than relying on vegetable juice blends.

Many of the vegetable juices that taste like fruit juice contain way more salt or sugar

than you need.

While you'll be getting your daily fruit and veggie intake, you'll also be drinking your

entire day's worth of sodium!

Be sure to read the ingredient list when buying veggie juice.

No.8 Mangoes

Being the king of fruits, mango has the power to increase weight when consumed regularly.

One medium sized mango has approximately 150 calories, which means if you eat two medium

sized mangoes you consume approximately 300 calories.

In India, people usually like to have mangoes after meals.

So, when you add mangoes to your diet it means you are adding calories without substituting

them with something else from your diet.

These additional calories can lead to weight gain.

Mango is rich in nutrient content and calories, thereby providing your double benefit.

Prefer organic mango because most of the commercially available ones contain harmful pesticides.


Dates Dried dates contain the highest sugar content

of any fruit.

The fruit weighs in at a glycemic score of 103.

Dates contain more sugar than pure glucose, which has a glycemic score of 100.

Dates are typically found mixed with granola in cereal and in dessert bars.

Dried dates are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that can help you gain good health.

But if you are on the lookout for weight loss you must avoid it.

Try substituting dates with dried apricots or raisins that have glycemic index in the

high 50s.

The score of these fruits is considered moderate rather than high and they provide healthy

fiber and nutrients.

We’re very sorry if one of the fruits mentioned in this video is your favorite snack but you

see, losing weight is all about saying NO to some meals and fruits you truly love.

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