all right now let's get into the top 10

weight loss foods that I recommend for

you guys let's give it a little taste


the party talking about stacking on some

muscle or losing and shedding some fat

the kitchen is where this is done you

can run all day you can hit the weight

room lift weights all day but the most

important part to all of this is going

to be your diet that needs to be coupled

along with you actually grinding in the

weight or on the track or trail or if

you're working out at home you need to

actually make sure your diets on point

so this video is actually going to be

discussing the top 10 foods that

actually help support weight loss some

of these foods I've see consumed on a

daily basis and some of the other ones I

don't know about to start the first

thing I want to actually talk about is

something that's not on the list

number one but it is water I've done

several videos that kind of explain to

you guys the importance of water it

doesn't matter if you're actually eating

all these foods and you're doing all the

right things if you're not consuming the

right amount of water you would not get

the results that you're looking for

water is extremely important okay I

cannot stress to you enough how

important do something water is coming

in at number one the first thing we're

going to talk about actually starts with

a guess right we're talking about

avocados right here is half of an

avocado I actually ate the other half

yesterday and today I eat avocados every

day for the most part I actually like to

kind of sprinkle some salt and pepper on

the avocado I usually cut it up into

little pieces sprinkle some salt and

pepper on there that's pretty good

avocado is a great source for healthy

fats it's a little bit vitamins minerals

and a bunch of water to be honest which

contrary to what you may think your body

needs healthy fat avocado is actually a

great source for your healthy fats the

high that and eiper

and avocado is gonna make you feel

fuller a lot longer and also it helping

you increase the amount of testosterone

in your body it helps boost that so we

all know the higher testosterone level

the faster you're going to be burning

that up next is something you guys have

heard me talk about a gazillion times or

maybe like at least at least a billion


going to be eggs you guys heard me

mention eggs like every other video or

so eggs is a awesome source for protein

it's actually very low in your carbs and

your calories but it's super high in

protein which is what you want when

you're trying to lose some fat you want

high protein and low fat in your carbs

and all that other stuff

it also helps boost your metabolism and

a faster metabolism is going to help you

burn more fat

lastly the amino acids found in eggs

naturally stimulate the release of an

appetite suppressing hormone up next is

actually going to be some leafy greens

and the leafy greens I'm talking about

is going to be spinach again spinach in

particular is low in carbs and calories

but super high in fiber so adding

something like spinach to your meals

like for instance let's say I got

chicken you can make a chicken salad

five just add a bunch of spinach to it

which will increase the volume of your

meal which is gonna make me feel a lot

fuller without adding a bunch of carbs

and calories so you would have the

benefit of feeling fuller without

overeating really can't go wrong there

next up grapefruit I recommend you at

these things a lot of people hate

grapefruits umm not actually against

grapefruit all of you guys out there I

want you to put down the comment section

how you feel about grapefruit some

people like oh I can't stand grapefruit

is there any alternatives to eating

grapefruit can I eat an orange instead

orange it's not a grapefruit is it that

looks amazing this is good grateful help

you lower your blood sugar you know it's

gonna help you lower your insulin levels

which is going to cause your bi to not

want to store fat as easy rather than

your body utilizing the food or storing

fat is gonna actually use it for energy

instead so grapefruits is one of those

tools you can use to kind of help kick

that up it's good to me I like next up

is this

apple cider vinegar I've actually heard

a lot of people utilizing this stuff to

shed some pounds I've seen so many

articles and videos talking about hey

apple cider vinegar for 30 days you can

lose this much weight all this good

stuff so this is actually the raw

unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar

let's give it a little taste it's not as

strong stuff is strong it's supposed to

decrease your insulin levels so I

actually did a study myself on this when

I actually drank apple cider vinegar

every day I used to mix it with a little

bit of water and I would drink it every

day for 30 days rented some issues there

so that video never went up because I

lost some of the footage and I stopped

recording on base as you guys already

know so we research I've done we're

talking about like scientists and not

just the random person just drinking

some apple cider vinegar I lost weight

scientists have done these type of

experiments on animals and it has been

known to actually improve their insulin

levels increase their metabolism as well

as suppressing their appetite which is

going to help you not pick out as much

so you guys aren't there have you tried

drinking apple cider vinegar for was

saying three weeks four weeks five weeks

six weeks and how did it do this stuff

couldn't mess up your teeth so they said

when you do drink it drink it with a

straw and just do your research before

you just chug this stuff down that'd be

my recommendation I actually might

attempt that again to drink this for 30

days to see if I know this benefits that

they're saying I should I'll do that

again see how it goes

next up next up is broccoli poppies one

of my favorite vegetables to kind of

throw in there to eat with the other

things I'm going to talk about so it's

not bad to me

some people don't like broccoli like I

said I don't eat a lot of stuff for the

taste I eat it for what it does so

that's how I kind of get through eating

so many things that may not taste the

best I know what it does for my body so

that's why I eat it not too picky when

it comes that's

when you're like mil preppin you can

only be so picky this stuff is super

rich and fiber noticed the trend here a

lot of these things we talked about a

super rich in fiber is helping you

increase your metabolism and all that

good stuff also is gonna be good for

kind of filling you or without add a

bunch of carbs a bunch of calories next

up is going to be beans and I actually

don't have any beans with me but hear me


beans gonna be high protein high and yes

you guessed it fiber and when you eat

them they make you feel nice and full

but don't throw a bunch of calories and

stuff at you so things are gonna be good

they also slow down your digestion and

absorption which is going to signal the

release of a hormone that kind of tells

you that you're full right slow down

you're full you're good to go

that makes a lot of sense because you

know you don't eat so many things you

know once you start adding beans and mix

you feel Tyson for and the next thing

we're going to talk about Greek yogurt

I've actually grown to like Greek yogurt

I'm not too picky with a lot of things

right and yogurt is one of them Greek

yogurt again has higher levels of

protein full of probiotics that's gonna

keep you regular and keep you not

building up a bunch of stuff that you

don't really want good gut help pack

with all your b12 your calcium all the

minerals packed with a lot of good stuff

that you want Greek yogurt is also

packed with iodine which is going to

keep your eye ROI functioning properly I

actually add in this to my smoothies

every morning I just add green yogurt

and I add a bunch of fruit I ask oatmeal

I had a bunch of stuff pretty good

feeling smoothie that I train every

morning you guys are interesting to me

doing a video about my amazing smoothies

let me know I would be glad to do so can

you guess yeah you're gonna face while

you looking at me like that there can

you guess what we're gonna talk about

NYX so this chicken actually is kind of

breaded with some extra stuff my wife

hooked me up with but nevertheless on

the inside is chicken and this what

we're talking about chicken so you can

eat this stuff in many different ways I

will recommend you bake it of course

obviously if you're kind of frying

inning and a bunch of stuff it's kind of


the purpose I would recommend you bake

it maybe add a little bit of seasoned

stuff like that and then throw it over

some spinach and now we're getting


obviously everybody knows the ins and

outs from chicken right it's packed with

protein it's low in fat anytime you're

trying to lose weight you're gonna want

to eat higher levels of protein lower

levels of carbs keep your fats kind of

useful obviously you're gonna use the

carbs and fats for energy but the less

of those and the certain foods that

you're eating that's for a trigger your

body to utilize the stored fat per

industry because stored fat is energy

right when you're consuming a bunch of

food and it turns into fat right because

your body's like I don't really need to

use this right now so I'll save it for

later that later comes in the form of

the fact one of my staples I use chicken

and eggs almost every other day and last

but not least is going to be tuna total

is gonna be awesome for losing weight

it's a great snack SuperDuper high in

protein but low in calories which is

extremely important that's the key here

if when you're trying to lose weight you

want to be in a caloric deficit so you

don't want to be burning way more

calories than you're taking in right

each day caloric deficit that's what

you're looking for but you're still

gonna be being your body up so you're

gonna need protein for recovery and all

these good things so tooms gonna be one

of those foods to help you keep a high

level of protein but low calorie so that

you can continue to burn fat as always I

hope you guys enjoyed this video if you

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