11 Foods That Help You Lose Weight, List Of The Best Foods !!

are you looking for foods that help you

lose weight quickly there are many types

of foods that can help you burn more

fats and you should definitely add them

into your diet more often in this video

we're going to see a list of some of the

best foods for losing weight

oats are filling which makes it hard to

believe that they can help you lose

weight but eating a portion in the

morning for breakfast as part of a low

calorie diet is a great way to provide

your body with slow-release natural

energy throughout the day which keeps

you feeling fuller for longer and can

even lower your cholesterol apple cider

vinegar is another great thermogenic

food that can help speed up your


it also helps boost digestion and

improves the absorption of nutrients

from foods eaten egg whites are pure

high-quality protein and just seventeen

calories apiece which makes them the

ideal ingredient for a low-cal breakfast

with real staying power for a slimming

morning meal scramble four to five egg

whites with any sauteed veggie like a

combo of spinach tomatoes and onions and

topped with a dollop of salsa

inexpensive filling and versatile beans

are a great source of protein and high

in fiber and slow to digest that means

you feel full longer which may stop you

from eating more apples for a mere 95

calories a medium Apple contains 4 grams

of fiber and recent research suggests

that boosting your fiber intake may help

to prevent weight gain or even encourage

weight loss walnuts are high in calories

and contain protein they also contain

healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids

walnuts make you feel full eating

walnuts regularly can also help to lower

cholesterol and keep you healthy green

tea not only this green tea help curb

hunger but studies have shown it helps

lower bad LDL cholesterol levels green

tea can be one of those go to foods that

help you lose weight in the middle of

the day sure it contains caffeine but

decaffeinated green tea has shown to not

have as favorable results Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt it's packed with protein so

you stay fuller longer and get all the

benefits protein rich foods

supply full of probiotics for better

digestion it's also lower in sodium and

carbohydrates unlike its regular yogurt

cousin cinnamon even just a small amount

of cinnamon has shown to help regulate

blood sugar levels curb cravings and

boost metabolism so sprinkle some in

your morning coffee or smoothie for a

little boost adding chili to meals can

help speed up your metabolism - Chili's

are also packed with antioxidants and

immune boosting vitamin C and

beta-carotene another one of the foods

that help you lose weight it's lean

proteins if you eat lean proteins like

fish and poultry as part of a healthy

diet with exercise you can build more

lean muscle the more lean muscle you

have the more calories you burn and if

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