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pomegranates this fruit has been known

as a symbol of fertility and a sex

enhancer drinking pomegranate juice can

boost your mood

improve your blood flow and even raise

your sex hormone

levels number two chocolate

chocolate and romance go hand in hand


sweet treat is linked with the release

of serotonin

a hormone that encourages feelings of


and well-being the mood boost that

chocolate can bring may rise your sex


too number three spinach

hatch can river pure sex drive in more

ways this leafy green is rich in

magnesium a mineral that can boost your


it also has iron which can help desire

arousal orgasm and sexual satisfaction

particularly in women

number four watermelon this juicy fruit

serves of plenty of amino acid called


your body turns it into arginine another

amino acid that helps you relax your

blood vessels

and that can get the blood pumping in

your sex organs in the same way

viagra works to treat erectile


number five coffee or tea

these drinks deliver a dose of caffeine

which perks up your nervous system

coffin may lower your chances of


dysfunction so try this

home remedies and make a great change in

your sex life

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