What Is The Best Food To Eat When You Have Kidney Stones?


what you eat and drink when you have

kidney stones is important here are some

guidelines currently being recommended

by doctors citrus you may have heard

that eating foods with a lot of calcium

is one of the main causes of kidney


recent research says the opposite a low

calcium diet actually increases your

risk of developing stones citrus fruits

and their juices can help reduce or

block the formation of stones due to

naturally occurring citrate good sources

of citrus include lemons oranges and

grapefruit other recommended foods for

kidney stone sufferers include milk

yogurt cottage cheese and other types of

cheeses vegetarian sources of calcium

include legumes calcium set tofu dark

green vegetables nuts and seeds vitamin

D also make sure you eat plenty of foods

that are high in vitamin D vitamin D

helps the body absorb more calcium

vitamin D is found naturally in fatty

fishes such as salmon it's also present

in egg yolks and a variety of cheeses

stay hydrated what you drink is just as

important as what you eat when you have

kidney stones fluids especially water

help to dilute the chemicals that form

stones currently doctors recommend that

you drink at least 12 glasses of water a

day when you have kidney stones the goal

of this video has been to provide quick

basic answers to the question what is

the best food to eat when you have

kidney stones but remember you should

always rely only on a doctor for

professional advice related to your

health or diet