What BRAND of Cat Food is best to feed your cat (or is Raw Cat Food REALLY the best option)?!

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going to talk about a question I get all

the time and that is what is the best

brand of cat food for your cat before we

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get the question a lot of what is the

best actual name brand of cat food is it

pills prescription diet is it Rachael

Ray's pet food is it Friskies or

whatever else that happens to be on the


and the truth is the name that's on the

packaging of whatever food that you or

your cat are eating does not matter as

much as the actual ingredients in the

food itself just like with human food

and especially foods that are

prepackaged or commercially popular it's

not simply about trusting what these

companies are telling you is good for

you of course any company that tries to

sell you food is going to tell you that

it's amazing because what are they they

are ultimately a business more than

concerned with your health so they are

trying to make a profit and obviously

with the larger companies it's the

livelihood of thousands of people who

might be working for these companies now

I'm not saying that they are necessarily

flat out knowingly lying to you guys as

the public and and us as consumers but

it's important to understand that

oftentimes the super popular and

ultimately cheaper commercial brand

foods are prioritizing sales more than

your health and well-being I talk about

this more in my book the grocery store

tour guide and nutritional workbook

the case of supermarkets and how they

try to influence and manipulate what you

think you need simply by the packaging

itself and how it looks and the labels

that they put on it or even where they

place certain things in the supermarket

now remember that many of these

companies are well aware that what they

are offering is a cheap commodity it's

inexpensive to produce especially in

mass amounts and to sell for affordable

prices and it's in their advantage and

priority as well to make such products

shelf stable so that normally includes

adding a bunch of preservatives and

things that aren't necessarily the best

to ingest all the time and I think it's

safe to say that these companies are

aware that these kinds of products will

keep cats or humans alive and

technically keep them I I don't know how

I can do air quotes with these without

providing a legitimate nutrition so it's

a case of being literally filled up but

not being nutritionally fulfilled these

companies are also aware that most

people in developed countries or Western

civilization's look for convenience over

quality most of the time whether it's a

matter of simply not being able to

afford anything different or not being

educated enough to know what is actually

good for you this is why you always want

to do your best to take that extra step

and due diligence to educate yourself as

much as possible and that way you don't

have to depend on marketing tactics or

even popular opinion when it comes to

anything because those external type

things do not dictate what is best for

you only you know what is best for you

and I digress I get really into this

especially when I have cat paws on

apparently but in the case of this video

only you know what is best for your cat

and your cat depends on you to decide

what's best for him or her so in a


when it comes to what brand of cat food

is best for your cat

all you need to do is flip that package

over and look at the nutritional facts

and specifically the ingredients now if

you are new here and not familiar with

raw cat food or the prey model diet then

I will leave links in the description

below because I have an entire playlist

helping to educate you on that which is

the best diet inherently for your cat to

honor his or her instinct and that

includes recipes nutritional tip 3

recipe and portion calculators and a

whole lot more now when it comes to

store-bought food the top two two things

that you want to look for is the

freshness factor or the shelf life and

the moisture content the third thing

that I'm just gonna give up on that the

third thing you want to look out for and

the one thing that you do want to do

your best to avoid is unnecessary

carbohydrates pillars or grains like

we've talked about in many videos around

here cats are carnivores their bodies

have adapted and are built to eat meat

and they don't have the necessary

digestive enzymes in order to break down

carbohydrates remember that your

precious little feline fur baby's

ancestors were desert wild cats that

roamed around hunting and killing and

eating other animals and that included

not only the muscle meat but it included

organs and contents of their stomach

sometimes and even though our little

house Lions at home are obviously very

domesticated and very spoiled for the

most part if you think about it you just

can't argue the fact that they still

maintain those inherent instincts they

still require the stimulation that

mimics hunting which is why it's so

important to play with your cat and if

you haven't seen my video about playing

with your cat I will also link that in

the description below and they still

require the proper nutrition and proper

diet in order to get the optimal

nutrients into their little 4

bodies so that they can thrive and be

healthy this is exactly why raw food or

the prey model diet is the best diet

that you could be feeding your cat and

although making it yourself is very very

easy and I show you guys how to do that

in multiple videos you can always go buy

it because there are pre-made

store-bought raw cat food that are

typically found in the freezer section

or sometimes the refrigerated section of

specialty pet nutrition stores that

probably is the most expensive option

when it comes to feeding your cat but

it's still an option the next best

option regardless of the brand name is

going to be wet canned food because

remember moisture is vital like we've

spoken about in recent videos felines in

nature typically get their hydration and

water from their food and not from a

separate source this is why feeding your

cat a moisture rich diet is key the next

thing you want to do is look for and

avoid ingredients like brown rice corn

oats and other grains which are often

included in wet and dry commercial cat

foods again not only do casts lack the

digestive enzymes in order to break down

and metabolize such foods but eating

such foods can also block your cat

system from absorbing other vital

nutrients one of these vital nutrients

for example is taurine and you may

remember from my importance of Florian

trilogy of videos that I mentioned there

was a study that showed that when brown

rice was included within some commercial

cat foods it measurably inhibited the

absorption of tureens now if you're

asking is the best well that's basically

like asking which brand of cigarettes is

the best I mean menthols are obviously

more healthy than Marlboro Reds right

because they have mint and mint is fresh

and fresh is healthy right by the way

the the answer there is that no

cigarettes are healthy

in other words no dry food or kibble is

best for your cat if you have to feed

your cat a commercial cat food diet then

always always go with the wet canned

food and also avoid anything seafood or

fish flavored even if the ingredients in

this wet canned food aren't up to par

when it comes to what's best for your

cat at least it has the moisture content

going for it and that is a step in the

right direction remember you want to do

the best you can for your fur baby with

what you have access to and what you can

afford and without turning into some

crazy anxious neurotic helicopter cat

parent just ignore the fact that I'm

telling you all this while dressed up as

a fluffy pink feline lady but the fact

is although diet is incredibly important

and a raw food or prey model type diet

would be optimal for your cat as long as

you are providing them with the freshest

and highest protein moisture rich food

that you can you are doing a great job

remember that along with diet and

nutrition there are health benefits to

interacting with your cat for example

play with them to allow their hunting

and chasing instincts to stay in tune

brush them regularly and clip their

nails remember to have scratch pads and

toys accessible to them just like being

productive and feeling like you have a

purpose encourages humans to feel more

fulfilled and ultimately to be healthier

believe it or not it's pretty similar

with cats too so to sum it up which

brand of cat food specifically is best

for your cat no one in particular

because it's not what's on the outside

that matters but it's what's on the

inside that counts

yes we're still talking about cat food

but that can apply to a lot of important

life things it's up to you to flip that

package around and to evaluate whether

or not the ingredients that are in

specific food satisfy your standards for

what you want to feed your feline fur


remember that Ross hat food is best but

if you find the food that is in the

freezer or refrigerated aisle then

that's a good sign that it's better

quality and remember that if you are

feeding your cat wet canned food even if

it is commercial cat food and that

you're not feeding your cat any dry

kibble then you're on the right track

just do the best you can to avoid any

cat food that includes carbohydrates

like corn wheat soy and especially brown

rice all right guys please remember to

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