What is Best To Feed Your Cat?

what food is best for your cat more

importantly what's your Tacony find out

in this video


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so you may be wondering you know what

should you be feeding your cat darn good

question there's a bunch of different

people out there saying a bunch of

different things what does this guy eat

Murray what's your favorite food well in

general most of our cats the reading far

too much of this dried kibble that means

not enough of this water moisture that's


urinary tract problems what am i feeding

Murray more importantly what should you

be feeding your own cat but even like

the bigger question what is your Tacony

in the first place I'm gonna do a little

experiment with Murray we're gonna see

what he prefers and maybe that'll help

sort of guide my specific suggestions

for you guys what will Murr eat because

I can talk about what food in particular

is best for your cat but if you won't he

or she won't eat it what's the point you

also need to be met ensuring your cat is

eating and so behind door number one we

have the dry kibble mm-hmm there it is

Oh yummy and dry looking maybe it tastes

good for your cat but all these foods it

is by far the least healthiest and the

thing that is doing the most damage and

most of our cats

door number two gives you can food this

is what Murray eats most the time I want

to give him some other options and see

what he prefers door number three we

have the clip chicken cook the chicken

last night YUM

Murray it was me hon away about it you

get fun guessing I think he's gonna go

for the cooked chicken I don't know

during on the floor it's raw food are

just raw food yummy yummy raw beef liver

so what is Murray gonna eat so the dry

cat Cable no question it is doing the

most harm to our cats as far as from a

health point of view first of all it's

virtually no water in this really makes

our cats prone seriously to feline and

lower urinary tract disease you know

they're not drinking up moisture it

concentrates their urine and secondarily

all this dry cat Cable is especially

high in a carbohydrates which one makes

our cats obese secondary makes them turn

them into diabetics third there's a

whole host of other things going on with

you know dry kibble in terms of you know

we're looking at fungal mycotoxins we're

looking bacterial contamination we're

looking at other toxins you know think

of the many pet food scare 2007 there's

a bunch of unhealthy things in many of

our cats cat table which unfortunately

is what's most cats are eating Murray is

a came to me as a diabetic his diabetes

has been reversed now with a so he's not

being managed without insulin because

he's on ken high-protein cat food but

much a way that we managed via via a

home-cooked diet it involves mostly

protein and or raw diet which once again

when involved mostly protein


so I have a big moment of truth

what will the Murray caddy so he's got a

bunch of food options here as you guys

can see god I think this is like

Murray's like ideal video it involves

food food choices okay so mine under

window number one we have the dry kibble

what do you think of a dry kibble Marie

denarnaud way the pitcher and it's okay

kitty cat it's a bit camera shy not

really crazy hmm

so the dry kibble doesn't appeal to you

oh yes des gamer he likes the kibble

under window number two we have tada

Marie canned food so we're gonna pull

the canned food over here see we think

about the canned food he likes that so

much but actually that's good to see

these challenge on that canned stuff

it's so much better form and then the

dry kibble and he needs to be on that he

needs to be on the can the cook the raw

if we're gonna manage his diabetes but

there's more we have the cooked chicken

so here's a cooked chicken mmm

Murray's sniffing the cooked chicken he

is well

he's eating the cooked chicken okay here

I'll just show I'm not gonna steal your

food I'm just want them to see that

you're actually eating the cooked

chicken it's also a great source of

moisture it's not going to have as much

as say that canned stuff it may not have

quite as much as it's gonna be if it was

in a raw form but there's still so much

more moisture in that than any of that

cable you know he's right at least 50%

his moisture verses virtually none in

the cable so now behind the last window

we have raw liver ladies had liver and

the dry stuff never raw I'm just curious

to see what he thinks about

raw liver he's sniffing it oh right what

do you think Emory you've never had or I

don't think it's a fair comparison and

probably what I should have done is

giving you some out of their raw meat

like beef or chicken that you've had oh

you're interested what if I cooked it

for you I don't know you're thinking

about it mmm okay yeah it looks like the

raw didn't went out today for Murray not

the raw liver anyway what do you think

though you like rough stuff oh no he's

looking at it just maybe it wasn't his

first on his list this is Mary's dream

video Oh food and I'm not doing much

killing he's like God I just get to eat

all right even awesomer kitty cat first

of all get your cat off of cable the

least amount of kibble as possible and

not as ideal is that but secondarily you

got to make sure your cat's gonna eat

whether you think law might be best but

if your cat won't eat it okay it's an

ear next option there's a cook I'm

making your own home homemade cat diet

Murray really loves this cooked chicken

another would be really good option for

me as opposed to just the canned food

then obviously the canned is easiest

kind of busy guy I got a lot of things

going on so most so we stick with can

another really great option I've been

able to control his diabetes I know it's

so much more healthier form memory so

what do you think so we got pan we had

kibble we have wandering happy cat


nor you just ate all the cat and all the

cooked chicken thank you so much for

watching this edition of entery secrets

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