Top 5 Best Fonts for PowerPoint 2016 - #QuickTip09

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Have you ever wondered that there are hundreds of fonts installed in your system but still

you find difficulty in finding the best font for your powerpoint presentation?

If yes, then don�t worry, in this video I will be discussing the 5 best fonts which

you can use in your powerpoint presentation.

The download links of these fonts will be available in the description box below and

if you want to learn that how to install any font in your system so that it can be used

in the powerpoint slide, I will upload a separate video regarding this and the link of the same

will be available in the youtube show notes below.

So the very basic thing that is required to choose the best font is that the text should

be easily readable to the audience.

The sans serif fonts work best for the powerpoint.

These are the fonts which do not have any curly extensions to them.

In simple words, you are to think more of arial and less of times new roman.

So the first font in my list of best fonts is my personal favorite, The Bold Font!

As the name suggests, this font is really bold and great for headlines.

It is easily readable even in smaller sizes but I would recommend you to use this font

only for headings and not for the body text.

Next is Helvetica.

This is a sans serif font and can be used for headings as well as the body text since

its easy to read even in smaller weights.

If I could summarize Helvetica in one sentence, it would be clarity with complete simplicity.

Next comes the Garamond font.

It is a typeface that always remains professional, with quite a clean and sharp appearance.

It looks more mature.

The fouth font in my list is Gill sans.

Another sans serif font, gill sans presents a friendly and warm look, without being too


The BBC logo still uses the typeface to this day, and it is still a very modern font for

many designers around the world.

Last but not the least comes futura font.

It has a great readability and looks elegant and beautiful and this is the reason that

I would recommend you to use this font in your slideshow.

So now you don�t need to use the standard fonts like calibiri and times new roman all

the time.

Though these fonts are also good but you should always keep trying something different and

something new.

There are many websites like which have a ton of different fonts to choose from.

Just choose any font which you like keeping in mind that it should be easily readable

to your audience.

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