TOP 5 Best Smart TVs in 2020






step up to full array performance 2018


q contrast delete

smartly controlled full array led s an

anti-reflective screen and cue engine

contrast mastering reveal detail and

depth from ultra black to pure white cue

color quantum dots push the boundaries

of color with over a billion shades that

appear vibrant and real and deliver 100%

color volume where colors don't wash out

and bright scenes see shades of red and

greens not found on standard HD TVs qHD

are elite

step up to elite class HDR with the

power to reveal stunning details and

in-depth vibrant colors


q engine heighten your view with a

powerful processor that optimizes your

content for 4k clarity it uses contrast

mastering as well as HDR enhancement so

images are always stunning in 4k uhd q

style blend your TV into your home

ambient mode and get a thoughtful design

with a clean cable solution that allows

you to focus on the TV without the

clutter q smart with bixby voice a

revolutionary way to find streaming and

live TV shows with the universal guide 1

remote and voice assistant watch Planet

of the Apes









4k UHD TVs from Samsung be in the moment

with incredible crispness and clarity

that exceeds expectations with over 8

million pixels incredible picture

details emerge

everything you see looks four times

sharper than Full HD there is so much to

see for programs not produced in 4k the

revolutionary Samsung upscaling engine

enhances the resolution to near 4k

quality 4k Ultra High Definition is

optimized for delivering stunning HDR


see how colors come to life with pure



and the universal brows is an easy way

to find streaming content and live TV

shows with a single universal guy


enjoy shows made in 4k Samsung Smart

Home allows you to switch seamlessly

between live TV 4k streaming and 4k



from finish to function and elegant slim

design for a modern look you'll admire

4k uhdtv from Samsung