Which Fishing Line is BEST? (Braid vs Mono vs Fluro)

horn is up ladies and gentlemen a

physique fan you may or may not be able

to hear my voice but I'm a a sick little

boy today but that's okay we're gonna

push through the sickness and try to

make a entertaining video for you guys

I'm also gonna be trying to answer one

of the most commonly asked questions of

me from you guys on this channel and

that question is what type of line

fishing line is my favorite you know

what type what palem test you know what

is the best for bass fishing and really

it's it's incredibly hard to answer that

question but I'm going to do my best

today's video and it's gonna be

especially relevant today because if you

guys remember in a couple videos I did a

couple videos back I have a surplus of

rods and reels right now that are

completely empty don't have any line on

them at all because I've just you know I

mean how do you spool up this many rods

and reels I mean you're gonna have to

sit back take your time figure out what

kind of line what kind of fishing you're

gonna be doing with each one and go from

there so if you are one of those people

who have been wondering to yourself you

know what kind of fishing line is best

what kind of fishing line is best for

this situation or what my favorite is

what I use the most often I'm gonna do

my best to answer that today as we go

shopping for line because I need about

15 rod reals worth of fishing lines so

we're gonna have to go see if we could

make that happen

guys now one question that I can answer

right here right now when people say

what is the best fishing line for bass

fishing that is that cannot be answered

okay because that is completely up to

your opinion there are so many factors

at play

what kind of lure are you throwing where

are you in the country I guarantee you

somebody that's fishing in Florida and

somebody fishing in New York State are

not throwing the exact same type of

fishing line it's just not that's not

how it works you know what kind of

species are you targeting are you after

largemouth smallmouth hybrid stripers

all that stuff matters so here's what

we're gonna do guys

we're gonna hop up in Academy which is

right behind me somewhere all got his

sons right in my eye

we're going to dive into the different

types of fishing lines braid mono floor

Oh what I use each one for my favorite

brands of each one and finally what my

favorite line is where I use the most

often let's get in here

here we go the holy grail of fishing

line that's why I like Academy as

opposed to like dicks or Walmart is they

have to me clearly the biggest selection

of fishing line brands types and

everything else I think I'm gonna start

with my least used line and it's really

just because it's winter time but my

least used line right now is braid we

got a nice section of braid right here I

mean we've got Power Pro we've got

spider wire we've got the diable brand

the J Bray we've got suffix we've got

everything so my favorite brands of

braid I do love Power Pro it's

especially these this one right here the

super slick it's just it's the quietest

one and your line guides and you guys

know if you've ever used to have your

braid some of those sound like a saw you

know going through your line guides but

the super slick is very nice but the

problem is it's very expensive as

opposed to like a regular braid

I've used spider wire before thought it

was okay I've used the diet with J braid

before I thought that was okay too

now the suffix it's another one that I

really do like but once again you know

the price point it's gonna be a little

bit more expensive so it just kind of

depends on what your budget is how much

you're willing to spend you know how

much are you gonna use this braid if

you're gonna use a lot you may want to

step it up and actually buy something

really good here we go some catfishing

braided line a lot of you can't

fishermen out there probably could tell

me if this stuff's any good or not I

have no idea guys if I'm using bright

I'm using it pretty much either for one

of two different situations either one

I'm throwing a topwater lure of some

kind buzzbaits

maybe a walker plumper sometimes a top

water frog I mean it's hard to throw a

top water frog about anything except

right because you need that braid to

float on top of the water and you also

need the zero stretch the brain has and

when you go to set the hook you just

slam the hooks and

basses mouth the other thing I'd like to

use bright for is flipping in heavy

cover and once again if you're not in

full order right now you're probably not

flipping anywhere near have you cover

because you guys I don't have any heavy

cover but when you flip into heavy cover

you're gonna be flipping out really

heavy tungsten weight up to like two

ounces which is gonna require very heavy

line also when you hook into a fish in

heavy cover like lily pads grass a grass

mat stuff like that you're gonna have to

yank that bass out of there and if it's

a good size bass you put all the strain

on your line you've got to have

something heavy so that's where braided

line comes in the non stretch the extra

strength the poundage of it are designed

for specific things so as far as like

how heavy I like to go well with the top

water buzzbait with something like that

or even a frog to me 30 pound is kind of

right where you want to be it's not too

heavy like 50 pounds and it's not too

light like 15 pounds so that's probably

gonna be a a top water type moving top

water braid right there let's get one of

these let's get one of something else I

think I'll go with some suffix 30 pound

for the other one just cool packaging -

it's like mesmerizing as far as color

guide you can see we don't get too far

from aqua green or like a moss green or

just a dark green color you know you

could go with black too if you can find

it it's kind of hard to find in stores

where I live but yeah there you go now

for flipping it's gonna be the exact

opposite for flipping you want to go

heavy because like I said the situation

you're gonna be in you're gonna need

some heavy heavy heavy live so we're

gonna go with 50 pound super-slick for

the flipping type stuff the next two

type of lines guys are mono and plural

and believe it or not actually

interchange them quite a bit with

different rigs lures and setups that I

use I like to use both of them for

specific situation let's start with

fluoro so guys there's two main

differences between fluoro and mono okay

the one difference is fluoro has a lot

less stretch meaning fluoro is a lot

more similar to braid in the fact that

when you swing and set the hook the line

does not stretch very much whereas mono

has a ton of stretch and you might be

saying why do you want a line that

stretches well there's actually a reason

why that line stretches and it's a good

but we'll get to that in just a minute

guys but I think flora car I'm thinking

Texas rig crankbait spinnerbait

ChatterBait you know a lot of rigs are

gonna be tied on to fluorocarbon size

rains I could go all the way down to ten

pounds if I'm doing something really

light if I'm throwing a really light

lure but if the fish are just not biting

at all and I'll go all the way up 20

pound line if I'm like in Florida or if

I'm fishing around heavy grass and stuff

like that heavy cover where if I get

snagged I could still rip my lure out of

there so we're gonna range all the way

up and down on the size chart when it

comes to fluorocarbon I started off

throwing the P line fluorocarbon rod

kind of moved away from that I don't

know why I just kind of just stopped

using it I just wasn't a big fan anymore

now the one that's right next to it the

Berkley vanish this has been one of my

favorite and 12-pound line is one of

those line it's a little light for me

but I use a lot of different things with

that I'm gonna go ahead and grab one of

those ya vanish this stuff is legit I'll

tell you one of my favorite budget

fishing fluorocarbons is the vicious I

love this stuff and 15 pound now you've

kind of gotten into the middle ground of

where I like to be between 12 and 17

pounds really so let's get one of those

we're also gonna have to get some 20

pound fluorocarbon because some of the

lures that we're gonna be throwing this

year like Alabama rigs are big swim

baits you've got to have that extra

poundage on your line but you still want

fluorocarbon with some of those so let's

let's get one of those too no I don't

have a lot of experience with the

Berkeley tri lean I've never really used

it same with the Strand fluorocarbon I

like string for mono and we'll get to

that second Bob never really uses string

fluoro so I'm not I'm really not sure

but you know we haven't got a 17-pound

yet I like to have a 17 pound it's heavy

but it's not quite as heavy as 20 pound

so let's get one of those too we're

gonna get a little bit more fluoro and

mono than we do braid because we're

using that more this time of year next

up is mono guys and I keep things super

simple with mono

I love strand it's my favorite 14 pounds

17 pounds that's pretty much that's

going to get me through most situations

with them on out so because of the

stretch that Murano has let me explain a

situation where you may want that

stretch so me I love lipless crankbaits

especially when the water is cold

I am actually a weird person most people

throw lipless crankbaits on floor Oh

because fluro sinks if there's no

stretch to it it's just a quality line

but see I like to use mono with lipless

crankbaits because with those treble

hook baits I find that the stretch kind

of helps it helps you secure that fish

and not lose the fish it's kind of hard

for me to explain it because I'm not a

professional angler I don't want to

sound stupid but just trust me having

that stretch in certain situations with

treble hook baits it just it I like it

better I feel like I catch more fish

with mono in that situation in the

fluoro another thing about mono that is

advantage over fluoro is if you're using

a topwater lure but you don't want to

use braid so for example a top water

spook okay a top water walking bait of

any kind I prefer to use mono because

it's stiffer than bright if you ever

seen braid when it lays down it just

folds over its really limp whereas mono

is very stiff and so what that does is

when you're walking when you're

twitching your rattle hot on a top water

walking bait it prevents the line from

getting fouled up around one of the

hooks of the lure that you're using one

thing I always ask myself when I'm

choosing between mono and fluoro is how

deep is my lure gonna get how deep do I

want my little to get and if the answer

is you want your lure to get kind of

deep then you want to use that floor

because it does sink it's going to allow

you to get to your depth that you want

to get to for example deep diving

crankbaits if you would tie one of those

on mono you would not get to the depth

that you wanted to get to because the

mono floats and doesn't sink that well I

think I think I've got enough for us to

buy this stuff get back to the fishing

mancave spool up some reels or maybe

just talk about specifically how I'm

gonna use each one of these lines oh my

god just maybe back to the man cave got

my pile of lying down here as you can

see you got everything that we bought

check these three guys out right here

guys these are brand new rod and reel

combos that I have custom picked for the

demonstration of this video they're

going to demonstrate how the different

types of lines apply in each different

situation guys congratulations if you're

still watching right now you're gonna

have a chance to win my first giveaway

of 2019

shhh don't tell any party don't do

anything right now stop don't do

anything okay because I'm gonna have to

explain to you how you win the giveaway

I'm also gonna have to show you what


going to be trying to win but you got to

watch a little bit longer make it

through these little tips I'm about to

give you a real quick end of the video

I'm going to tell you exactly what you

can win and how to win it so stay tuned

guys as I'm going through these combos

in the the line that I use in the

poundage that I use remember what I said

earlier it's all up to a matter of

opinion at the end of the day what

matters is what makes you feel

comfortable so yeah this is just all my

personal preferences I'm not saying here

you guys should go out and do this exact

same thing just saying this is what I do

so take what I do and kind of apply it

to what you do and there's a nice little

marriage in there so these first two

come one I'm going to show you guys how

I would rig up two fluorocarbon combos

so for fifteen pound fluorocarbon I'm

going to use this most of the time when

it comes to a Texas rig now I fish a lot

of Texas rig plastic so and once again

you can go down to twelve ten pounds

with this or up to seventeen twenty

pound if you need to

I find that 15 pound is right in that

middle ground it allows me enough power

strength and durability but it's also a

little bit lighter than some of those

heavier lines so I still had that

sensitivity that I want I'm going to

fish that fifteen pound fluorocarbon on

a seven foot three medium heavy fast

action rod and with the reel really

doesn't matter to whatever you want it's

just this I think this is a six point

eight to 1 gear ratio actually it's a

seven point five to one so it's pretty

fast but you know with the Texas rig you

can you can really use any kind of real

on a Texas rig that you want to and boom

there we are

spool up with some fifteen pound

fluorocarbon like I said this is going

to be my Texas rig setup so there we go

got my little three sixteenth ounce

tungsten bullet weight a little 3 o

extra wide gap hook and that's going to

be my Texas rig setup most of the time

now that's going to fluctuate like I

said I mean you know if you start

throwing a really big soft plastic you

may want to change everything about that

combo but just for me for an all-around

Texas rig combo that's my go-to right

there you can use a straight shank worm

hook instead of an extra wide gap hook

obviously your weight size can go up and

down whatever you want but that's gonna

be my set up most of the time moving on

to the 20 pound fluorocarbon this is

where things start to get a little hairy

because the setup that I'm going to put

this on the lure that I'm gonna be using

on this set up quite a bit is go

to be something very new to me and so

something I'm not really confident with

but by golly we're gonna make it work

going to be putting that really heavy

light on this big daddy right here you

guys might remember from the video that

I did on this this is that really big

Super Duty the 300 I mean this is a huge

real baby you can't tell from this video

this rod is also giant I'm like hitting

the roof in my man cave cuz it's so big

it's a seven-eleven rod and this reel is

made for a lot of lime good guy fall I

got a sport um I should have showed you

guys how long that took to spool that up

but it's got such a big wide spool on it

it just it holds a lot of wine but as

you guys can see what I have on there

right to second is a mondo crank bait

and that's one of the many things that

you can use a big big rod like this for

playing this is the strike king 10 XD so

this is pretty much the biggest crank

bait that you're gonna see out there I'm

also gonna use it for big swim baits

like I showed you guys in the rod reel

video check these bad boys out I mean

just giant wake baits right here for

glide baits I'm sorry and but this time

of year I only think that's the juice

yet but anybody who saw a big swim baits

please hit me in the comment section

with some tips because I have no idea so

this time of year now that it's still

cold probably gonna be throwing the big

crank baits or the umbrella rigs at

Alabama rigs but something that requires

that heavy fluorocarbon line there's

only a few things out there that require

that heavy a fluorocarbon line and that

big of a setup so that's what I'm gonna

be using that for this year guys for the

mono we're gonna keep this so so simple

right now I'm gonna take my little 14

pound mono that I got and I'm going to

put that on what I really believe is

like the most versatile combo out there

it's gonna be a 7-foot 3 medium heavy

fast action rod once again and if you

guys noticed with me a medium heavy fast

action rod is gonna be my most versatile

rod it's gonna be the one that I have

the most rods up because it is so

versatile I've got that one is 6 8 to 1

gear ratio reel by lose of course cuz

that's what I use and this is going to

be a lipless crankbait setup okay so

with that 14 panel line that's going to

give me the straps and I've talked about

when using lipless crankbaits I haven't

really heard of other people besides

myself you

mano with lipless crankbaits but ever

since I made the switch and started

doing it consistently I have felt like

my hookup ratio in my landed fish to

bite ratio has gotten better since I

switched from fluoro

to mono so if any of you guys out there

have any experience with that hit me in

the comment section as usual and there

you go guys there she is all spooled up

with that 14 pound mono there's my

little lipless crank guys red has been

killing it lately for me I don't know if

you how you guys feel about you know

Krita lipless crankbait colors but I was

normally like a white you know white or

white and chartreuse lipless crankbait

guy but I've been throwing the red

lately it has been just killing it I'm

not really sure why moving on to what

you guys all came here for and that's

gonna be the brain people love using

brain and I do too brain is widely

considered you know one of the favorite

fishing lines out there and I don't

really know why I guess maybe because it

makes a cool sound when you hook into a

finish and it squeals and you know the

braids like grinding as you pull the

fish in so I'm going to take this

beautiful seven foot three and a half

foot medium heavy fast action rod with

this 8.32 one and a gear ratio reel so

anytime I hear 8.3 to 1 gear ratio

that's a really fast reel right there so

that's a top water reel or a flippin

real for me but since this is a medium

heavy rod what that tells me is that's a

top water rod we'll get to the heavy rod

in just a minute so this is going to be

a top water moving bait style setup

probably a buzzbait because that is my

favorite top water lure and that's one

of those lures where you need to swing

around a hook sag you need to drive that

single hook into the mouth of that bass

and you do not want to lose that fish

that's where the braid comes in and


there we go I will say there's just

something about a real being spoon up

with a braid it just makes it look

cooler it's a proven but so this is a

buzz bait that I got on here guys and

this is going to be probably the main

lure that I have tied onto a rig like

this with a really fast gear ratio real

medium heavy fast action rod you guys

know the deal that's kind of how I

prefer to fish a buzz bait but

did the 30 pound braid on this remember

we got 50 pounds and 30 pounds well 30

pound is more in line with a moving bait

like this now all the pins like I've

said a million times video it all

depends on where you are

where are you fishing it what kind of

you know stuff is around you what kind

of cover are you fishing but most of the

time thirty pound braid is going to be

plenty for that type of setup which

brings us to the next situation where 50

pound braid is going to have to be what

you use because you just you have to

you're not going to be able to get away

with anything less than that so now we

have stepped up to a 7 foot 4 heavy rod

fast action with a big Super Duty reel

on here 8.3 to 1 gear ratio so kind of

like the last one it's a really fast

gear ratio but now we're not thinking

about top water anymore but now we're

not thinking about a buzz baby anymore

now we're thinking more of like a frog

frog fishing or flipping more

specifically and one more time

kaboom there we go the 50 pound braid on

that Super Duty reel and the reason

we're gonna have 50 pound braid is

because of this right here that right

there is about a 1 ounce pegged tungsten

weight with a little flipping hook so

this is going to be a flipping set of

all okay now I could tie a frog on there

if I really wanted to but I can also

throw a frog on that last set up the

medium heavy setup with a 30 pound braid

so that's gonna be a flipping setup so I

hope I didn't like over complicate

things too much you know I kind of

answered the question of what line I use

the most I really didn't answer the

question but my answer would be it all

depends on what time of year where you

are in the country what is it what does

the water look like where you're fishing

and then finally what are you fishing

so all that all these lines have a place

and bass fishing they all have a role to

play and at any given time I will have

all three you know setups in my truck at

one time especially like the spring time

or fall or and I could literally I could

throw anything in a day then I'm gonna

have all three of those setups near me

at all times but I'd really like to hear

from you guys because that's just what

drives me you know I I didn't mean for

this video to turn into like such a

heavy vlog but I'm

SiC is heck you know it's cold outside

I'm not gonna go out and fish all day

when I'm six and I'm just never gonna

get better but hopefully tomorrow I get

back on the fishing train and have some

actual fishing content for you guys but

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guys had a lot of fun today filming this

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fishing line do I use the most

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