Best firewall software for windows

hello guy I said Jesus to skip back with

another video pill before jumping into

the actual topic that is best firewall

software for Windows let us have a

little chitchat about some related

things like what is a firewall what is

actually gonna do to your system why do

we need a firewall and other things like

that well first on to start with what is

the framework a firewall may be either a

hardware or software thing and the basic

functionality of a firewall is to

protect you network from data intrusions

this is how a firewall enable network

looks like a PC the firewall the network

every action of network will be

monitored by the firewall and every data

transmission will be perfectly scanned

wand and protector for the firewall if

you send a data from your system to the

outside Network then it will also be

scanned and that's a network through

your system will also be skinned and

this virus scans the packet a packet is

nothing but a part of your data your

data will be splitted into lots and lots

of packets in the network system and the

basic structure of a packet looks like

this vacinated portion and the data

portion and the head portion consists of

the sender's address and receiver for

this and the NIDA portion consists of

the actual data to be sent or received

though in case if I have blocked

Internet Explorer's and access using my

fatwas software then any data which is

downloaded of sent to my system by

Internet Explorer will be completely

blocked by my firewall because using the

head things the firewall identifies that

Internet Explorer is blocked so it sends

back the data are it discards the date

so in case if you need a firewall

software with a real-time network

monitor network access viewer alert

system and took scanner a meaning

anti-virus software on other things like

these then I have the exact thing for

you and

the software is glassware firewall

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glassware firewall software comes in

four Williams one free to use software

package and three pay and use software

packages and the three payment amounts

all basic pro and enlight I contact the

glass for firewall before a month and I

told them I'm going through your

software and it's nice so can you

provide me with the review basic key and

it's so kind of them because they

provided me with an elite versions key

Thank You glass referral first let us

start with the graphical user interface

all the user interface of the software

the things are the features are well

organized and forms of tabs easily

understandable things and you can switch

from one type to another and the taps

are starting from the real-time network

graph firewall uch Network and alerts

will be seeing what are the functions or

features of these things in later part

of the video so wait for it here it

comes let us start with the graph

section of this glassware firewall

software the graph which actually

displays the network activity in real

time format the graph peak shows that

the network activity is at peak and the

lower peak shows that the network is

dormant or you are not using or

accessing the network so if you want to

view the past two hours network activity

then it can also be done using this

graph section and even in case if you

want to confront someone by seeing half

you use my network before to us then

there's option to capture the screen of

the graph section you can do that if you

have a doubt regarding this graph

section then let us have a little test


on the left side I have Google Chrome

open and on the right side I have

glassware firewalls graph section well

let us start the testing session by

playing a video as you know video

playing consumes more data it downloads

the video data so the net of activity

should be at peak and have a look at the

right side the graph is piling up piling

up it's increasing it's real the graph

is working it's real it's not fake it is

showing the real-time mental activity it

is working even in case if you want to

differentiate between software's

activity are because if you have Google

Chrome Mozilla Firefox and interests

were open in three separate windows and

if you want to check which consumes more

data and how much data is consumed by

all these software then you can switch

to apps mode in case if you want to view

the traffic of protocols and other

things used by the network then you can

switch to traffic born in the graph

section and well basically these are the

most important things which are present

inside the graph section of this

glassware firewall well and now let us

move to the next section the most

important section and that is nothing

but the firewalls section the firewall

section displays all the software's and

services which are accessing or using

your network at real time this also

works in real time and see my firewall

section there are lots of services and

software running in case if you want to

block access to a particular software or

service just click on the fire button on

the left side which will block access to

the software our service and if you

don't like a software just block it if

you don't like your service to be

running at the background blocking can

be done in a single click just just like


single click so let's try blocking

Google Chrome now our block Google

Chrome and jam there it goes Google

Chrome can't access my network it will

be blocked for eternity

till I remove the block out to light

uninstall verified walk let me scroll

down and find some other

activities oh there are lots and lots of

software's which are using the network

without my not if you have suspicions on

a particular software or service just

block it using this firewall section in

in the same way you can also view what

are the hosts the services are the

software is trying to access that is the

IP address or the website which the

service is accessing at real time if you

click on Google Chrome the +15 more icon

on the host are the IP address on the

urls accessed by google chrome now will

be displayed there and you can see there

are lots of host address and IP address

and they are accessing my network right

now so in case if you find unusual

activity in that you then block the

software it works in an issue and on the

top there will be an option to block all

network access if you want to block your

whole network access then just select

that but in case if you want to block

only a particular software or service

just click on the fire icon I don't want

to waste time in this section let's move

on to the next one that is the usage

section where the usage limit or the

data usage limit of all the software's

and services will be displayed that you

could see my network has totally

consumed one santi 8.4 Meg's of data

from the time of installation of

glassful firewall on the right side of

the tab inside the usage section you can

find apps host traffic type inside apps

google chrome host process for Windows

system will be a sub data on on the host

side the IP address are the web URLs

accessed by the software's or services

and on the extreme right the traffic

type what protocol is consuming what

data are how much data

hypertext Transfer Protocol is

transmitting or consuming eighty two

point nine mix of data that makes sense

because all the websites are maxing

right now are all the websites which

everyone access are usually use a search

TTP protocol that's known that's how

usage section works and

see me even if you want to categorize

the usage section you can switch to ABS

traffic which is nothing but just

compartmentalized or categorized view of

usage access in case if you want to find

one leave a separate thing like Google

Chrome how much it is consuming Mozilla

Firefox how much it is consuming and

other things like that that is all with

the usage section

the most surprising thing and the most

important thing here is that gasps

referral comes with the mini antivirus

inside it and if you want to scan a

particular software just click on it

click on scan it will scan for viruses

and if it is at our john wong or a

malicious thing it will report you then

you can take here you can make your own

decision if you wish to keep it keep it

and let your system die in case if you

don't want to then just uninstall it

that's how it works and that is all what

the usage section on let us move on to

the next section and keep on saying this

again and again so the next section is

the network section which is simple it

just displays you all the devices are

network components which are connected

to your network at real-time value

inside my network section it shows three

things the first thing is actually my

Wi-Fi router the next thing is actually

my PC that is displayed as the local

host and the third thing is actually my

PC that is my mother bots network card

or LAN card they call it us these are

the three things which are currently

connected to my network and those things

are clearly displayed here and in case

if you find an initial thing connected

to your network then just change your

network and access password in case if

you find some mother unknown user

accessing your Wi-Fi network then just

change your password to a strong one and

one two three four is not a strong

password as Sheldon said please use a

strong password for your Wi-Fi jumping

on to the last but not least section

alert section this is nothing but as the

name says alert it notifies you of your

network activity from time to time where

you can view what are the things which

are happening in your network

some other things which happen already

and other things here also you can

categorize it by date apps and type

starting from currently to till you

install glass or firewall software and

when you move on to app section it shows

the apps individual alert activity if

Internet Explorer has started for the

first time the first Network activity

will be reported by the solar system and

a class type it will be either a new

software network activity or in case if

you are updated a software then those

things will also be notified by

glassware firewall here inside the OBS

software which is nothing but my screen

recorder software there are two others

one is first Network activity and the

next is update alert I have updated the

software just now so it is displayed

inside alerts section you can scan your

network to see and to time notifications

block access to a software or service

these things can be done with this class

before working now even if you are not

satisfied then you are a freak Waldemar

but I liked it so I consider this do

these are all the features there are

options like changing skins changing

languages if you are not comfortable

with English then you can switch to

other language there are totally fifteen

to sixteen languages or ten languages I

think and the other option is changing

the skin which changes the colour of the

graph and other things inside the

software if you are not comfortable with

the align being the default thing then

you change that to your own skin inside

the setting section there

and lots and lots of options like

beginning idol mail running on startup

enable a notification administrator

account passwords and other things like


if the app count dark glass profile on

installed is not the administrator

account then you can specify this lock

so that every time if you want to change

or if you open glass or firewall it will

ask for administrators password that is

in the client section of this software

moving on to the next settings remote

server settings where if you want to

view the activity offer so in case if

you have a hosting server website

hosting site or website hosting server

and if you want to view the activity of

that thing and then you can specify the

IP address and access phosphor of that

particular host on the server and you

can view the activity inside the Astra

firewall in server thing in the general

section as I said the same way accessing

a server and setting some other

modifications like port address port

range and other things and last settings

option is nothing but the security

settings where you can adjust large and

lots of security options my advice don't

turn off the settings which are turned

on by default because those things are

turned off on your security so that is

all pretty much it with this last

referral software I hope you like the

software if you like then the link is in

the description click it and download it

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