How to Choose a Fire Pit

hi my name is Sara Bendrick and I'm here

with Wayfarer and I want to talk about

fire pit as a landscape professional I

get questions all the time on what the

best units are you can run gas you can

run propane or you can do wood burning

you to units right here are word

learning and what's great about that is

they're affordable so they still have a

lot of charm and put out a lot of heat

the first thing you want to consider

it's a ground plane what's underneath it

can that catch fire this patio is

perfect you know you're going to be safe

with stones the second thing you want to

consider if you have a prefabricated

unit its protecting it depending on your

climate you might be fine with just a

cover or if you're in a climate that

snows you may consider just bringing it

inside although they're made out of

metal and it's protected to make them

last the longest you really want to

protect them from the moisture you can

use both of these fire prints in

completely different ways this unit is

great because of the shape you can fit

people all around it and it's going to

distribute evenly the calf here protects

you from any of the embers and any of

the flames that might jump out but

what's really awesome about this is if

you can imagine yourself

roasting marshmallows or hot dogs it

really brings that campfire feel but

this to Minaya over here is also pretty

cool you would set your speeding so it's

a circular or u-shape around because

it's going to put out heat this way

what's unique about this one you can

actually take the top off and it becomes

a grill which is pretty cool either of

the units are good they're both made out

of metal they're going to last a long

time it ultimately comes down to how do

you want to entertain the last thing you

want to do is make sure to check your

local regulations depending on where you

live there might be limitations on what

type of fire you can have and how big

and how far it needs to be from the

house thank you guys for watching fire

pits or great addition to a yard they

really warm up the space and I'll see

you next time