Best Data Recovery Software in 2019 [Recover Photos, Files & Documents]

hello guys in today's video we're gonna

check out the best data recovery

software in 2019 I made this list based

on my personal opinion and I tried to

list them based on their price quality

durability and more to find out more

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in this video at number five it's test

disc in my opinion there's nothing worse

than seeing that you've lost all the

valuable data that you've stored on your

PC this may happen for a variety of

reasons such as accidental deleting or

even some failure in the hard drive or

some virus it's happened to most of us

well the best way to protect against

loss of data is by creating multiple

backups by using cloud services and

backup hard drives to store your

important data when accidents happen

there is a possible other solution and

hope thanks to the advanced data

recovery software and while this kind of

software is normally not free if you

need to recover your data they are

essential first in our list we have the

test disk data recovery tool which is

free software and one of the most

powerful in the market it's worth

stating from the beginning that the test

disk is not very easy to use and it may

initially intimidate beginners and the

software doesn't show you the way

however it compensates for that in power

and compatibility for a wide range of

systems and support for tons of file

systems simply explained test disk is a

freeware data recovery tool developed

and maintained by Christoph Grenier it's

fully open source software and is

distributed under the terms of the GNU

General Public License the applications

main purpose is to recover lost disk

partitions and fix bootable disks that

are no longer booting correctly you can

also use testers to generate information

concerning a corrupted Drive which can

be used for troubleshooting by technical

support specialists the biggest

advantage of the test disk is that it

works with tons of file systems and can

restore lost partitions in Windows max

UNIX and Linux platforms the other

advantage of that is that it's open

source software meaning you can modify

it for free to suit your needs

and while it's completely free if you

like the software I suggest you donate

to the developers for their efforts at

number four its recover the second

option on our list is also free software

while this is not an ultra powerful tool

like the former this one is extremely

easy to use and will help you recover

deleted files easily its recover this

free file recovery software has a very

user-friendly interface and tons of

functionality there's also a paid

version in the company's website for

simple solutions you can opt for the

free version though as well if you're

not as technically gifted and don't want

to bother with advanced methods that may

recover more files than this service the

recover is perfect however like I said

it may not recover as many files as the

more advanced systems but for simple

tasks this is just great software the

paid version is very affordable and

apart from the file recovery tools it

delivers a nice virtual hard drive

support automatic updates and premium

support from the developer helping you

in the way of recovery of files if you

face difficulties the ease of use of the

recover is a true lifesaver right from

the get-go the interface of the wizard

will help you to choose the options that

you may want and it won't bother you

with navigating the complex menus if you

choose not to use the wizard first of

all a menu will pop up asking you what

kind of files you want to recover you

can select all files or a more specific

option for more accurate results such as

compressed archives documents videos

photos music and so on after that it'll

ask you whether it should recover

straight from the drive itself or if it

should make a disk image from the drive

to make things easier when dealing with

stubborn cases for example if your drive

is failing or any other serious problem

but for simple cases you can choose the

direct from the drive option it

performed excellently for simple scans

and recoveries however it struggled with

more complex tasks and the number of

files recovered was decent at number

three its data rescue 5 data rescue 5 is

a comprehensive and very professional

tool of data recovery that was developed

and designed to deliver you the best

experience when it comes to recovering

your important data this software is one

of the best since its tested in the data

recovery lab with the most stubborn and

difficult cases of data

for over 20 years and it's recovered

billions of files even the basic version

of the data rescue five is very

expensive however if you want to rescue

or data at all costs it's a necessary

price to pay as I said this software is

pretty expensive but for home users it

has a nice and risk-free deal first you

just download the free demo of the

software that lets you run a full scan

just like in a paid version and this

scan will allow you to preview what file

is recoverable so you don't risk buying

the software and then learning that you

can't recover your files I'll get to the

standard version in the moment and talk

about its features however I should

mention the professional version as well

which is very expensive but if you're an

IT professional or run of business this

is the best bet as it even allows you to

recover raids deliver you advanced

recovery options and search faster scans

and quicker recovery speeds but then

again this is an overkill for home users

thanks to its amazing user interface the

data rescue 5 is very easy to use and

operate even the installation process is

very quick and easy to do my opinion the

data rescue 5 has the cleanest and most

professional user interface and the

scans are also quicker than other

software even if you're not technically

inclined the clean interface will help

you to understand and quickly find your

files the interface allows you to

quickly navigate and scan for files that

you need to find and it always points

you in the right direction the

performance of the device is excellent

and offers speedy recovery so if you

want efficiency the data rescue 5 is

your best bet at number 2 its stellar

stellar is another data recovery

software that works to perfection it's

also pretty expensive but if you want

your files recovered it's a great deal

and on top of that from the demo version

you can run an initial deep scan to know

what files can be recovered so it's a

good deal it's capable of recovering

data from all media and it even includes

a disc testing and cloning function that

will help advanced users achieve better

recovery it's impressive on its task as

well and on top of that you can also set

up very customizable scans

you can also halt and review scans and


many more features first of all it's

flexible stellar data recovery

professional offers a choice of quick

options at the outset you can perform a

general search for any kind of deleted

file or narrow the field to Microsoft

Office documents including Word Excel

and PowerPoint files emails photos audio

and videos if you've lost an entire

folder you can also attempt to retrieve

that after that you can also preview the

files during scans from the Advanced

Settings however in that kind of

situation the scan times are very slow

but this makes for a great way to scan

for photographs or images you may have

lost you can also stop scans before

completing and on top of that you can

continue stopped scans to complete the

advanced and customizable scans allow

you to search and recover specific files

for example if you know what your file

was named things get even easier and

apart from that you get tons of other

options you can set extra custom filters

from the add and edit header tab and

then you can also add the location of

the file if you remember where it was

despite it being very expensive the

stellar data recovery software is truly

just excellent and the number one it's

disk trill coming to the top of our list

we have an extra amazing data recovery

software the latest version of the disk

trill the company has delivered this

kind of software for a long time now and

it's one of the best in the industry

while it's not as powerful and fast as

the data rescue 5 and the test disk the

disk drill delivers amazing convenience

to home users as it very easy to use

thanks to its intuitive interface and

comprehensive features the destroy is

very easy to install and it's done very

quickly so in a couple of moments it's

all ready for its first scan the user

interface of the disk room is very

modern and streamlined as it's very

minimal and allows great ease of use for

the average user in order to designate

which types of files are wanted to

search for on my first scan rather than

having them right up front and obvious I

had to dig into the Preferences menu to

find how to scan by file type only then

instead of letting me filter by file

type by typing it in I had to choose

individually through an intuitive tree

system it works on a variety of systems

it's very compatible as it can run on

Windows OS X iOS and Android operating


it works with fat12 fat16 fat32 exFAT x2

x3 hfs+ and NTFS file systems and has

support for more than 300 file types and

compressed files and on top of all this

it has rule drive recovery my favorite

feature about the dish drill is its

recovery volt data protection which runs

in the background to actively monitor

changes or file deletions for the

average user it doesn't get any better

than the disk drill

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