The Best Fiber Supplements To Take...And What To Avoid!

Lafe City family what is up it is my man

art and I back in the kitchen for a

video all about the best fiber

supplements on the market because if you

remember the other week we did the video

for the top 10 foods to eat for

constipation relief if you haven't seen

that video go check it out after this

video is done there's a ton of great

knowledge in there and in that video I

said hey do you guys want to see a part

2 of that video no pun intended about

the best supplements on the market y'all

said yes

so I went to a few different stores and

ordered on Amazon some of the best

supplements on the market including ones

that fall under inulin or prebiotics

psyllium husk and a methyl cellulose and

for the most part a lot of them are good

but where the pitfall is the other

ingredients and I really am stressing

that especially with supplements you got

to read the other ingredients cuz that's

usually where the Devils in the detail

so we're gonna go through all that stuff

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of fun so why don't we start with what's

called prebiotics or inulin these are

actually very important I oftentimes

talk about foods that are prebiotics and

high in fiber because prebiotics will

feed that gut bacteria in your tummy and

before I forget there is an amazing

documentary on Amazon Prime video called

it takes guts it takes guts on Amazon

Prime video it's really all about your

gut flora and how they're learning so

much more about it and it really is in

your best interest to foster those gut

bacteria and that's what inulin or

prebiotics do one of the best ones on

the market I didn't buy it because it's

so garbage is fiber choice so it is an

in Ulan prebiotic based supplement which

is great but if you read the other

ingredients which I'm putting on the

screen right now that's where the

pitfall is you have natural and

artificial flavors natural flavors that

can maybe get away with because I'm

noticing that and a lot of supplements

artificial flavors major nono because

they put some bad stuff in there they're

also putting food coloring in there into

the tune of red number forty Lake blue


- that's not the kind of stuff you want

to get luckily there are a couple really

good prebiotics on the market and this

is one of them this is a go bio tics

available on Amazon and it's a prebiotic

so once again prebiotics really feed the

gut bacteria and this one has a great

blend of nutria flora what are the other

ingredients nada

nice dough none that's what you want to

see so this would be a great place to

start for a prebiotic can't get it on in

the stores it's only on Amazon I'll put

the links for the stuff I talked about

for Amazon down below there is another

one that's really good too it's made by

a bullet-proof who make fantastic

products it's called inter fuel

prebiotic another one that's super clean

and has really really good nutritional

information and by the way if you're

worried about keto or carbs those two

have zero net carbs because how do you

calculate net carbs you subtract fiber

from carbs so it's zero a great place to

start now we'll start going into other

things like the psyllium husk or the

Metamucil and the methyl cellulose I

just got back from Target and I got two

of the more popular ones on the market

this is a psyllium husk based one

Metamucil probably the most popular one

on the market and I think a lot of

people will gravitate towards this

because they'll see their sugar free now

on its own the psyllium husk fiber is

great this is a great supplement but

what I don't like in my personal opinion

is the other ingredients so psyllium


great maltodextrin Multi dextran is a

food preservative it also is high in the

glycemic index because it's derived from

corn unless it says tapioca maltodextrin

or rice maltodextrin which is this one

doesn't say it's from corn so there's

GMO corn malted extra in here I don't

mind the citric acid that's purely there

just to make it Tangier but once again

natural and artificial orange flavor

that's because they make it orange and

aspartame aspartame is another word for

NutraSweet it's fake sugar and yellow

number five so that's something I would

really avoid why well a lot of those

ingredients are really bad for us but I

really get mad when I see fake sugars

like aspartame or sook

sucralose is another word also for a

Splenda because those unlike stevia monk

fruit stuff like that they're man-made

chemically made sugars that are really

bad for your stomach but they also trick

your brain into craving more sweets

I'd much rather they use stevia but

still with the multi dextran and the

artificial flavors and the yellow food

coloring not something you want to get

um this is available at Target - and

this is not bad this is a benefiber and

the cool thing about this is there's no

other ingredients here so you see what

it is

benefiber is another word for a wheat

and dextran and even though it's derived

from a wheat it's a hundred percent

gluten free but I think you can do

better but if you just want something at

Target or let the grocery store this is

probably the best you can get now I

think you can do better and what do I

mean by that well we go on Amazon I

didn't want to order everything because

these supplement halls get very

expensive but my boys over garden of

life Garden of Life they always make

some of the best supplements on the

market they make raw organic superfood

fibre constipation relief and while I

said this one here is decent because it

just has a wheat dextran you can do

better what do I mean look at the

ingredients organic flax seeds Organic

amaranth quinoa Chia that rings a bell

if you haven't seen yet the constipation

relief video I talked about all of those

ingredients being great fiber potent

ingredients that help induce bowel

movements and there's great products

food products in the store like Flacco's

chia seed pudding which are great

they're putting it in here and it's a

hundred percent organic which is really

cool and you keep saying pumpkin seeds

sesame seeds sunflower seeds that is

what you want to see I approve that

message that's really good stuff okay

then I know a lot of people out there

say yeah but Bobby I don't like powders

I need capsules well the good news is

you have to go on Amazon you can't go in

the store because here's a capsule

product this was the Target brand this

is all I could find

and it says compared to Metamucil multi

health fiber and you really see this is

tricky there's so much stuff here you

guys and there is psyllium husk in here

I'm totally fine with that but you keep

going it's like it's a neverending story

here and we look right here and we see

in addition to the psyllium husk there

is polysorbate 80 that in my opinion is

a very nasty preservative i've only

usually seen that in very cheap deli

meat but then we see caramel coloring

caramel coloring is actually a known

carcinogen the reason they put it in

here is to make the color of the

supplement darker it's purely for visual

purposes and then edible ink I mean I'm

sure that's safe some people might not

say it is but I don't want that in there

so they're just doing that so it looks

darker here so what do you do you just

go on Amazon they have a great selection

of capsules that don't have any of the

rubbish in there I look at one right

here probably one of the most

recognizable names and supplements now

they have psyllium husk caps that have

no other ingredients and what I like

about them and I learned this because

you guys is that the coating on the

actual capsule is a vegetable based a

lot of times they'll have like bovine

coverings and I noticed a lot with like

gum like beef sausages at the market

they'll have pig casings and I get so

much feedback from either kosher or

halal fans like oh why don't they have

that so I learned about kind of looking

out for that kind of stuff that's what

you want to go so I'd go with those I'll

put the link down below much much

cleaner alternative I hate the fact that

you have to only order it online they

don't have it in the store but that's

the way it is and then we talk about

Chuy's I get so many requests about

chewy vitamins because a lot of people

including adults can't take powders and

they don't like pills you guys I

actually need some help here because I

can't find one fibre chewy on the market

that is even close to Bobby approved if

you watched our multivitamin video the

other week I did I found a great one

from garden of life if you want to learn

more about multi vitamins vitamins watch

that one when this is done but here's

pretty much par for the course this was

at Target tarjay also by diffusion fiber

well sugar free gummies and once again

people might see sugar-free they're like

great I'm gonna take that because a lot

of these do have sugar the problem is

this is very hard to read here oh my god

see ok poly dextrose which is the kind

of sugar but it's still technically a

sugar free but we go after that the

sugar-free sweetener is sorbitol

cervidil is another one of those mad

sweeteners kind of like xylitol or

aspartame we keep going a blend of oils

why did they put oil in here they do it

on the outside of the chewy it's coconut

and or palm well I'm okay with coconut

I'm not okay with the highly processed

oil poem I'd rather see sunflower oil

like I saw with the other Chuy's last

week and then we keep reading here and

we see natural flavors and then more

fake sugar sucralose or Splenda so this

is not something you want to eat but you

guys I can't find actually a bobby of

proof fiber chewy so if you know of one

and listen I'm okay with natural flavors

and this kind of stuff but I can't find

ones that don't have the other bad oils

or fake sugar or too much cane sugar so

I'll keep looking and if I find it in

between now and when the video comes out

tomorrow I'll put it down below

hopefully we'll get an update but then

also I think like Dessie bakes with a

lot of psyllium husk for her paleo

breads because psyllium husk and this is

a great brand right here this is Viva

natural and it's actually organic which

it doesn't have to be because they're

made from seeds which are not really

dirty per se but des uses psyllium husk

in her pantheon bread recipes to make

them more elastic to kind of give them

that gluten e texture you can also use

this if you read the back of this it

just says put a teaspoon one two to

three times daily and eight ounces of

water and this would be a great psyllium

hustling thats pure it's clean but

doesn't have any of those nasty

sweeteners or colors in there so luckily

it's pretty easy to spot the the winners

from the pretenders out there but I

really want you guys to go clean avoid

the excessive additional ingredients

fake sugar and caramel coloring and food

coloring homey don't play that game so

all those links are down below I hope

this video helped you out

we're gonna keep researching more ideas

for you guys hopefully one day soon we

can get back into the grocery store aka

our second home but that is it like

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