My Favorite Geranium Fertilizer


today we like to talk about geranium


I have tried buyers different types of

fertilizers and today we would like to

report that I have found one great one

it's called alga plus and it's the only

fertilizer that I have found that is

specifically made for geraniums so of

the plus has different micronutrients

it's made from a hundred percent pure

mineral based liquid fertilizer it

contains no chlorides no carbonates and

no sodium it's non-toxic and

environmentally friendly it also

delivers 12 essential nutrients plus

trace minerals that are necessary for

the cultivation of bigger and brighter

geraniums and other paleo plants so the

directions are to add two teaspoons of

alpha plus in a gallon of water so I've

been using this basically every other

time I water but the label spec says

that it can be used at every watering

for optimal results

this is the first time my geraniums have

made a lot of flowers shaped like a ball

as you see in magazines are on sale on

websites usually the flowers were small

they weren't blooming all at once so I'm

really satisfied about this I'm sticking

to this one after trying several

fertilizers and I just thought to share

about it because