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hey guys it's doors from look amazing

and I'm back with our top five festive

beauty video and today I'm actually

going to be talking about our top five

facial cleansers and if you haven't been

following along our top five beauty

series pretty much features the top most

highly raved about products by editors

as well as youtubers and the ones that

are also the best-selling ones at

department stores and drugstores so if

you guys have any questions you can

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I'm going to go ahead and get started

and tell you guys about my first

impressions and reviews about the top 5

that we found

so the first cleanser I have here is

philosophes purity maid simples one-step

facial cleanser and this one had been

topping the charts on allures best of

beauty for I would say 2012 and 2014 so

always kind of a consistent top seller

and highly raved about and so I don't

know why I haven't tried it until now I

think back then I had I don't know why I

thought philosophies products were a

little bit more on the sweet fragrant

side I think maybe because I got gifted

a holiday set once and kind of made that

assumption but it was very wrong because

this product actually has such a very

nice fresh scent and it's trying to

describe to you guys in a little bit

more detail how I came and describe it

what let's try this a little bit of

woody scent but also very clean and

fresh at the same time so overall the

texture I would have to say is more I

would say on the milkier side of a

cleanser so very great for people who

have dry or sensitive skin you really

can feel that hydration when you're

cleansing so it doesn't feel like your

skin is getting stripped but it's gentle

enough but also strong enough to get rid

of all your makeup and any kind of

debris that you have on your face

because I tried it with both my makeup

on not having used a makeup remover I

did a really great job removing makeup

so I would say oil-based makeup like

eyeliner and mascara it add a little bit

more of a difficult time but overall

everything else

like it did a pretty good job without

feeling like my face was really dryer

strips oh yeah highly recommend this one

and I'm just sad I didn't get to drive

it earlier the next cleanser I have here

is by Yves mom and this is one of the

luxurious cleansers out there very

highly raved about and in vogue I

believe they called it the best cleanser

in the world so and I just had to try it

I think it's a little bit more on the

pricier side of cleansers but I can now

see why because it also comes with a

Muslim cloth which they come with a

seven-step skincare process that you can

use with the product and basically it's

using the product to apply on your face

and do a little bit of a skincare but I

would say massage to get your blood

flowing and to make your skin actually

healthier kind of in combination with

cleansing and the last step is to heat

or I would say put hop or I would say

warm to hot water soak the muslin cloth

in that and then apply it on your face

to kind of give this mask I would say

treatment at the end but it really

allows a product to penetrate deeper so

now back to the product itself the

texture I would say is the bomb texture

which is really similar I would say to

the vanilla Co cleanser that I had

featured in our top 5 makeup cleansing

video and that one I would say is very

similar when you start with it but this

one when you start to warm it up on your

hand or your face it doesn't turn into

oil like the vanilla Co one but instead

it turns into when you apply water on it

forms more of a milky or texture and

that's when it starts kind of cleansing

away either your makeup or just anything

else you have on your face and I would

say does a really great job of removing

makeup overall I would say same thing

with the philosophy one wasn't super

great at removing everything around the

eyes especially eyeliner mascara around

the face area a really really good job -

and also doesn't feel stripped or dry

after you use it so yeah I would

actually I would say the scent was also

very spa-like

relaxing so a little bit therapeutic I

would say in terms of using this product

so I can see why a lot of people are

raving about it and the next cleanser I

have here is by Kiehl's and this is

their ultra facial cleanser and this one

is more of a I'd say gel consistency and

it comes out pretty much clear and it

forms a little bit of a stickier texture

less creamy than the philosophy one but

I would say it does also a really good

job of cleansing and it says it's great

for all skin types so I have normal skin

so a lot of the products are great for

my skin type but I know a lot of people

who have sensitive skin also really

recommend this one too so it does really

do a good job without over-drying the

skin the next one I have here is the

Clinique liquid facial soap and this is

in their mild formula we have a couple

other different formulas depending on

your skin type so this one I would say

is a very close stooop to the Kiehl's

one similar texture also similar effect

in the sense that it does you know

cleanse the face really well without

feeling like it's really dry and it's

also great for this one is great for dry

combination skin so I've been using this

mostly in the winter just because I want

something a little bit less stripping so

yeah so both of these I would say very

similar almost if you wanted to do a

blind test on these two couldn't really

talk about different so yeah it's also

fragrance free and these both are really

top sellers at Sephora as well as

department stores so and so the last

cleanser I have here is a top one at the

drugstore and this one is the set of

billed daily facial cleanser this one is

for normal to oily skin so this one is

highly raved about with by people who

have acne or sensitive skin because it

just does a really great job of

cleansing without excess drying and it

helps remove excess oil as well so yeah

so this is a great one very affordable

and I would say a go-to one

if you guys are just starting into

skincare and are not sure what cleanser

to try out this is always a really good

one to start with and kind of start

experimenting from there so yeah so I

think overall you know the top ones that

we found are for different skin types so

you guys really should try what matches

your skin so I would say for me my

personal preference I would say has to

be the Yves long one for its I'd say

luxurious and there was something

special in terms of the formula that I

hadn't tried before and also I love the

solid formula because this is something

great for travel but I also really love

the philosophy and keels won so I would

say these three out of the five or my

favorites so I hope you guys enjoy that

and if you do have any questions you can

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