The BEST Face Masks for Your Skin

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today's video is one that is so long

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why haven't I posted this before I

always look through you guys's requests

and I've seen a lot of you guys asking

me for a face masks video and I'm like

oh I've done a lot of face mask videos I

don't really need to do one until I was

looking through my previous videos and

I've realized I've never done a

dedicated face mask video before I

realized that and I was like sorry blue

dust mine eyes deceived me for real I

was like how the [ __ ] do I have a

skincare channel and I haven't made a

face mask video before like doesn't that

go against the laws of the universe or

something I swear so I figured since I

haven't done this one before why not

start off with a bang the best face mask

of all time my favorite ones that I've

ever used the ones that will always

bring the results every single time ones

that I can count on in a moment of need

now here's my approach to face masks I

think face masks are great but I tend to

overlook them a lot because I don't

consider them to be a necessary part of

a skincare routine they're amazing they

can deliver really good results but

they're not something that I use really

frequently or I feel the need to use

really frequently because in my opinion

the perfect skincare routine already

takes care of all the problems that

you're facing to where you don't even

need a face mask and it's funny because

as I was going through some of my

favorite face masks I started to realize

I never really use these anymore because

there's really just no need when you

have a rock-solid skincare routine

figured out but I know that's not the

case for everyone and face masks are so

much fun because they're just the time

that you can just focus on yourself

Meeta but for real they're like a

therapeutic spa-like experience kind of

treat yourself sort of feeling and they

deliver really good instantaneous

results which from time to time can be

very fun but I won't get too deep into

my philosophy regarding face masks if

you guys do want a video about that I'm

happy to go into detail there because I

may have some opinions that go against


culture but I mean hey what's new

welcome to my channel let's get into it

I'm gonna be organizing these products

by category depending on what type of

face mask that they are and all the face

masks that I'm talking about in today's

video will be linked in the description

box below if you guys do feel like

purchasing any of these feel free to use

those links I make a small Commission

that helps to support me and my channel

and I would really appreciate it if you

do feel like purchasing anything but no

pressure whatsoever as always they're

just there as a resource thanks guys so

let's start with hydrating soothing face

masks these are great masks for just

making sure that your skin is moisturize

you feel plump hydrated and soft

afterwards your skin is soothe the

redness is taken away just ones that

help to really reset your skin and

condition it and just you know help give

it a little pat on the back and we start

with my favorite face mask of all time I

am 100% confident saying this this is

the one face mask that I've talked about

in so many videos on my channel the

Peter Thomas Roth cucumber gel mask this

mask oh my god I am constantly

recommending it to people because it is

amazing you know how people are like oh

my god this face masks like transformed

my face in like ten minutes and you're

like sure Linda we all know it's just a

sieve oh this one I have used on so many

clients in the past because here in

Hawaii and one of the main problems is

that people tend to get sunburned really

easily they come from California and

they're like moscone can handle the

California Sun and then they go out into

the Sun they realize Oh Hawaii Sun is

not like California Sun and they get

burnt to a crisp and for my friends and

clients this was the face mask that I

would always recommend whenever I did

use it on them their skin in 15 minutes

literally the redness would fade by like

five shades and every single time they'd

always be like holy [ __ ] what is this

face mask it is so good as far as the

ingredients the third ingredient is

cucumber extract which is a good

ingredient for soothing redness and

sensitivity and just overall hydrating

the face without it feeling heavy

it also has papaya and pineapple extract

both of which can have some mild

exfoliating abilities now I'll be honest

the ingredient list isn't one that upon

initially seeing it you're like wow this

product is incredible I need to buy it

now it just looks like an okay

ingredient list but once you use it I

mean man that is truly what makes the

crazy difference the only thing I don't

like about it is that it does have

orange and lemon extracts however it's a

wash off treatment you only leave it on

your face for 10 to 15 minutes before

rinsing it off and with the incredible

results I don't see it as problematic

whenever I have an allergic reaction to

a skincare product I always go in with

this one and the results are the same

every single time it just reduces the

redness sensitivity I highly recommend

to anyone honestly but specifically

people who struggle with a lot of sun

exposure sensitivity redness irritation

reactions from skin care products and

because of how big it is this thing

lasts forever

I just cannot sing enough praises to

this facemask next up we have a recent

find the I'm from mugwort mask now this

one I only discovered in the past month

and I instantly became a really big fan

of it now the brand I'm from is a Korean

skincare brand that's known for their

really really high quality formulas and

they are one of those brands that from

time to time will formulate with some

fragrance and I'm like but then I look

at the ingredient list of all their

products and I'm just like wow they

truly know how to just incorporate the

best of the best ingredients into a

formula and have all of their good

ingredients at crazy high concentrations

it's just a brand that represents the

best of the best skincare and this mask

has an ingredient called mugwort which

is known for reducing sensitivity and

redness within the skin it's a recent

find for me and one that I've actually

really been enjoying because I have seen

good results in my skin for reducing

redness and irritation

Marguerite's the fourth ingredient but

it also has glycerin a lot of good anti

oxidant root extracts licorice root

extract which is going to reduce redness

and sensitivity Santelli Asiatic hell

one of my favorite ingredients for

reducing redness and irritation and it

also has some very very very mild

natural exfoliants in it nothing that's

off-putting though because when I first

put it on my skin I was like oh my gosh

is this gonna scrub my skin into

oblivion but it's actually very gentle

and does feel nice on the skin I think

it's one of those masks that's good for

at the end of the day when you've seen

some sun exposure your skin's feeling a

little irritated or you just feel like

you want to soothe your skin down a

little bit it's definitely a good one to

go in with the texture is straight-up

weird I'm just gonna say it right now it

is a very very weird texture I put it on

my skin and I was like wow I look like

I've rolled through cow [ __ ] and hey and

I can say that because I grew up on a

ranch so I know what that stuff looks

like but the results are honestly so

good and I understand why this is such a

high product just a really good mask

also super high quality glass packaging

that I'm definitely gonna be reusing it

once I'm finished with this bottle very

very good next up is the Korres hydro

biome yogurt probiotic face mask this

one is also a relatively recent find I'd

say within the past three months I've

come to really enjoy this product now

Korres is a brand that I want to love so

much but I have a hard time really

loving because of how much fragrance

they formulate their products with I

love Korres because they really

how to source all of their ingredients

from their own individual farms in

Greece which is really important for

transparency and sustainability purposes

and in terms of the quality of their

ingredients they're very high quality

ingredients but they tend to just

formulate with so much fragrance and a

lot of irritating ingredients in their

products that I'm not a fan overall but

this face mask once I saw that it came

out I immediately was attracted to it

the second ingredient is yogurt now

yogurt is really good for the skin

because not only is it going to help to

reduce redness and sensitivity but it

also has lactic acid content which is

going to help to exfoliate the face and

it's very high in its probiotic count

now probiotics can be good for the skin

in terms of reducing redness and

irritation but also just hydrating

plumping and could potentially help with

reducing types of fungal acne in the

skin now that's not how to percent

promise there's no substantial research

showing that but it is promising and I

do like it when I see probiotics in skin

care products so long as they're not

like a ridiculously high price point

this is also formulated with squalene

are really hydrating and moisturizing

agents as well as apricot kernel oil so

many other hydrating oils good

antioxidant ingredients and sodium

hollering a concentrated form of

hyaluronic acid I personally love this

mask because every time I use it my skin

feels so soft and hydrated and plump

afterwards it's not anything crazy

transformative but honestly that's

something that I want after I use a

hydrating face mask I don't want my skin

to feel greasy or sticky I want it to

feel just soft plumped and hydrated and

this one delivers on that plus I'm glad

they came out with this mask because

overall as a company I really like their

ethics and their standards and how high

quality ingredients they use and this is

finally an excuse for me to support the

company but overall just really good

face mask next up is the first day

Beauty ultra Repair instant oatmeal

masque I've talked about this one before

in multiple videos about dry skin and

people with eczema but this one has a

crazy high concentration I'm talking the

second ingredient is colloidal oatmeal

now colloidal oatmeal has been used for

a long time to soothe extreme dryness

flakiness egg Zima and other skins

concerns and in my opinion is one of the

best skincare ingredients out there I

like this one because it's a great way

of getting really good hydration but not

leaving it on your skin for too long

that you feel like your skin is

suffocating I know a lot of people who

do struggle with eczema or just extreme

dry skin sometimes also don't want to

feel like they have AG layer of grease

on the surface of their skin and this

mask just gives a good instant boost of


it has a long list of hydrating

ingredients as well as good antioxidants

centella asiatica green tea which is

gonna sue the redness plethora of

hydrating oils and it's fragrance free

anyone who has really sensitive dry skin

I always point them to this mask because

it's just a good one it has really high

reviews and honestly you can just count

on first aid beauty to have really

stellar products and then finally within

this category we have another mask from

I'm from their honey mask this one I

discovered about five months ago I am a

fan this I saw was so hyped on Instagram

so many people were posting about it all

the time and I was like really a honey

mask like why don't you just use honey

but after I received this from I'm from

I understand the hype this is formulated

with 39% honey so you're getting a crazy

high concentration as well as a high

concentration of macadamia nut oil which

is gonna nourish and soften the skin

honey is known for being a great skin

soothing agent but also really good for

moisturizing and plumping the skin and

there's also a lot of really incredible

potential other benefits from honey it's

just an ingredient that when you see in

a skincare product you know it's gonna

deliver good results I'm a huge fan of

honey and I honestly don't know why it's

not formulated and more skincare

products because of how many good

benefits there are it also has shea

butter jojoba oil one of my favorite

oils for nourishing the skin but also

reducing oiliness it has snail secretion

another ingredient that's amazing for

hydrating and plumping the skin it has

mugwort the same ingredient as their

other masks

beta glucan an incredible ingredient for

nourishing hydrating and softening the

face honestly you can usually only find

in Korean skincare products but it's

just an incredible ingredient and bee

venom an ingredient pretty much solely

found in Korean skincare products but

could have a lot of potential benefits

for reducing sensitivity and irritation

within the face it does have grapefruit

and eucalyptus extract but again it's in

a mask it's washed off treatment I don't

find that problematic what really sold

me for this product was the experience

I'm normally not a person for smell and

textures but it literally just smells

like this incredible honey dessert which

is amazing considering that this isn't

formulated with fragrance beyond

grapefruit and eucalyptus extract it's

just you can definitely tell this has a

crazy high concentration of honey I just

the smell is incredible and when you put

it on your skin it does feel like you're

putting honey on your skin but it's not

as sticky and gross it feels more like a

mask but as soon as I remove this from

my face oh my gosh

you guys my skin feels so so soft and I

actually needed it because at the time I

was traveling I was going to the

mainland where it was really dry my skin

struggles with dryness and Exuma when

I'm in dry climates and as soon as I

used this one it was almost like I had

new skin like my skin just felt so soft

and hydrated I instantly knew why people

loved this mask and it became a favor of

mine wow I didn't know that category was

so long but moving on to the next

category which is exfoliating face mask

and I only have two first up and this

will come as no surprise to you guys the

ordinary aaj BH a solution this one is

awesome I've talked about it in so many

of my videos before I love this product

because it literally makes you feel like

you have new skin when you use this

product for ten minutes you will wash it

off and you're like wow where did all of

my dead skin go why is my skin so glowy

why does it look amazing it's definitely

the most powerful face mask in this

video which is why I hesitate to say

it's my favorite face mask because I get

a little bit nervous about how strong is

this is formulated with 30% alpha

hydroxy acids which are gonna bulldoze

the dead skin cells off of your face and

that's one of the highest concentrations

that I've ever seen in the skincare

product as well as 2% beta hydroxy acid

or salicylic acid which is gonna go deep

into your pores and push out all the

dead skin cells and excess oil and sebum

the reason I like this one is because

it's very simple but very effective it

just gives you what you need no fancy

frills no extras it does the job and I

tend to use this about once a month -

once every two weeks now you can use

this once a week but I'd say that's the

maximum you can use them and that's why

it isn't my favorite face mask because

as opposed to the Peter Thomas Roth face

mask you can use that one literally all

the time every day if you want to it's

incredible but this one you can only use

the maximum amount and if you use this

mask you apps a [ __ ] lutely have to

wear a sunscreen that is a must you have

to wear a sunscreen if you use this

product because that's how powerful is I

won't delve into this one too much this

one's been poppin off online lately you

likely know this mask and why it's so

good and then the other exfoliating face

mask is the herbivore blue tanzy mask

now herbivore is a brand that I want to

love with my whole heart but I'll be a

hundred percent honest they use a crazy

high concentration of essential oils and

this is a product that I will gladly

admit is a hypocritical product on one

of my guilty purchases I have purchased

this mask so many times it's not even

funny and every time I use it I

just like wow this is incredible as far

as the ingredients the first ingredient

is aloe vera juice that has glycerin it

has white willow bark which is a natural

form of beta hydroxy acid or salicylic

acid and actually an incredible

ingredient I am really a fan of it

because you're getting the salicylic

acid treatment but in a much more gentle


it also has papaya extract and pineapple

extract both of which are gonna

exfoliate the face as well as radish

root ferment the only thing I don't like

about this is the blue tansy that they

use now blue tansy is technically

considered an essential oil but I will

say I do like blue tansy for my skin

because it reduces my redness so much

and the reason why I come back to this

mask over and over and over again is

because not only does it work so well

just to get rid of all the dead skin

cells on my face like my skin looks so

glowy happy and healthy but in a way

that's a little bit more comforting than

this one because as much as I love this

one sometimes I worry about over

exfoliating my face and I never have to

worry about that with this one but also

this is the only exfoliating mask that

when I take it off my skin my skin looks

less red typically when it comes to

exfoliating mask your skin is gonna look

red afterwards you're gonna want to wait

for the redness and sensitivity to just

go away because you're literally

bulldozing the dead skin cells off it

for your face of course your skin is

gonna look red but this one just reduces

it so well and my skin feels so nice

afterwards so as much as it is kind of a

contradiction to a lot of what I say on

my channel this is one of those guilty

pleasure products that I just can't help

but love I rarely repurchase products

because I have to try so many new ones

for you guys but I stand by it so hard

it's so good and the glass packaging is

so high-quality it's definitely one that

I'm like oh I want to reuse that for so

many things actually as I'm going

through these masks I'm realizing that

nearly all of them are glass way to go

higher I'm environmentally sustainable

and then the final category which is

clay masks clay masks are arguably some

of the most popular face masks on the

market and typically ones that I really

struggle to find good options for

because most clay masks in my opinion

are very very stripping to the face and

can just throw off your moisture barrier

and can be really harsh but I've managed

to find a few that I am a fan of the

first is another recent find it is the

faux lame dual detox mask now I actually

got to meet the founder of fo lane when

I was doing some videos with bio sauce

and she is incredible I really just

think she's an awesome human being but

she actually was kind enough to give me

her whole

and I've been trying some of the

products most of them don't work for me

but I love this one this one has four

different types of clays which is

incredible but the most amazing thing

about it is that it doesn't leave your

skin feeling dry dehydrated and stripped

which is typically what happens with

most clay masks and I also think this

mask is a good merge of clay and

exfoliating mask because it's also

formulated with lactic acid glycolic

acid and salicylic acid but again it's

not super strong that you feel like it's

really overly sensitizing your skin it

also has a lot of really good fruit

extracts and hydrating oils as well as

ginger root extract a very high quality

antioxidant ingredient I'm a fan of this

one because I looked at the ingredient

list and I was like wow that is

impressive but it looks like it's gonna

be super harsh and a really intense mask

but on the contrary it wasn't all it

applies on the skin very nicely

it doesn't overly strip your skin it

doesn't burn it doesn't sting when you

wash off you notice good results but

it's not anything crazy transformative

that would make you worry about wrecking

your moisture barrier or over

sensitizing or over exfoliating your

skin and in my opinion out of all the

masks that I've mentioned in this video

probably the best bang for your buck

because it includes so many ingredients

found in the other face masks all in one

product I'm really happy I found this

one actually next is the clear

improvements face masks by origins I've

talked about this one multiple times but

I haven't repurchased it after I ran out

of my first two because I've just been

trying a bunch of new clay masks this

one is probably the only product I like

from origins and I like it because it

has 3 different types of clays clays are

really amazing for drying out excess oil

and sebum in the skin and impurities and

really just making you feel like your

skin is overall just really clean and

are particularly attractive to people

who have combination or oily skin it

does have charcoal which can be

sensitizing to the skin but it's

formulated at a lower concentration than

all the other clays and I don't find it

worrisome I like this mask because it's

very simple but effective it gives you

the clay mask experience that you want

without any frills without any fanciness

and it's fragrance free it's just one of

those masks that's really easy to find

at most Sephora's Macy's Ulta that you

can just count on to give you the

results that you want and then finally

the al Jeunesse probiotic balancing mask

I really like this clay mask because

it's probably the most hydrating clay

mask that I've ever found now this one

like the others has three different

types of clays but the first ingredient

is glycerin and it has profanity on both

of those in

are gonna be really moisturizing and

hydrating to the face and ensure that

your skins moisture barrier isn't

wrecked after using this clay mask it

has a lot of different ferments all of

which have a bunch of really different

benefits but overall they're really good

for nourishing hydrating and softening

the skin as well as helping to prevent

against bacteria buildup on the surface

of your skin and it has a lot of really

soothing plant extracts this one is a

little bit more on the luxury side but I

love it because it's very gentle but

effective I can count on this one to

give me my clay mask experience without

having to worry about overly stripping

my skin and on the flip side actually

really really hydrating it you don't

have to use very much and in terms of

ingredients I just think it's a very

high quality product and definitely one

that I found myself turning back to over

and over and over again more so than

other clay masks that I've used wow that

took a lot longer than I thought I don't

know why and it's super freaking hot

I am dripping in sweat but I hope you

guys liked all these faces in our sermon

Dacians I am so sorry it took me so damn

long to do that like Jesus Hyrum get it

together but I honestly can stand behind

all of these recommendations and I

really hope that if you guys are looking

for some good face masks to invest in

you hopefully found some in this video

because these ones are bomb AF do you

guys have any other face mask

recommendations that you love as well

comment them down below I would love to

hear your suggestions I'm always looking

for a new skincare so if you have some

that have just blown your minds are

incredible formulas I want to know about

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