Miracle Cream Instantly Eliminates Under Eye Bags?

before we get into this segment I just

want to acknowledge you look just as

good yeah your net but I want you all to

imagine a cream that can instantly

remove your under-eye bags it sounds way

too good to be true but all over the

internet there are video surfacing of

this so-called miracle cream in action

so what are we going to do we're going

to put it to the test with our good

friend dr. Sonia Batra and ask her as

well so what what is this product so

this is a product we're going to see if

it works it's called instantly ageless

and the idea is that it works very

quickly and the way it works is you just

need a very small amount and then you

apply it to areas where you might be a

little bit puffy and I have just looked

at what's in this product and I've

looked at the ingredients and one of

them is something called our jeera lien

which is sort of a darling and

dermatology right now it's a peptide or

a protein that actually relaxes the

muscle it's also called Botox in a

bottle it's meant to relax muscle and

work like that you can literally see it

bagging as yeah and so it's based on

what's in this I'd be excited to see if

it worked I would assume it it hopefully

will what ester is possible yeah her

skin is so good she has very few fine

lines but she clearly has those bags

from-from herniated fat under on her

lower eyelid excitons that win from the

fans sealing it in or something the

other active ingredient the other active

ingredient in this is silicates which

are almost like like a clay their

minerals and they're making the skin

sort of tighter it should feel a little

bit cold and it's actually increasing

the surface tension on the skin to push

that herniated fat pad back it's in it's

working literally feel working and you

know what this is these things are all

over the internet there dr. Ordon

pioneered this himself with it so it's

not just this one brand but full

disclosure I have also tried a similar

product it is amazing how it and it does

make it feel very glass like so is this

a put it on in the morning and it lasts

all day and night or is this a I'm going

to dinner and

look hot I'm putting it on right now

well I for dinner the immediate effect

is you'll see hopefully really

impressive but it should last about six

to nine hours okay yeah be careful

though that it if you don't apply it

correctly you can get that white you can

get a bit of a chalky residue if you put

too much and then the other drawback is

not everybody's going to react well to

this product it won't work for dark

circles it's not very likely to do much

for that and people can be allergic to

these active ingredients too so you

always have to test for a contact

allergy what I like about it it's it's

subtle but there's no question you can

tell the difference you know I think

it's important obviously this isn't


it's it's not an unreasonably expensive

treatment um I'm not sure exactly what

it costs $75 for fifty sachets for

something like this for this to work

best she's doing exactly right you have

to let it dry and you have to actually

kind of stay as motionless as possible

for a good two to three minutes I won't

say butchers right that's rough you rock

that fan at dinner it looks good so a

little before and after just to show the

results here so for what oh yeah

sounds like there may be some validity

to this certainly Esther it it's worked

well on you dr. Baca thank you as always