Best EYE CREAMS and serums

hey guys dr. Devlin board-certified

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it will be on I creams and I'll be

debunking a few myths and giving you a

few hints in regards to eye cream and

how they use there are many companies

out there hundreds of companies in their

market eye creams like anything all the

companies including things like me

Australia for example even lo Roche

Posay the bhaji and even high-end stuff

like T in this repair in Lamia all of

these companies have their own specific

branding as to the eye cream and you're

paying extra for something which is a

lot smaller compared to an active

ingredient for face cream what's the

difference between an eye cream in the

face normal face moisturizer or face

cream what is the active ingredient in

that that makes it so special

first of all the answer is not much the

difference it lies is the fact that your

eyes are much more sensitive why's it

more sensitive because of the anatomy of

the skin the skin under an eye area is

about the quarter as thick compared to

the skin on your cheek so if we're

looking at microns is usually about

between 20 to 30 microns and thickness

compared to 100 microns over here on

your cheeks heads just there around the

eyes is much more sensitive so they've

got to formulate ingredients which i

diluted down to actually make sure that

you can tolerate all of these active

ingredients so the same active

ingredients apply so in my previous

videos we talked about violin a B C and

we talked about vitamin E as well we

took the hollow egg acids but mainly the

ABCs has skin still apply when it comes

to eye cream so if you look at the

ingredients of all the eye creams very

very similar a couple of the differences

two differences number one often they

add dimethicone in it so if you look at

a really really good one something like

teen this I repair which usually goes

for around 100 bucks or so the higher

end ones contain a inkling inflammatory

called them

okay and what happens is that they treat

puffiness so if you're looking at how to

improve the eyes what's the objective in

the eye cream we're trying to look at

decreasing puffing this right we're

trying to look at decreasing wrinkles

loose skin and of course dark circles

yeah so basically only four things that

the night cream is trying to actually

achieve so don't meth again reduces

puffiness in all the other Parliament's

there it didn't help can help reduce

wrinkles by remember we talked about the

ABCs free radical scavenging and also

collagen stimulation now the difference

is because the skin is so sensitive they

don't loot it down so you're not looking

at the same concentration so what do I


do I believe in the eye cream yes if you

like using an eye cream if it has

benefits for you certainly use it but

I'll teach you a little trick this is

what I use I'm not saying it's right I'm

saying this is what I use and it goes to

show with the logic so what you do is

you using your ordinary type or your

ordinary face cream sorry whatever that

may be

and that may contain the vitamin A B or

C or a mixture of all three in what you

do is you use a tiny bit of that right

and then you make sure you're using the

same formulation so if you're talking

about serums you mix the rooms with

serums gels with gels and in this kind

this case creams with creams so a tiny

bit of your active ingredient from your

face cream and then you use a bland

moisturizer which you can buy really

cheaply and you've got a loop that back

to that embeds your eye cream

and you can put that around your eyes

knowing that you're getting the same

ingredient as what you're having with

your face cream but you should not get

any hot irritation if you get any eye

irritation it's really easy use more of

the blend most erisa unless of the

active ingredient and find that perfect

mix for you so instead of actually

paying a couple hundred dollars for a

night cream

which you get less off you actually use

the same product is what you use on your


so that simplifies the skincare regime a

lot and you can also titrate which means

if you're that kind of person who can

tolerate a higher dose certainly use

more of the active ingredients and

listed them in Moline or Blair

moisturizer so that's a little hint

which I give to all my patients and

regards to I creams and do I believe in

it certainly if you have your favorite

eye creams and it does stuff for you

certainly if it helps reduce your dark

circles or your puffiness or

what-have-you certainly use those but

like I said those chemicals are there

for a reason and they're very very

similar compared to what we're using

with our face regimes which have been

proven in time and tested so guys look

thanks very much for watching that

segment do I believe in eye rejuvenation

apart from using creams absolutely

because that's what I do

so in the next couple of seconds you can

see what I do as the later dermatologist

and regards to eye rejuvenation so hope

you enjoyed the next part of the clip

eye rejuvenation can also be achieved

using fillers in this case I'm using

hyaluronic acid or AJ fillers so I like

product like Juvederm Restylane Bowl

Atarot all of these can actually hydrate

the skin I also combine laser to

actually help stimulate collagen and you

can see the before and afters with

marked rejuvenation around the eye area

using a combination of both fillers and

lasers so what luster will use I also

use H a fillers by themselves so you can

see this is filler only without laser so

there's no downtime fractional energy

devices such as Fraxel fractionated co2

lasers and non ablative lasers can also


so fractional laser comes in different

wavelengths we can use to 1550

wavelength there's a non ablative

wavelength or in 1927 these have certain

advantages because they have very little

downtime compared to something like this

which is a fractional co2 laser but was

the Fraxel co2 laser I

get a lot more collagen stimulation so

with a co2 laser whether it be Fraxel

aluminous or core we basically can get

the maximum amount of collagen

stimulation with a co2 core using

freehand I can fractionate in certain

percentages which means I can control

the downtime so most patients in this

situation may mean two to four

treatments for optimal skin tightening

and we can use that to treat the up I

earlier this wall to get a marked

stimulation in both collagen and elastin

so I use lasers in this setting to

actually stimulate collagen and open up

the eyes so our rejuvenation not only

consists of replacing harmonic acid but

also stimulation of collagen and

tightening of the skin taut whether

before and after this is basically after

one session in one session only of laser

resurfacing so this is a combination of

co2 laser with a recovery time and high

densities 19:27 this is what we get a

marked reduction in wrinkling if I were

to use fully ablative laser resurfacing

this is reserved for patients who have

marked areas of wrinkling as well as

loss of collagen in H a hyaluronic acid

so the downside about this resurfacing

procedures the downtime it takes

approximately ten days to recover and

that's after fully ablative co2

sometimes I'll use low-level emission

devices to actually help recovery and

the results from this however are

unmarked so instead of having a mild

improvement I'll use co2 lasers and

would have a marked improvement so you

can see a marked tightening of the

eyelid and eyelid skin using co2 laser

resurfacing it still stands as the

treatment of choice for marked wrinkling

but remember guys the downtime for this

procedure is significant so before and

afters using fully ablative lasers you

can see marked wrinkling and laxity and

after one

and one treatment only you can see the

before and you can see the afters very

shortly if it really is guys a

remarkable improvement but once again

the downtime is significant with all the

all of these procedures so I reserve

co2 fully ablative laser resurfacing for

cases like this but once again it's

basically almost two decades with the

sun damage is taken off once again

before with wrinkling in after so really

realistically it's a wrinkle remover but

once again it's a ten day recovery time

I also use surgical methods so if

someone has loose skin on the upper

eyelid I use what's known as a surgical

a blepharoplasty in other words excision

of the loose eyelid skin and that can

really open up the eyes so what we do is

we do a pinch test to see how much loose

skin there is and once again

I often combine surgery together with

laser in this case we're doing the

straight forward surgical blepharoplasty

removing the the upper layers of the

eyelid the procedure itself takes about

an hour

the healing up time is about 10 days but

we get a good improvement combining both

laser and surgery in this case to

achieve this result and once again with

patient with mark laxity even with the

lower lids or the use of lower lid

blepharoplasty the before and the after

so a marked improvement another thing I

do is PRP do I use this alone that no I

don't I often use this in combination

with energy based micro needling so not

micro needling by itself but energy

based micro needling it does work it's

not as predictable as AJ fillers but for

patients who really are against H I feel

is yes I do use PRP but once again only

in combination with energy based micro

needling guys thanks very much for

watching that video

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