Exercises to Do During Pregnancy: Introduction to Safe Practices

hi my name is Jackie Shahar and I am a

clinical exercise physiologist here at

the Joslin Diabetes Center

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant

pregnancy can be challenging physically

and emotionally there are body

composition changes that lead to

increase in body fat and release of

hormones which can cause insulin

resistance so your body is not utilizing

glucose efficiently and that can lead to

high blood glucose levels exercise plays

a major role in maintaining better

glucose control during pregnancy makes

you feel and sleep better improves your

posture and blood pressure promote

muscle strength and endurance increases

your energy and mood reduces stress and

back pain and make it easier to get back

in shape after the baby is born you need

to stop exercising and call your doctor

immediately if you experience any of the

following symptoms pain vaginal bleeding

dizziness preterm labor

decreased federal movement increased

shortness of breath chest pain rapid

heart rate calf pain or swelling

amniotic fluid leakage or uterine

contractions I will demonstrate you

simple and safe exercises that you can

perform during pregnancy you can walk

wipe swim or use elliptical machine to

improve your endurance you can use free

weights or resistance bands to increase

muscle strength and tone you can also

perform some yoga poses in stretching

exercises to improve your posture and

reduce back pain try to find enjoyable

activities that are safe for you and

your baby you can perform these yoga and

stretching exercises on a daily basis

and struggling exercises with resistance

bands every

day in a research study done with women

who had been diagnosed with gestational

diabetes those are performed circuit

training with resistance bands were able

to improve their blood glucose and

reduce the amount of insulin required or

avoid completely taking any insulin

during their pregnancy if you have been

diagnosed with high blood pressure

diabetic retinopathy or if you have

other serious medical problems your

exercise routine need to be modified

speak with your doctor before starting

any exercise routine you need to

progress slowly and gradually increase

resistance or speed you should exercise

and moderate intensity the talk test is

a simple tool to determine how hard

you're working if you're unable to carry

on a conversation because you're too

short of breath you're working hard

avoid exercising in a hot and humid

conditions drink water every 15 minutes

during exercise and maintain energy and

blood glucose with appropriate food

intake if you take insulin check your

blood glucose before and after exercise

make sure to speak with your doctor and

learn how to adjust your insulin on days

of exercise to prevent low blood glucose

exercise is one way for you to take

control of your diabetes during

pregnancy and field

rates so let's get started