Shoulder Pain Relief Stretches – 5 Minute Real Time Routine

hey everybody is Doctor Jo, and today I'm going to show you my five minutes

stretching routine for shoulder pain, in real time. so let's get started.

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you can follow along with me since I'm going to be doing the full stretches for

the thirty Seconds. now this is just a five minute stretching routine. a lot of

times with my patients, I'll have people say you know I just don't have time to

stop for 45 minutes and do my whole workout routine. now in general if you

can, you want to do, especially if you're doing stretches, you want to do them 30

seconds, three times. but if you don't have time for that, a five-minute

stretching routine is better than nothing. you don't have to sit there for

that long period of time. you can do five minutes here, five minutes later, and then

five minutes before you go to bed. so the way I have it set up, I've got a little

timer on my phone where we're gonna do a 45 second warm-up, just to kind of get

everything moving, and then we're gonna do a 30 second stretch on each side, if

we're doing sides, and then a little 10-second break in between each group of

stretches, just to kind of reset everything. so it's gonna be a little

longer technically than five minutes, but the actual stretches are going to be a

five minute routine. so this is really something that should be doable for you

even if you're very busy throughout the day. so we're gonna start with the 45

seconds. with your shoulders, a nice way just to start warming up is just doing

some circles with the shoulders. so this is a continuous movement, this is not

going into the stretches, this is just to get the muscles warmed up and get them

moving. you can do five or ten one way, reverse it and then do five or ten the

other way. again this is just to kind of almost wake up those muscles get them a

little bit warm before you go into that stretch. then you can also just do some

shoulder squeezes. I'm just pulling my shoulder blades together towards the

spine. I'm not just pushing with my elbows. even though my elbows are going

back, I'm actually activating those muscles, but I'm kind of doing a

continuous motion. I'm not you know pulling hard or anything. so now we're

going to go into the stretches. so that's the nice warmup, so the first one's just

going to be a posterior capsule stretch, or a cross arm stretch.

so I'm bringing my arm over trying to keep it fairly straight. I can bend my

elbow a little bit. some people just want to place it on their shoulder. and I'm

using the other arm just to pull across. so you should feel that stretch through

here. it shouldn't be painful. don't pull so hard where you're feeling pain. if

you've got some shoulder pain, maybe to here is all you're gonna need. so just

getting that nice stretch, coming down, and then bringing the other one over. so

you can see how I'm either pushing on my elbow, if your elbow's a little sore, you

can come up a little bit higher. sometimes you might hear a little pop,

mine just popped a little bit, but it wasn't a painful pop, so that's fine.

again some people might just want to place it on their other shoulder and

pull over. straight versus bending will stretch the

muscles a little bit differently, so you can switch it up and alternate if you

want to, but you don't have to. you can just pick whichever one is more

comfortable for you to get that stretch. so after the 30 seconds take a little

10-second break. so the next one we're gonna do is just a tricep stretch, or an

inferior capsule stretch. and so that one's just gonna be now bringing your

arm up and over behind you. so I'm pushing my elbow behind me or I'm

pulling it if I have enough flexibility on the other side behind me. again with

your hand here, you can do either just prop it up on your shoulder or just kind

of let it hang whatever is comfortable for you. I'm really trying to push just

more backwards. some people kind of pull in a little bit, you can do that as well,

it's just the stretch you're trying to get is either your triceps, or that

inferior capsule in that shoulder. so just getting that nice stretch and then

then you're just going to switch to the other side. so again bringing my elbow up

and either pushing it back or pulling it back if I can get my arm a little bit

further back. but again you shouldn't be feeling pain with this. you should just

be feeling a good stretch. I'm feeling it more in my triceps here because my my

capsule is not very tight, and just getting that nice good stretch. and again

you know if you want to go inwards a little bit, you'll get a slightly

different stretch with that versus just going straight back. whatever is the most

comfortable for you. and then you're just going to come down again just kind of

stretch everything out. the next one's going to be for the rotator cuff going

into external rotation. this one might be a little uncomfortable or

hard for people. external rotation's going back this way. if you can, bring your

other arm underneath to kind of set it in place. you're gonna pull almost like a

pendulum motion going into that stretch. and so I'm feeling that in my rotator

cuff area getting that nice stretch for that subscapularis muscle. so again this

might not be something people can do. you can even bring it back a little bit if

you got a lot of motion, but if you're having some shoulder pain, you might want

to bring it down a little bit. but you're going back into that motion. so if you

can't get this weird twisting motion like this, you can hold it here and just

rotate back into that external rotation. but if you've want that little bit of

extra pressure, and you can, this is going to be a nice stretch. and again you can

bring it out to the side a little bit to get more, or just bring it in here and

get that stretch. but even if that's too much getting into that pretzel motion,

you can just kind of hold here and rotate back or rotate back that way and

get that stretch. so then again just just let that relax because of course that was

a pretty big stretch. so the next one is going to be for your chest muscles or

your PEC muscles, which again come into the shoulders. so this one we're just

gonna do it twice because it's going to be a one way stretch. clasp your hands

behind you, push down, and away and push your chest forward. so you're really kind

of almost like you're you're puffing up your chest, and then pushing not just

down, but down and back behind you. and you should really feel that stretch

through those PEC muscles right there, holding that stretch. there's a couple

different ways to stretch those muscles, so if this one is uncomfortable for you

I definitely have some other ones that you can do, and you can check out those

videos. so again just kind of shaking it out and going right back into it since

this one is the same one. so just again holding that 30 second stretch. and so if

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you might need. so then the last one after this stretch is going to be an

upper trap stretch. the upper trap is in the shoulder and the neck area. so this

one is really important. so I'm just gonna sit on my hand

and gently pull my head away from that side.

the reason I'm sitting on my hand is to make sure that I'm holding that shoulder

down. you don't have to do that, but you're gonna get a better stretch with

it. so I'm really just keeping my head in this upright position, and then gently

pulling it over. so I'm not turning my head you know in a rotation motion, it's

just side bending towards the opposite side to get that stretch. so if you don't

want to sit on your hand, you can place it just behind you and your lower back

and still get that nice stretch there. if you want a little bit more of a stretch

while you're doing it, try and bring your elbow down towards the chair and that's

really gonna help bring that shoulder down and give you more of a stretch in

that upper trap. and so that's right through here to get that nice stretch.

and so it feels really really good. and so it's not only great for your shoulder,

but it's great for your neck area as well just to get that great overall

stretch. so there you have it that was my five-minute stretching routine for

shoulder pain in real time. if you'd like to help support my channel, make sure and

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there. and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.