Best estate cars: our top 5

if you're looking for a plush and

practical family car that can also

double as a removals van then the estate

car is for you

that's why Auto Trader has driven every

estate on sale so you don't have to to

let you know about the very best for

every size and budget for pure space

efficiency the Honda Civic tourer has to

be on your shopping list it boasts

multiple storage cubbies a deep and

cavernous boot plus a clever set of rear

seats that can be flipped up to create a

wide and tall storage space superb

reliability ratings also suggest that

Civic ownership will be about as

hassle-free as modern cars get the

Peugeot 308 may not get everybody's

pulse racing but as an estate car the

Peugeot 308 SW or station wagon will

make you do a double-take it offers

great value for money has an excellent

level of standard equipment and a boot

that's so big for its category you'll

struggle to fill it the sharp suited

volkswagen passat estate is the option

that's best able to juggle the

responsibilities of both parenthood and

prestigious company car ownership the

cabin is beautifully finished and if

you've got a caravan a boat or even a

horse box to tow the fiendishly clever

trailer assist will be enough for you to

sign the check there and then if it

should have volume you're after then

look no further than the Skoda Superb

estate not only is the boot absolutely

humongous swallowing wardrobes and

fridges in its stride the passenger

space is equally palatial with a really

generous level of standard equipment if

that was a car that could change the

perception of a brand the superb is it

the Volvo v90 is probably the most

stylish and classiest estate car on sale

and benefits from one of the most

beautifully finished interiors we've

seen at any price it's also an extremely

quiet Cruiser with the optional air

suspension offering a very sensible

balance between ride comfort and poise